Dolphin Sightings in Hilton Head

Hilton Head Island is a paradise for nature lovers and marine enthusiasts. One of the many attractions of Hilton Head Island is the year-round presence of bottlenose dolphins. Although the majority of dolphin pods migrate with the seasons, the mild water temperatures around the coast of South Carolina are highly enticing to these creatures.

Dolphin-Watching Tours and Experiences on Hilton Head Island

Here are four popular dolphin-watching tour providers:

Cross Island Cruises

If you’re looking for the ultimate dolphin-watching experience, then a Cross Island Cruise is just the ticket. These two-hour tours take visitors around Hilton Head Island and provide some of the best opportunities to spot dolphins in their natural habitat. On board, guests can enjoy complimentary refreshments while they search for these majestic creatures off the coast.

You’ll be led by experienced tour guides who will point out any dolphins that may come into view and answer questions about them. Make sure to bring your camera and binoculars for the ride – you won’t want to miss a single moment of this unique experience.

Lowcountry Watersports

Lowcountry Watersports also offer a unique opportunity to see dolphins in their natural habitat. They provide guests with an unforgettable dolphin-watching experience. Their tours take place on the beautiful waters of Hilton Head Island and offer a chance for visitors to spot these majestic creatures up close.

On the tour, visitors will receive helpful instruction from knowledgeable guides who are passionate about helping others appreciate these amazing animals. Guests can also learn more about dolphin behavior while spending time out on the water.

Vagabond Cruise

This family-owned tour offers a variety of different dolphin-watching tours. From full-day expeditions to sunset cruises, they provide a unique opportunity to get up close and personal with these majestic creatures.

On each excursion, Vagabond Cruise’s knowledgeable guides will share fascinating facts about the Atlantic bottlenose dolphins that inhabit the nearby waters. You’ll also learn about other species of wildlife that you may spot during your journey, such as sea turtles and seabirds.

The sunset dolphin-watching tour is particularly popular. It allows visitors to enjoy an unforgettable view of the setting sun while searching for dolphins in their natural habitat.

Dolphin and Nature Tour

If you’re looking for a unique experience on your trip to Hilton Head, book a Dolphin and Nature Tour, founded by Sonny and Mary Ann Compher. Expect to see bottlenose dolphins in their natural habitat, as well as other marine wildlife that inhabits the area.

The tours typically last two hours and cruise down Broad Creek. Here, you’ll spot not just dolphins, but also ospreys, pelicans, and maybe even a bald eagle. Keep your eyes peeled for other sea life such as jellyfish and crabs.


Hilton Head Island offers a wealth of opportunities to encounter dolphins in their natural habitat. These wonderful creatures can often be seen swimming near the shore or close to boats, and their beauty is nothing short of spectacular. Plan a trip to Hilton Head in one of Beachside Hilton Head‘s beautiful vacation rentals and you just might get lucky enough to experience the thrill of seeing dolphins up close.