The Best Time of the Year To Travel to Hilton Head Island

Millions of people flock to Hilton Head Island every year, and it’s not hard to see why. With all the excitement, you’re probably wondering — when is the best time of year to visit this paradise? At Beachside Hilton Head, our answer is simple — anytime! Hilton Head exudes different charms throughout the year, and the best time to visit depends on what kind of vacation you’re looking for.

April and May

When you travel to Hilton Head in April and May, you’ll get a delightful sneak peek of summer. The months may bring a pleasant warm-up to the island, with daily highs climbing from a comfy 71 F to a balmy 84 F.

Crowds are wonderfully light in April and May, and the temperatures are perfect for beach outings. Water sports rental shops are open, so you aren’t confined to the sandy shores. Mid-April is also the RBC Heritage PGA golf tournament season, so if you’re a fan, this is your time!

June to August

For a full-blown summer beach vacation, there is no better time to visit Hilton Head than from June to August. Daily high temperatures rise by a mellow 4 F in June, taking you from a warm 84 F up to a toasty 88 F. As for the evenings, low temperatures tick up by 5 F — from a pleasant 70 F to an inviting 75 F.

When August rolls around, high temperatures gently ease down by a comfortable 2 F, transitioning from 88 F to 86 F. The lows also cool down by 2 F, moving from 76 F to 74 F. If you’re okay with crowds and paying premium summer lodging rates, summer is your travel season.

September and October

Forget everything you know about a traditional fall — Hilton Head Island does it differently! The island’s summer vibe is endless, but the summer crowds disappear, and you’ll have nearly empty beaches all to yourself.

When October rolls around, the heat takes a slight dip, but don’t pack away your shorts just yet. Daily highs still flirt with the high 70s, and evening temps comfortably nestle in the low 50s. Heads up — hurricanes rarely strike the island directly, but passing storms might sprinkle some rain on your parade.

November to March

Hilton Head’s best-kept secret is November to March. Winter brings daily high temperatures of 62 F, with Mother Nature seldom letting them dip below 47 F or soar above 75 F. When the sun goes down, expect nightly temps around a comfortable 46 F.

There’ll be fewer visitors, and the island will feel like your private getaway. Nights can get downright chilly; don’t forget that coat! Let’s talk lodging — prices hit rock bottom, making this the perfect time for a budget-friendly escape.

Explore Hilton Head Whenever You Want To

No matter what time of year you choose to travel, Beachside Hilton Head has the perfect vacation rental waiting just for you! Every season brings its own “best,” and we help you experience it in style. We have the spot that’ll make you feel like you’re really in paradise, regardless of the temperature. Pack your bags, grab your sunglasses (and maybe a coat if it’s winter), and get ready for the Hilton Head vacation of a lifetime. We’ll see you when we see you!