If you’re looking for your next beachside destination, Coligny is one place that’s worthy of a spot on your itinerary.

Nestled on Hilton Head Island’s picturesque shores, Coligny invites visitors to a realm where excitement and relaxation blend. This vibrant destination offers many fun activities, each guaranteeing a memorable experience for you and your family.

So get your itinerary ready, and stay glued. Here are the top five activities you can take part in when you visit Coligny!

1. Unlock Your Next Thrill at Hilton Head Escape Room

Merely 0.7 miles from Coligny lies the Hilton Head Escape Room. Hilton Head Escape Room is the only one of its kind close to Coligny and is your destination for an immersive experience designed to challenge your wits.

Engage in an hour-long quest, deciphering cryptic clues and solving intricate puzzles. Experience it all within a themed environment tailored to satisfy your thrill-seeking palate.

2. Pedal Around the Island

Bon Bicycles is the bike rental for you if you’re into physical activity and exploration.

Bon Bicycles is a stone’s throw from Coligny Beach, less than a mile from the beach. This rental company provides vacationers with well-maintained bikes with which they can traverse the beautiful island.

3. Shop Away at Coligny Plaza Shopping Center

Coligny Plaza Shopping Center is along Forest Beach Drive, Hilton Head, and boasts a myriad of establishments. The shopping center’s eclectic mix of shops caters to a wide range of shoppers, from those seeking their next fashion buys to those in the mood for quaint finds.

There’s something for everyone at Coligny Plaza Shopping Center. Whether you’re looking for bargains or a place for casual window shopping, Coligny Plaza Shopping Center is the place to be on the island.

4. Go on a Gastronomic Journey at Carolina Tasting Room

Carolina Tasting Room along 1N Forest Beach Drive, Hilton Head is a gastronomic haven featuring some of the island’s most delectable spirits and wines. Carolina Tasting Room serves more than 50 wines guaranteed to satisfy the palate of every adult vacationer.

Also on the menu are varieties of local craft beers and moonshine. Prepare for a gastronomic journey you won’t find elsewhere on the island.

5. Dine to Your Heart’s Delight at The Sandbar Beach Eats

Finally, enjoy a hearty meal or two at one of the island’s best dining spots — The Sandbar Beach Eats.

Located in Coligny Plaza, The Sandbar Beach Eats entices patrons with its reputation for exceptional taste and hearty portions. The menu is a fusion of coastal favorites and delectable creations that celebrate the freshest ingredients and the island’s local flavors.

With generous portions that cater to both the epicurean and the hungry adventurer, it’s an ideal spot to unwind and replenish after a day of exploration.

Embark on Your Coligny Adventure

Coligny, Hilton Head, welcomes explorers seeking moments both thrilling and serene. Whether decoding mysteries or finding solace by the ocean, every experience here is a piece of a captivating journey.

If you need a place that’s close to it all, we have you covered. Book your next stay at Beachside Hilton Head and be a stroll away from everything the island has to offer.