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Stephanie & Todd Hoke have combined strengths making them a dynamic duo for representing buyers in real estate transactions. Stephanie, as Broker-in-Charge, offers a background in property & casualty insurance, in depth knowledge of Sea Pines (being a true local, born in Sea Pines), and 15+ years of experience as a rental property manager and licensed South Carolina Realtor. In addition, Todd’s proven success as a retired banker makes him an asset for discussing the financial aspects and crunching numbers. Although newer to the real estate arena, his excitement for finding the perfect property using an analytical, number-based approach makes him the ideal Realtor for buyers looking for a second home or investment property.

Working as a team, Stephanie & Todd showcase their well-rounded insight making them particularly valuable to buyers searching for investment properties in Sea Pines.


Obtaining the appropriate insurance coverage to protect your home, most likely one of your largest assets, is critical and can be a challenge. Properties located in a coastal area such as ours bring additional hazards, such as flood or hurricanes, which are not automatically covered under a standard homeowners insurance policy.

Holding a SC Property & Casualty insurance license, with past sales and management experience at a local insurance agency, Stephanie is equipped with the knowledge to answer your basic coastal insurance questions. From providing an overview of the National Flood Insurance program, to explaining the difference between wind & hail coverage and named storm coverage, she enjoys educating buyers on the key features of coastal insurance. Once you are ready to obtain competitive quotes, she will direct you to a local, vetted insurance professional to guide you the rest of the way.


With over 22 years of lending experience, Todd has a wealth of knowledge surrounding residential, and commercial, lending. From providing pro forma income statements, generating cash flow analysis, estimating debt load for a specific property, he enjoys providing the valuable insight needed to make wise real estate investment decisions. And after a successful career in the local banking industry, he has multiple trusted bankers & mortgage representatives which he will refer buyers to for navigating the lending process


Property Taxes….definitely not a fun topic, but a necessary one. Todd & Stephanie are equipped with the knowledge and resources to provide accurate information regarding local property taxes. From the percentage differences based on primary and secondary/investment properties to knowing when personal property taxes apply, understanding the applicable tax burdens is a critical component.

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