Distilleries and Wineries Near Hilton Head

Wineries and Distilleries near Hilton Head

Hilton Head is a great vacation destination where you, your family, and your friends can engage in fun activities. Activities include water sports, beach biking, trail walking, wildlife sightseeing, and much more. There’s also an abundance of restaurants that serve fresh seafood and exquisite dishes.

However, all this awesome recreation and food can make you thirsty. Fortunately, Hilton Head and surrounding areas have many wineries and distilleries you can visit. These places are perfect if you want something more refined and refreshing to quench your thirst. Read on to discover five of the best wineries and distilleries in Hilton Head, Bluffton, and Daufuskie according to Beachside Hilton Head Island.

Hilton Head Distillery

There’s no better place to start your distillery tour than the aptly named Hilton Head Distillery. This distillery offers a laid-back and comfortable atmosphere that’s ideal if you want to escape the hustle and just have a good time. You can even book the place if you plan on hosting a private or semi-private event.

Moreover, Hilton Head Distillery has a wide selection of hand-crafted spirits for you to taste test. This distillery offers signature products like the Hilton Head Atlantic bourbon, Solera rum, and island cream. If you want something more premium and rare, you can buy some of their legacy products like the Lewis Redmond and Aermoor vodka.

There’s also a cocktail bar where unique cocktails like the mountain peak, sweet Caroline, Santa pick me up, sandy splash, and banana hammock are freshly served. Furthermore, if you want to learn how to make drinks like these yourself, the mixologists offer cocktail classes.

Rollers Wine & Spirits

Nothing but fine beverages roll out of Rollers Wine & Spirits. Rollers has a huge inventory of exquisite red, white, rose, sparkling, sweet, and even organic wines for you to choose from. Moreover, if you’re craving vodka, rum, whiskey, gin, or any other spirit, Rollers have you covered. Different kinds of beer like Indian Pale Ale (IPA), pilsner, and stout are also on the tasting menu.

If you want something to complement your drink tasting, different types of cheese, cured meat, chocolates, and other food items can likewise be served on platters. Rollers even sell perfectly rolled and premium cigars.

Furthermore, fun events like wine-tasting contests and wine dinners are regularly held at Rollers, so make sure to check their events calendar to not miss out. If you plan on hosting your own event, you can rent out one of their private booths, or the kitchen, dining room, wine bar, and garden patio.

Silver Dew Winery

Located on the beautiful Daufuskie Island, Silver Dew Winery is South Carolina’s first winery, constructed way back in 1883. Despite being a small winery built around a previous wick house, Silver Dew Winery has remained open through the centuries. This is thanks to its simple yet classic wine selections. These beverages are made from natural grapes, scuppernong, pears, elderberries, and other fruit varieties, which are all grown from a tiny shed.

Music and food festivals that complement the sweet wine are also occasionally held. Moreover, since Silver Dew Winery is in Daufuskie, it’s in close proximity to all the island’s other amazing attractions. Other attractions include the Daufuskie Crab Company restaurant, dolphin tours, and ferry boats.

Burnt Church Distillery

Burnt Church Distillery is a large liquor factory that boasts a 25,000-square-foot campus and a 7,000-square-foot tasting room called “The Sanctuary.”  Hence, there’s a lot of space to produce, store, and drink good liquor. This distillery offers an assortment of signature cocktails, whiskeys, and beer. Some of its most popular spirits are Anita’s Choice, Johnny Fever, and Bluffton whiskey.

Speaking of Bluffton, Burnt Church Distillery is located in Bluffton town and is proud of its roots. Aside from providing production tours, history tours are likewise given. History tours are where you learn about significant Bluffton events and how they led to the origin of the distillery

There’s even a store where you can buy various merchandise like barware, cocktail mixers, drinkware, bags, caps, and other accessories.

After touring and shopping, you can indulge in delicious pizza, salads, and charcuterie boards all while taking a sip of Burnt Church Distillery’s masterfully crafted cocktails. Live and serene music is also played, making the experience more relaxing.

Wine Time Bluffton

Wine Time Bluffton is a modern winery that offers excellent wine, food, and ambiance. Their wine selection consists of over 350 retail labels. There are classics like the Umani Ronchi Terre di Chieti Pecorino, Alois Lageder Vigneti Dolomiti Vernastch-Schiava, and Clos LaChance Cabernet Sauvignon. Cocktails, beers, and non-alcoholic beverages are also available.

As for the food, Wine Time Bluffton serves customizable artisan cheese and charcuterie boards. Moreover, the portions for each serving can be adjusted. You can choose to order a full meal or just a snack to complement your wine. Each food item is likewise made from fresh ingredients sourced from local suppliers.

The atmosphere is also one for the books. The winery’s layout and dining area exude a lively yet calming vibe. Moreover, events like wine battles, where different wines are pitted against each other, add a layer of thrill and energy to the atmosphere.

Final Thoughts on Distilleries in Wineries near Hilton Head

Hilton Head and the areas surrounding it are home to some of the best wineries and distilleries in the country. From Hilton Head distillery to Wine Time Bluffton, there are many places where you can discover and taste fine wine, spirits, beer, and other alcoholic beverages. If you want to discover more amazing places in Hilton Head and the surrounding areas, browse our website.