Going on a vacation with family or friends? It’s the perfect way to relax and bond with your loved ones while exploring new places. To make sure everything goes smoothly, you’ll want to consider a lot of things, however, including your accommodation. Should you choose a vacation home instead of a hotel or condo? Keep scrolling to discover the top reasons why you should book a house for your next vacation.

Enjoy More Space

One of the biggest advantages of choosing a vacation rental over a hotel is there’s more space for the whole family or group. Hotels and condos are usually smaller than vacation houses.

In the US, hotel rooms have an average size of 325 square feet. Most hotel rooms can usually fit around four individuals. You’ll need to book more rooms or request extra beds if your family or group is large.

Meanwhile, vacation homes have an average size of over 3,000 square feet. Hence, you have more than enough space to relax. You’ll also feel at home, making your vacation even more enjoyable.

Save Money

Most people, if not all, love traveling — until they think about all the expenses. That’s why you need to be strategic, so you can maximize your vacation without breaking the bank.

Compared to vacation houses, hotels and condos are more expensive, including hidden fees for parking, Wi-Fi, and the resort. If you’re taking a vacation as an extended family, then you’ll need to pay for more rooms.

With vacation homes, you won’t have to worry about surprise fees, including bottled water, parking, and internet. You can also divide the cost between your friends or family members. While hotels provide per-night rates, vacation rentals give you more options, like a week’s stay. You may even enjoy lower or discounted rates if you stay longer at the vacation home.

Access to a Full Kitchen

Vacation rentals allow you to save on food costs, too. You can use vacation homes’ fully equipped kitchens to prepare healthy meals. If you’re traveling with someone who has specific dietary needs, then having your own kitchen becomes even more beneficial.

You can also stock the vacation home’s fridge with your favorite drinks and snacks. You don’t have to wear anything fancy to dine out. You can just be in your go-to PJs and enjoy your coffee or tea while appreciating the view outdoors. Eating out at restaurants is an incredible experience, but if you do it three times a day, then you’ll go back home with a hole in your wallet. This will leave you stressed, defeating the purpose of your much-needed vacation.

Use Free Laundry Facilities

Washing your clothes may be the last thing you think about while on vacation. However, you also don’t want to go back home with your luggage filled with dirty laundry. Many vacation rentals give you access to washers and dryers. You can ask the owner beforehand. With these free laundry facilities, you can save time and money. You can also pack lighter than usual.

Maximize Privacy

Another top reason why you should book a house for vacation when you travel is privacy. You and your family or squad can enjoy your own space. There’s no HVAC or elevator noise. You won’t hear your neighbors’ conversations due to thin walls.

There are no cleaners who will come and go. You won’t also have to deal with crowded pools. With vacation rentals, you have your own bathroom, bedroom, living room, and even pool without worrying about strangers’ not-so-nice behaviors. Hence, you can explore the whole place safely and comfortably.

Bring Your Furry Friends

Excited for your vacation but a little bit guilty because your fur baby will be left behind? You can travel with them too! Multiple vacation rentals are pet-friendly. You may just have to pay a nominal charge. Some hotels welcome pets, but finding them can be a challenge. The costs are also often higher, and pet rooms are usually located in less comfortable rooms.

Meanwhile, pet-friendly vacation homes allow you to run or play fetch with your dog in the backyard. You can share every experience with your adorable fur babies, making your vacation more memorable and meaningful.

Live Like a Local

Are you one of those travelers who want to live like a local instead of being a tourist? If so, vacation homes are a great choice for you. You can explore local shops, dine at the best local restaurants, enjoy local entertainment, try outdoor activities, and simply experience the daily life of the locals.

Rental owners are also usually eager to share with you some tips to enjoy various local activities, coffee shops, and magnificent views that you may not experience when staying in a hotel or condo.

A Better Place for Kids

Planning to travel with kids? A house for vacation is also ideal for you. Larger families may end up booking two or more hotel rooms. Meanwhile, vacation homes usually have two or more beds. Kid-friendly vacation rentals also provide items like toys, cribs, sterilizers, kid-friendly cutlery, children’s books, and highchairs.

As a result, it becomes easier to take care of kids while on vacation. When the kids are asleep, you can continue watching a movie or bonding with adults in other comfortable areas at home.

Final Thoughts

Booking a house for your vacation instead of a hotel or condo is indeed more beneficial than you think. You can enjoy a bigger space for the entire family or squad, save money, prepare your own meals, and have your well-deserved privacy. You can also live like a local and take a relaxing vacation with your kids and furry friends. Maximize your vacation by choosing incredible vacation rentals. Visit our page for more details.