Frequently Asked Questions

Visa, Discover or Mastercard
A portion of this fee goes toward accidental damage coverage included with your reservation.  The remaining portion of the fee helps offset credit card processing fees and general overhead expenses associated with the amenities we provide at each property.
Yes, 1 gate pass is complimentary with all reservations. Additional gate passes can be purchased at either gate upon arrival or added to the reservation in advance for an additional charge. Each property does have a maximum limit of vehicles which can be parked on site.  Please contact us to find out the limit for the specific property you have rented or are interested in renting.
All properties managed by Beachside Hilton Head Island are located within Sea Pines Plantation, a gated residential community.  Sea Pines requires all vehicles entering the community have either a security issued decal, a Day Pass (purchased at the gate for $9) or Resort Pass (requested by owners or management companies for their guests).  Sea Pines charges owners, property managers and guests for passes.  Gate passes must be presented to the guard at the gate to gain access to the community and then kept on the driver side dash of the car all other times.
Yes.  Sea Pines Plantation does not allow the operation of motorcycles or motorized scooters, except for approved handicapped conveyances, within the community.  Further, they do not permit oversized transport vehicles or vans, trailer, commercially marked vehicles or boats in residential areas or driveways overnight.  Please note, Sea Pines will not allow large transport vans, such as Sprinter vans, to be parked in driveways.
We make every attempt to achieve a simple, no-hassle check-in; therefore there will not be a formal check-in the day of arrival.  If your reservation is paid-in-full, we will email you the Arrival Information which provides all details needed to access the property and obtain your complimentary< and pre-purchased, gate pass(es). Gate passes are available for pick-up after 10am from our office dropbox the day of your arrival (address and directions provided in the arrival information email).  
Yes, all properties are inspected before guests arrive and after they depart.  We inspect to make sure the cleaning is to our standard as well as check for damage or extensive wear & tear to the property and missing items.  If any repairs are needed, we do our best to have them resolved whenever possible before your arrival to avoid disturbance during your vacation.
Yes, guests of Beachside Hilton Head Island will have access to the Sea Pines Beach Club.  The parking at the club is not open to the public so we recommend you bike, walk or take the trolley. Click here for the trolley route & schedule: Sea Pines Trolley
All rental properties will be set-up with bed linens, bath towels, starter amenities in the kitchen, bathrooms and laundry room.
Bed linens– each king, queen and full size bed will have 2 towel bundles sitting on it when you arrive. Twin beds will have 1 towel bundle.  Each towel bundle includes 2 body towels, 1 navy blue pool/beach towel, 1 hand towel and 1 wash cloth.  If the property has a sleeper sofa, a clear bag with bed linens and bath towels will be sitting nearby.  Additional towel bundles may be provided for an additional charge.
Kitchen amenities– the following items will be provided in the kitchen: 1 paper towel roll, hot pads, dish rags, starter supply of dish soap, large container of dishwashing pods, trash bags, ziploc bags, parchment paper, aluminum foil. A complimentary coffee station will include K-Cups, assorted sweeteners, assorted creamers.
Bathroom amenities– the following items will be provided in the bathrooms: floor mat, 1 box of tissue, hand soap, hair dryer (in each full bathroom)
Laundry room amenities– Large container of laundry pods is provided
**Beach gear, baby gear, and bicycles can be rented for additional charges.
Yes. All homes are equipped with regular style coffee pots and a Keurig coffee maker. A complimentary coffee station will include K-Cups, assorted sweeteners and assorted creamers.
Yes – there will be one in each full bathroom.
Please report all maintenance issues to us as soon as possible. Texting us at 854-203-3815 is the best way to reach us. For more emergent issues call us at 843-342-9909.  If we aren’t aware of the issue, it can not be resolved.  We do our best to address all reported issues same day. Our contract allows us 24 business hours to resolve an issue.  Again, we strive to have all issues addressed in a prompt, professional manner so please allow us this opportunity.  Refunds will not be discussed or considered until after resolution has been determined.
Physically being on the property (i.e. in the pool, leaving a vehicle, dropping off bags outside or inside the property) constitutes an early arrival or late departure.
Property use as a venue for any public or private function or gathering which results in more people than the maximum occupancy of the house is not permitted.  This restriction includes, but is not limited to wedding ceremonies/rehearsals/receptions, birthday celebrations, anniversary parties and graduation events, unless specifically approved in writing by Beachside. Further, the set-up of items such as, but not limited to, chairs, tables, tents and lighting for any reason are not permitted.
Early arrivals and/or late departures may be accommodated but MUST be approved by Beachside prior to the arrival date and noted on the signed rental agreement on file.
On arrival day, an associate of Beachside will contact the mobile number provided if the property is ready before 4pm to authorize an early arrival at no additional charge.
Yes, you need either your gate pass or the gate code to re-enter the community by bike or foot.  The gate code is listed on the inside of the gate on a post so make sure to jot it down when exiting the community.  
The complimentary gate pass will be available for pick-up at our south end drop-box location after 10am the day of your arrival.  We will provide details on the specific pickup location and access to the drop-box in your arrival information email (sent approximately 10 days prior to your arrival date). 
Daily & weekly gate passes can be purchased at both the main gate and ocean gate of Sea Pines.  Weekly passes purchased at the gate require cash payment and range from $20-$22 depending on the week. ($22 per week between Memorial Day and Labor Day) Prices may change.  Alternatively, we can add additional gate passes to your reservation and obtain on your behalf so long as the request is received prior to your arrival day.  
The Responsible Party will reimburse Beachside any fees assessed to them by their bank for the returned check along with any other fees associated with the accepting or processing of a replacement payment.
5% State Sales tax, 2% State Accommodations tax, 2% HHI Beach Preservation tax, 1% Local Accommodations tax, 1% Transportation tax
Beachside Hilton Head Island
Beachside requires a seven (7) night minimum stay, unless otherwise specified.  Saturday to Saturday rentals are required during the summer months, unless otherwise agreed upon.
Yes. Current guests will receive an automatic hold on the property rented for the same week the following year.  The hold will expire one week post departure.   If Beachside has not received notification of re-booking within this timeframe, the week will become available to the public.  As a sign of appreciation to our loyal guests, we will give a discount off the published rental rate for future reservations starting with a 2% discount and increasing by 1% for each additional reservation thereafter. For example, a return guest will receive a 2% discount for their 2nd reservation with Beachside, a 3% discount for their 3rd reservation, a 4% discount for their 4th reservation and so on until 5%, which is the maximum discount that may be applied.
A sample of the issues which will result in a charge to the Credit Card or E-Check on file include, but is not limited to:
Excessive amounts of debris or trash inside or outside the Property, as determined by Beachside
Damage to the Property’s furnishings, linens, towels or accessories
Theft of the Property’s furnishings, linens, towels or accessories
Evidence of smoking or a pet(s) on the Property
Relocated or moved furniture
Early arrival or late departure (see above for details)
Smoke or fire damage due to use misuse of the Property or use of the fireplace.  (Use of the fireplace, where present, is strictly prohibited.)
Movement of furniture is prohibited.  Any damage to furnishings or floors as a result of moving, rearranging or relocating furniture will be the financial responsibility of the Responsible Party to repair or replace as deemed needed by Beachside. 
Heaters are set to 85-86 degrees (max) for the pool and 101-102 degrees (max) for the spa, where applicable. Pool heaters are either propane gas or heat pump, with the latter being less effective in colder temperatures.  For properties with a pool & spa combo, there is only one pump and heater to operate both; therefore, when the spa pump & heater is on the equipment is isolated to just the spa (i.e. the pool is not heating).   Pool heat fees are based on the season, pool size and heater type (propane or electric).
A ‘Shelter-in-Place” or “Stay-Home” order does not permit Occupants to occupy the Property beyond the Rental Stay. 
As taken directly from our rental policies: If a catastrophe event (hurricane, tornado, earthquake, flood, etc.) or any situation simply beyond our control impairs the vacation rental, Beachside Hilton Head Island is not responsible for finding alternate lodging for the renter or for the renter’s financial losses related to transportation or alternate lodging. There will be no refund or credit for emergency evacuations. Whether you own property, run a business, or rent a condo in Hilton Head Island, the threat of a hurricane, flood, or tsunami is always present during certain months of the year, and we all assume this risk. Therefore, we highly recommend purchasing Travel Protection Insurance to secure your vacation investment and eliminate your financial risk. There will be no refunds of any kind for evacuations. The Responsible Party & Occupant(s) must vacate the Property within 24 Hours of the SC Governor or Hilton Head Island Town Manager issuing a mandatory evacuation order.  Occupying the Property after this timeframe constitutes trespassing and will be treated as such.
To determine if your travel insurance policy will provide coverage, please contact the travel insurance company directly.  We are not permitted to answer coverage or claims questions.
Travel insurance must be purchased at the time of booking or prior to making your final payment.  Please contact the travel insurance provider directly for more specifics on purchasing new coverage when a storm is threatening.   If purchasing from CSA Travel Protection, they can be reached at 866-999-4018
Yes, if the Town of Hilton Head Island issues a mandatory evacuation, guests must promptly depart so that we can prepare properties on behalf of the homeowner.
No, refunds are not issued for voluntary or mandatory evacuations which force guests to depart early.
Once the evacuation order has been lifted, Beachside will promptly inspect all properties on program and notify property owners of our findings.  During these inspections we will determine if guests will be able to return to the property.  If returning is a possibility, we will communicate this to our guests as quickly as possible.
There are many factors which come into play when responding to this question…how much damage, if any, has been done to the island and property, how quickly the evacuation order is lifted allowing residents and businesses back to the island, how quickly we can clean and prepare properties for the next guest with evacuated residents returning back to work… Although we are unable to specifically answer this question, I can guarantee we will do everything within our power to have properties ready for guests to return as soon as possible.
Yes, we will provide communication to our guests before, during and after threatening storms via email and/or our texting platform.
These situations will be taken on a case by case situation.  In the past when faced with similar situations, we have been successful at relocating guests to alternative properties on our program or moved them to a future time frame when the property will be available for their use.
If phone services are interrupted due to a storm, we will be communicating with guests by email.  If we arrange for alternative contact numbers prior to a storm, they will be communicated to guests in advance.  Otherwise the best way to reach us is our main number of 843-342-9909 or by email  Response times may be delayed from our normal based on what we are currently experiencing, however, we will respond to all as soon as possible.