Our Selection Process

Beachside Hilton Head Island believes a thorough selection process for properties added to their program has been the key to their success. Unlike most property management companies, Beachside will not blindly add properties.

Some of the key components factored into the selection are:

Properties must be located within Sea Pines Plantation, specifically within the beach block or Harbour Town area

One of the most important factors is properties must not compete against one another. Beachside focuses on finding properties that are unique in size and style.  

It is of upmost importance that properties brought on program are well maintained for the comfort and safety of our guests. Further the property owner must show willingness to make annual repairs and improvements as needed to uphold the standards originally agreed upon. The age of a property is not a factor because as we know from experience, guests love older, charming beach cottages as well as newer, high scale properties. There is a rental market for both ends of the spectrum so long as the property is well maintained and clean.

Communication is key to a lasting working relationship.

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