It’s not difficult to get to Hilton Head for a getaway vacation. The island is only 35 miles away from Georgia and is accessible by land, sea, and air. Tourists can have a grand time whether they’re coming by train or plane as the island is bordered with refreshing views southeast of South Carolina. You’ve already got lodging with Beachside Hilton Head, so here’s how to get to the island:

Visiting Hilton Head Island by Plane

If you’re going to Hilton Head by plane, you should know the different airport options you have. The island itself has its own airport, the Hilton Head Island Airport, which is easily reachable with flights from Charlotte.

Alternatively, another airport can help you get to the island. The Savannah-Hilton Head Airport is only one hour away by car via I-95 N. Aside from a rental car, you can ride in a taxi or request an Uber ride at the airport to reach Hilton Head Island.

Getting to Hilton Head by Train

When traveling by rail, you can take advantage of Amtrak’s services which are available via Yemassee in South Carolina and Savannah in Georgia. Either way, you won’t spend more than an hour getting to Hilton Head Island by train.

Getting to Hilton Head Island by Sea

There’s no way for tourists to reach Hilton Island from Sea Island or Savana by sea unless they use a private boat or get a yacht rental. Another option is to use Vagabond Cruise, a known cruise line in Savannah, but note that they only offer historic cruises to Hilton Head Island as attractions, not travel methods.

What Is the Best Way To Reach Hilton Head Island?

The best way tourists can reach Hilton Head Island is by car. From Savannah, they can reach the destination in approximately 50 minutes via SC-46 E. The average trip cost is only between $4 and $6 depending on your fuel grade.

Note that car rental companies have age restrictions, and most of them only allow drivers over the age of 25. If you’re not using a car rental, a taxi or shuttle service is also available.

Are There Travel Restrictions on Hilton Head Island?

The island has been considered an area of low community transmission according to the Hilton Head Health website. Beginning in March 2022, the island no longer requires guests to wear face masks in indoor environments. Everyone on Hilton Head Island — from locals to tourists — may wear face masks at their own discretion.

Final Takeaway

Tourists can fly, take a train, or drive to reach Hilton Head Island. Those who want to enjoy a luxurious feel can even rent a private boat to get to the island, but most tourists rent a car and drive.