A vacation in Hilton Head may be all about fun and much-needed R&R, but this doesn’t mean setting your health and wellness aside. Working out while on vacation helps you enjoy your break while taking care of your body. Besides, Hilton Head doesn’t run out of options to help you burn those carbs and stay active! Check out Beachside Hilton Head’s favorite work out options.

Visit Planet Fitness

One of the best places to work out in Hilton Head Island is Planet Fitness. They’re known for their judgment-free zone, so whether you’re new to gyms or you’re well-seasoned, Planet Fitness gives you a warm welcome. The club is always clean and the staff and trainers are friendly and accommodating. The place isn’t crowded either, and no matter what time you visit, there’s enough space for you to complete your routines.

Head to LAVA 24

Another great gym to go to while you’re on vacation is LAVA 24. They provide daily and weekly passes perfect for tourists like you. There are free weights, cardio equipment, benches, and bars. The separate rooms for various equipment help you enjoy working out without any annoying noises or unnecessary pressure. The facility’s clean, the trainers are some of the best on the island, and the staff is friendly too!

Join Orangetheory Fitness Classes

You can also take fitness classes, such as those that Orangetheory Fitness provides. Following a group fitness concept, Orangetheory maximizes science, technology, and coaching to help you achieve the best results and become a better version of yourself.

They offer interval training that is high-energy cardiovascular and strength-based. You’ll be using different types of equipment, such as rowing machines and treadmills. There are free weights, suspension training, and more. Orangetheory Fitness coaches are fun, friendly, and dedicated to helping you realize your fitness goals. You’re sure to love the workouts and the inspiring and talented team!

Rent a Bike

Another way to stay fit while enjoying your vacation in Hilton Head Island is to rent a bike. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a beginner or an experienced cyclist. Over 60 miles of trails allow you to explore and appreciate the gorgeous views of HHI. You can choose from around 30 bicycle stores, and about 15,000 bicycles are available for rent.

Named as a gold-level bicycle-friendly community by the League of American Bicyclists, Hilton Head will ensure a safe and incredible biking experience for you.

Enjoy Hiking

If you want to take your health and fitness journey to the next level while on vacation in Hilton Head Island, include hiking on your list. A relatively easy route is the Pinckney Island Ride Trail, which is also perfect for bird-watching. From turtles and alligators to armadillos and ibis, you can find lots of wildlife.

Another option is the Jarvis Creek Trail. This one-mile loop trail is also rich in wildlife, particularly birds. Like the Pinckney Island Ride Trail, the Jarvis Creek Trail is open year-round. If you’re spending your Hilton Head Vacation with your adorable pets, you can have them join your adventure as well.

You might not want to miss Mitchelville Freedom Park, either. After exploring the trails, you could go straight to the beach and continue relaxing in the sun.

Audubon Newhall Preserve of Hilton Head Island Audubon Society won’t disappoint. This 50-acre preserve has around 150 bird species. You can also spot lovely unique trees along the way. You’re not simply exercising while on vacation. You’re also getting closer to nature and precious wildlife.

Try Beach Yoga

Want to greet the day with a clear mind? Try beach yoga on Hilton Head Island. It helps you boost your creativity, uplift your mood, connect with nature, and of course, get your daily dose of vitamin D. Soft sand is also a perfect cushion.

Hilton Head Health (H3), for instance, teaches easy-to-follow yoga poses, like the tree pose, the mountain pose, and the warrior 2 pose. The Jiva Yoga Center has different yoga classes suitable for both newbies and advanced yogis.

Jiva offers a welcoming and relaxing environment, and the studio is clean. From Jiva flow and align and flow to gentle yoga and slow flow deep stretch, there are several yoga classes that can help make your vacation in Hilton Head Island more meaningful and satisfying.

Play Tennis

Hilton Head island is home to some of the best tennis resorts, such as Port Royal Racquet Club, Sea Pines Racquet Club, Palmetto Dunes Tennis Center, and Van Der Meer Shipyard Racquet Club. There are 350 tennis courts, too.

Van Der Meer Shipyard Racquet Club has landed in Tennis Magazine’s list of top 50 tennis resorts in the country. There are several hard courts, clay courts, and indoor lighted courts. Daily programs and complimentary training events are available throughout the year. Meanwhile, Sea Pines Racquet Club is ranked first in its tennis program.

There are highly acclaimed instructional programs and a pro shop. However, you need not be a seasoned player to try the tennis courts around Hilton Head. You can take lessons from a professional instructor. If you prefer an easy and fun sport, try pickleball. It involves several elements of ping-pong, badminton, and tennis.

Final Thoughts

Working out while on a Hilton Head vacation allows you to take good care of your mind and body while enjoying your well-deserved break. From visiting fitness centers like Planet Fitness, trying Orangetheory Fitness classes, and playing tennis to renting a bike, enjoying hiking, and doing beach yoga, you have several options to stay fit. Start exploring these places and activities for the perfect Hilton Head experience.