Responsible Party:
The Responsible Party for this reservation is the guest(s) specifically named on the reservation.

The Occupant(s) of the property include the Responsible Party along with all other guests staying at or visiting the rental property during the term of the rental.  (does not extend to subcontractors hired by Beachside for servicing the property)

The physical location of the home or condo rented, including the structure and real property (land) extending out to the official property lines per local tax records.

Rental Stay: 
The time between the specified arrival & departure days on the reservation confirmation

Credit Card or E-Check on File: 
The last credit card or e-check entered or used in association with the reservation which is stored on file for incidentals


Check-in time: 4pm EST on the contracted arrival date
Check-out time: 10am EST on the contracted departure date 
A fine will be assessed for unapproved early arrivals or late departures based on the nightly rate for the property.  Physically being on the property (i.e. in the pool, leaving a vehicle, dropping off bags outside or inside the property) constitutes an early arrival or late departure.  Early arrivals or late departures may be accommodated, but MUST be approved by Beachside Hilton Head Island prior to the arrival date and noted on the signed rental agreement on file.   On arrival day, an associate of Beachside will call the mobile number provided if the property is ready before 4pm to authorize an early arrival at no additional charge.

Property, Vehicle & Parking Restrictions: 
Smoking is strictly prohibited on the Property.    Fines will automatically be assessed if evidence or reports of smoking on the premises are obtained by Beachside Hilton Head Island.  Fines will be based on the extent or damage and clean-up.
Pets are strictly prohibited on the Property.   If Beachside Hilton Head Island determines a pets has been brought to or kept on the Property, formal notice will be given to the Responsible Party that they and all other Occupant(s) must immediately vacate the Property, with no refund for the unused portion of the Rental Stay.  If Beachside Hilton Head Island determines after departure a pet has been on the Property during the Rental Stay, a fine will be assessed equal to the the Credit Card or E-Check on File equal to the cost of laundering all bedding, upholstering all fabric services, replacing all HVAC filters and professional cleaning all carpet & rugs in the Property.
Sea Pines Community does not permit the operation of motorcycles/motorized scooters, except for approved handicapped conveyances, within the community.  Call Security at 843-671-7170 for approval.  No oversized transport vehicles or vans, trailers or commercially marked vehicles are permitted in residential areas, including driveways, overnight. 
The Property is not “baby-proofed”.  The Responsible Party and Occupant(s) have rented the Property knowing & accepting the possible dangers associated with having small children at the Property which has not been child or baby proofed.
Parking is restricted to the property’s driveway, carport (where applicable), garage space (where applicable & and parking spots only. Any damage to the lawn, irrigation or landscaping due to Occupant(s) vehicles will be at the Responsible Party’s expense.
Drone use is strictly prohibited within Sea Pines. (fines will be issued to the pilot)

Payment Terms, Taxes and Fees: 
40% Initial Payment due within 7 days of the booking request date
Final Balance due 30 days prior to the specified Arrival Date
A 5 business day grace period will be given for all late payments before the reservation will be cancelled.  If paying by check, make payable to Beachside Hilton Head Island. Credit card will only be accepted for the initial balance due of 40% and add-on charges less than $300. All other payments must be in the form of an e-check, personal check, bank check, cashier’s check or money order. Reservations placed within one month of arrival will require full payment within 7 days of booking your reservation.  Reservations placed within two weeks of arrival will require full payment in the form of an e-check, cashiers check or certified bank check.  A $35 service fee will be charge for returned checks.  Payments are held in an FDIC insured interest bearing checking account and guest waives right to the interest earned.
South Carolina State and Local accommodation taxes equaling 10% will be added to the published rental rate, unless staying 90 consecutive days.  (Breakdown of 10% tax: 5% State Sales tax, 2% State Accommodations tax, 2% HHI Beach Preservation tax, 1% Local Accommodations tax) If the state or local tax amount changes after the reservation has been confirmed and the new tax has gone into effect prior to the end of the Rental Stay, the Rental Agreement will be updated accordingly and the Responsible Party agrees to pay the new tax amount.  Any additional amount will be due prior to departure and any refunds will be credited to the remaining balance due or refunded.
A 3% non-refundable reservation fee applies to all reservations. Additional fees for car passes may apply, please see Parking Pass section for details.
A $35 service fee will be charged for returned checks.  Payments are held in an FDIC insured interest bearing checking account and guest waives right to the interest earned.  Payment must be made in the form of US currency.

Damage/Reservation Deposit & Damage Protection Plan
In lieu of a security deposit, Beachside Hilton Head Island requires a VISA, Discover or MasterCard number, or e-check, on file for incidental charges. The Property WILL BE inspected after ever departure.  A sample of the issues which will result in a charge to the Credit Card or E-Check on file include, but is not limited to:
a. Excessive amounts of debris or trash inside or outside the Property, as determined by Beachside Hilton Head Island
b. Damage to the Property’s furnishings, linens, towels or accessories
c. Theft of the Property’s furnishings, linens, towels or accessories
d. Evidence of smoking or a pet(s) on the Property.
e. Relocated or moved furniture
f. Early arrival or late departure (see above for details)
g. Smoke or fire damage due to use misuse of the Property or use of the fireplace.  (Use of the fireplace, where present, is strictly prohibited.)
Movement of furniture is prohibited.  Any damage to furnishings or floors as a result of moving, rearranging or relocating furniture will be the financial responsibility of the Responsible Party to repair or replace as deemed needed by Beachside Hilton Head Island.  Improper use of furniture is strictly prohibited (examples: use of couch for additional sleeping accommodations,  use of bed as a trampoline, use of a chair or stool as a ladder).  Please be respectful of the Property.  The Property is someone’s personal home or condo so PLEASE treat it with care.  We kindly request you do not eat or leave food out in the bedrooms as this will cause unwanted pests.

Guests of Beachside Hilton Head Island will have peace of mind for accidental damage during their Rental Stay.  We understand accidents can happen; therefore up to $350 in damage protection is included for home rentals and up to $150 in damage protection for villa rentals.  The Responsible Party will be held accountable to pay for any expenses in excess of these limits.  This plan does not cover malicious or intentional damage, as solely determined by Beachside Hilton Head Island.  The Responsible Party and Occupant(s) agrees to indemnify Beachside Hilton Head Island for any damage to the Property, grounds, and furnishing, including attorney’s fees, caused by the the Responsible Party, or any other Occupant or guest, which occurs during their Rental Stay.

Cancellations requested more than 120 days prior to the arrival date will receive a full refund less a 4% fee (4% of total rental amount). Cancellations requested within 120 days prior to arrival will result in forfeiture of the 40% deposit.  Cancellation requests given within one month (30 days) prior to arrival will result in forfeiture of the total rent. Early departure or no-shows does not warrant any refund of rent or deposit.   If Beachside Hilton Head Island is able to re-rent the week at the same rate, the forfeited money will be refunded after the departure date of the cancelled reservation.  If Beachside Hilton Head Island is able to re-rent the property but at a lower rate, the difference in price will be forfeited and the remaining balance will be refunded after the departure date of the cancelled reservation.  Refunds are made payable and mailed to the Responsible Party at the address listed on the reservation.  Travel Insurance is offered through CSA Travel Protection and may apply if purchased.

Use of the Property:
The Property is a residential property in a private, gated community.  The use of the Property as a venue for any public or private function or gathering which results in more people than the maximum occupancy of the house is not permitted.  This restriction includes, but is not limited to wedding ceremonies/rehearsals/receptions, birthday celebrations, anniversary parties and graduation events, unless specifically approved in writing by Beachside Hilton Head Island.  Further, the set-up of items such as, but not limited to, chairs, tables, tents and lighting for any reason are not permitted.  Violation of this Use of The Property condition results in immediate eviction of the Responsible Party and all Occupant(s) from the Property and fines will be assessed equaling the clean-up and damage from the mis-use of the Property.  No refunds will apply for the unused portion of the Rental Stay.  The Responsible Party and Occupant(s) are required to abide by the Sea Pines Community’s and the Town of Hilton Head Island’s rules and ordinances and will be responsible to pay any fines levied due to their actions or lack of actions during the Rental Stay. Criminal activity, illegal downloading, commercial photography & filming on site are all strictly prohibited.  If local police, security or sheriffs are dispatch to the property for any reason, the Responsible Party & Occupant(s) will be evicted from the property and no refund will be issued for the unused portion of the Rental Stay. Any fines issued to the Property Owner as a result of the use, actions or lack of action of Occupant(s) during their Rental Stay will be the financial responsibility of the Responsible Party.

Occupancy & Age Requirement:
Each property has a maximum occupancy, which is regardless of age.  Exceeding this maximum occupancy is not permitted under any circumstance due to fire & safety hazards.  If more than the approved number of occupants resides at the property, the Responsible Party and all Occupant(s) will be required to vacate the property and no refund will be given for the unused portion of the Rental Stay.  The Responsible Party must meet the minimum age requirement of 25 years and occupy the Property the entire length of the rental Stay.  Proof of age may be required.

Rates & Fees:
Rates are subject to change.  Beachside Hilton Head Island requires a seven (7) night minimum stay, unless otherwise specified.  Saturday to Saturday rentals are required during the summer months, unless otherwise agreed upon.
Fees include all bedroom and bathroom linens & towels as well as starter amenities in the bathrooms, kitchen and laundry room.  Bathroom linens include two body towels, one hand towel and one wash cloth per towel bundle (king and queen beds are allotted two towel bundles and each twin bed is allotted one).  There is an additional charge for extra sheets or towels.  Daily maid service is not included in the rental rate, however, is available at an additional charge. Beach towels are not provided. We do not permit towels or linens to be taken from The Property.

Pool Heat (Houses Only):
Houses Only: Pool heat is available at an additional charge with a minimum notice of 14 days prior the specified arrival date.  A flat rate for pool and/or spa heat will be determined based on the season and the specifics of the pool.  Heaters are not turned on until full payment is received.  Beachside Hilton Head Island is not responsible for the water temperature not reaching the set temperatures due to the ambient air temperature or heater/pool equipment malfunction.  Heaters are not permitted to be set higher than 85 degrees for the pool and 102 degrees for the spa, where applicable. Pool heaters are either propane gas or heat pump, with the later being less effective in colder temperatures.  For properties with a pool & spa combo, there is only one pump and heater to operate both; therefore when the spa pump & heater is on the equipment is isolated to just the spa (i.e. the pool is not heating).   When unforeseen mechanical issues arise with the pool or spa equipment, which prevents the heater from working as determined by a professional pool company, and cannot be repaired within 24 business hours a refund equal to the unused portion of the pool heat fee will be issued.  No adjustments will be made to the rental rate.

Gate Passes:
Sea Pines requires each vehicle obtain & display a security issued gate pass for entry into the community.  Beachside Hilton Head Island will request & obtain these car passes on your behalf, unless otherwise specified.  Each property has a maximum limit of permissible car passes. Please contact Beachside Hilton Head Island for the limit on the property rented.   If Sea Pines changes the limit of gate passes assigned to the Property after the reservation has been confirmed, the new gate pass limitation will apply and the number of issued passes will be limited to the number stipulated by Sea Pines.  Sea Pines charges $15 per gate pass per 7 day period.  The number of car passes included with your rental are as follows: 1-3 bedroom properties: 1 gate pass included, 4-5 bedrooms properties: 2 gate passes included, 6+ bedrooms: 3 gate passes included.  Additional passes may be purchased for $15 each per 7 day period up to the maximum number of passes permitted for the property.  Passes requested after final payment has been received and processed will incur a $5 additional charge, per 7 day period. We do not provide passes for your guests who may be visiting you during your stay; they must purchase a pass at the gate. A gate pass or code is required to enter Sea Pines via leisure path. The gate code is located on the inside of the leisure gate. A gate pass is required for re-entry via uber, taxi or driver.

Please report all maintenance concerns regarding the Property immediately to Beachside Hilton Head Island.  If issues are not reported, we do not know about them and therefore they cannot be resolved.  Maintenance issues will be handled as quickly and cost effectively as possible.  If a maintenance issue is reported on a Sunday, holiday or after normal business hours, a technician may not be available until the next business day.   Refunds will not be given for issues resolved within 24 business hours of being reported.  Refunds will not be considered if maintenance issues are unreported.  As the property manager, Beachside Hilton Head Island, and any vendor hired by Beachside has access to the Property during the hours of 8am – 6pm in the course of properly maintaining or repairing damage to the Property. This includes the pest company who sprays the property on a bi-monthly basis.

Property Sale & Property Substitutions:
Beachside Hilton Head Island will promptly notify the Responsible Party of a pending real estate sale for the Property which will impact the Rental Stay.  The State of South Carolina Vacation Rental Act requires all reservations for 90 days post closing be honored.  After the 90 days protection period, reservations must be moved or cancelled unless otherwise specified.  Beachside Hilton Head Island has the right to substitute the Property with another similar property due to a real estate sale, unresolved damage to the Property, or unresolved hazards to the Property as determined by Beachside Hilton Head Island.

Management Office Hours & Authority:
Beachside Hilton Head Island is open Monday through Friday (time may vary depending on season).  We are open on Saturdays beginning mid-March through mid-October, but are physically out of the office conducting arrival and departure inspections until 3-4pm.  We are closed on Sundays and holidays, except for emergencies.  An employee or representative of Beachside Hilton Head Island is on call for emergencies 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  Beachside Hilton Head Island has the right to enter the Property during the Rental Stay to investigate a mis-use of the property, address a reported concern/issue/emergency or to prevent damage to the Property at any point during the Rental Stay.

Guest Loyalty Program:
Current guests will receive an automatic hold on the property rented for the same week the following year.  The hold will expire at 5pm EST the following business day after departure.   If Beachside Hilton Head Island has not received notification of re-booking within this timeframe the week will become available to the public.  As a sign of appreciation to our loyal guests, we will give a discount off the published rental rate for future reservations starting with a 2% discount and increasing by 1% for each additional reservation thereafter. For example, a return guest will receive a 2% discount for their 2nd reservation with Beachside Hilton Head Island, a 3% discount for their 3rd reservation, a 4% discount for their 4th reservation and so on until 5%, which is the maximum discount that may be applied.

Noise & Construction:
The Property is located in a residential community.  Sea Pines Community allows for construction, repair and renovation work Monday – Saturday from 7am – 7pm.  Noise from neighboring construction, repairs & renovation is unavoidable and out of our control.  No refunds or discounts will be issued due to discomfort, noise, or inconveniences arising from construction, repairs or renovations around the Property.  This term extends to discomfort, noise or inconveniences resulting from the ongoing maintenance of surrounding properties (landscape work, pool cleaning, etc).

Securing the Property: 
The Responsible Party and Occupant(s) are responsible for properly securing the Property during their Rental Stay.  Any damage or theft to the Property, furnishing or personal belongings incurred due to not properly securing the property is the responsibility of the Responsible Party.  Examples include, but are not limited to, not locking exterior doors, not closing the garage door, leaving doors or windows open during heavy rain, leaving vehicle doors unlocked with valuables inside.  Although Sea Pines Community is a gated community with 24 hour patrol service, thefts and break-in do occur.

Catastrophic Events or Emergency Evacuations: 
If a catastrophe event (hurricane, tornado, earthquake, flood, etc.) or any situation simply beyond our control impairs the vacation rental, Beachside Hilton Head Island is not responsible for finding alternate lodging for the renter or for the renter’s financial losses related to transportation or alternate lodging. There will be no refund or credit for emergency evacuations. Whether you own property, run a business, or rent a condo in Hilton Head Island, the threat of a hurricane, flood, or tsunami is always present during certain months of the year, and we all assume this risk. Therefore, we highly recommend purchasing Travel Protection Insurance to secure your vacation investment and eliminate your financial risk. There will be no refunds of any kind for evacuations. The Responsible Party & Occupant(s) must vacate the Property within 24 Hours of the SC Governor or Hilton Head Island Town Manager issuing a mandatory evacuation order.  Occupying the Property after this timeframe constitutes trespassing and will be treated as such. 

Limitation of Liability: 
Under no circumstances shall Beachside Hilton Head Island be responsible for any loss, expense, damages, claims or injury direct, indirect, consequential or otherwise whatsoever, howsoever caused or incurred whether arising in contract or otherwise in law or equity as a result of rendering of the services or accommodations as described or substituted and including, without restricting the generality of the foregoing as a result of any delay(s), substitution(s), rescheduling(s) or change(s) in the provision of services, including concierge style services, or land accommodations by Beachside Hilton Head Island or by reason of military actions, revolution or acts of God, government agencies, or unforeseen circumstances or events, by any agents, owners, employees, subcontractors, servants or services as substituted; Beachside Hilton Head Island, at all times will act in good faith and use its best efforts to substitute with accommodations or services of a type as comparable as possible to those contracted. Beachside Hilton Head Island will not be liable under any circumstances, including substitutions, to refund any unused portion of booked accommodations or services. Some activities in which The Responsible Party & Occupant(s) engage, are especially dangerous and include parasailing, deep-sea fishing, boating, golfing, swimming, boogie boarding, surfing, hiking and biking. This list is not all-inclusive, but indicates some of the hazards of vacationing in Hilton Head Island. The Responsible Party & Occupant(s) may also encounter the following risks: slippery floors and stairs, especially when wet, lanais with spaces between rails (dangerous for little children), precipitous drop-offs on ocean floor, unfenced pools, faulty electrical or plumbing systems, gas BBQ grills, clean/clear sliding glass doors, and dangerous stairs or pathways, Therefore, the Responsible Party and Occupant(s) agrees that he/she is voluntarily participating in any and all activities, whether or not recommended or arranged by Beachside Hilton Head Island, risks, and use of the accommodations, and hereby assumes all risk of injury, illness, damage or loss to person and property that might result, including, without limitation, any loss or theft of personal property. By booking The Property, you acknowledge that in all events and circumstances, Beachside Hilton Head Island, its officers and employees shall not be liable. Beachside Hilton Head Island reserves the right to cancel or rescind any rental agreement if it is found that the guests are conducting unlawful activities, not abiding by the homeowner association or town ordinances and rules, disturbing others by playing loud music, percussion, audio or instruments, or cause any loud or offensive noises, have made any misrepresentations about the nature or size of the group or use of the group or the use of the property or any other misrepresentations or any other way in breach of the rental agreement. The Responsible Party & Occupant(s) understand that Beachside Hilton Head Island & the property owner’s insurance does not cover his/her belongings or damage that he/she cause. The Responsible Party & Occupant(s) agree that Beachside Hilton Head Island & the property owner are not responsible for any loss or damage during the term of the rental agreement and therefore agree to carry insurance covering all of your personal property located in the unit or bear full responsibility for its damage including damage from fire, water, theft, or any cause.

Disclaimer: A separate agreement applies for long term rentals (rentals greater than 3 consecutive weeks).  The Terms & Conditions above are for reservations less than 3 consecutive weeks.