Whenever you think of Hilton Head, SC, what comes to mind? You’ll likely think of warm sandy beaches.

Did you know there’s more to the island than its coastal charms?

In the heart of the island is a scenic natural reserve that trumps the island’s coastal reputation. The Sea Pines Forest Preserve has been drawing visitors from all over the island and state with its flora, fauna, and — most importantly — a 4,000-year history found in every tree and trail.

If you’re renting a house with Beachside Hilton Head Island, then you’re already in Sea Pines. The Forest Preserve will sure to awaken the nature-lover in you. Learn more about this iconic natural preserve deep in the heart of Hilton Head!

How To Get There

The Sea Pines Forest Preserve lies north of the Lawton Canal Road. Once you’re along Lawton Canal Road, take it north until you reach Lake Forest Villas. When you reach the villas, make a right. You’ll end up along Greenwood Drive. Keep driving for about .1 mile, and you’ll be at the preserve.

Once you’ve arrived, you’ll have to pay nine dollars to enter the preserve. It’s a steal, especially for what natural charms lie ahead!

Hikers Rejoice!

The Sea Pines Preserve is famous for its many hiking trails. The most popular for hikers are the Orange and Blue Trails.

These trails showcase the preserve’s plant life. Everywhere you turn, you’ll find species of plants and trees, including palmetto, live oak, slash pine, and many others.

Some trails have wooden footbridges that lead into the preserve’s historic spots. Among these spots are the old Shell Ring, Lake Joe, and Fish Island.

Fish, Turtles, and Gators

The Sea Pines Forest Preserve is home to several species of fish endemic to South Carolina’s waters. It’s also where you’ll find turtles and several species of lizards.

The Forest Preserve is also one of the finest spots on the island for gator-watching.

Freshwater Fishing at the Sea Pines Forest Preserve

Fishing at the Sea Pine Forest Preserve is a fun experience for the whole family. However, you must be a Sea Pines property owner to fish in the preserve. You also need to check in with the local CSA at (843) 671-1343 to secure your fishing permit.

Expect to reel in catfish, eels, crappies, and bowfins.

Have Fun With Nature at the Sea Pines Forest Preserve!

Whether you’re into hiking or fishing, there’s always something for everyone at the Forest Preserve. Experience everything nature has to offer in Hilton Head at the Sea Pines Forest Preserve!