As you may know, Linda & Jay acquired Beachside Hilton Head in October of 2022. As lovers of the beautiful foliage that Hilton Head has to offer, they were excited to bring some of their love to the houses in their program. Timeless Treasure received some of Linda & Jay’s green thumb recently. Check out the beautiful landscaping upgrades made to this beachfront beauty.

December of 2022 brought a cold front that lasted days in Hilton Head. Having several days in a row below freezing is extremely uncommon on the island. Sadly, so many tropical plants didn’t make it through winter. Ultimately, yards and planters were left looking bare.

Spring Has Sprung

The past few weeks on the island have been extremely warm. Islanders have eagerly pulled out their shorts and hit the beach. At Beachside Hilton Head, Linda & Jay were excited because the warm weather meant it was time to refresh the landscaping that didn’t survive winter.

Linda & Jay purchased tropical plants from a local store and headed over to Timeless Treasure for a timeless afternoon. With both of their daughters in tow, they were excited to brighten up the planters at the house.

Hammock at Timeless Treasure

Timeless Treasure Has it All

As Linda & Jay began gardening, their daughters, Ellie and Sophie, couldn’t help but enjoy Timeless Treasure at it’s best. The girls hit the haTimeless Treasure poolmmock overlooking the ocean to enjoy a calm nap in the sun.

After some relaxing time, they couldn’t resist taking a dip in the pool! The large step provides the perfect space for little Sophie to hang out safely while still enjoying the water. The pool is the perfect place to spend a Sunday afternoon as a family.

The Final Product

When the afternoon came to an end, Linda & Jay were so pleased with the beautiful planters at Timeless Treasure. Full of lush tropical foliage, the incredible ambiance at Timeless Treasure is elevated now. Book your stay at Timeless Treasure to enjoy all it has to offer.

Timeless Treasure Planters