4 Fantastic Places To Play Pickleball in Hilton Head

Picture this: you’re lounging at your cozy Beachside Hilton Head vacation rental with the sun kissing your skin and a gentle breeze in the air. You’re ready to explore the Hilton Head pickleball scene, a thrilling and addictive sport taking the island by storm. But where should you go to get your dose of pickleball excitement?

Let’s take you on a tour of the best places to play pickleball in Hilton Head. Grab your paddle, and let’s dive into the fun!

Palmetto Dunes Tennis and Pickleball Center

Address: 6 Trent Jones Ln., Hilton Head Island, SC 29928

Phone: (844) 207-9307

The Palmetto Dunes Tennis and Pickleball Center is a slice of pickleball paradise. With 24 well-maintained courts, this spot is perfect for players of all skill levels. This location also prides itself on providing one of the most detailed and thorough teaching programs on the East Coast! Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a newbie just dipping your toe into the pickleball waters, you’ll find friendly faces and great matches here.

Hilton Head Island Recreation Center

Address: 20 Wilborn Rd, Hilton Head Island, SC 29926

Phone: (843) 681-7273

For a more comprehensive pickleball experience, head to the Hilton Head Island Recreation Center. Here, you’ll find many parks with dedicated pickleball courts, such as Adrianna Park, Chaplin Tennis Courts, and Cordillo Tennis and Pickleball Courts. It’s basically a big playground for pickleball enthusiasts! For those looking for more regular play, the center offers a daily rate of USD 5 or an annual membership of USD 50.

Sea Pines Resort

Address: 32 Greenwood Dr., Hilton Head Island, SC 29928

Phone: (866) 561-8802 / (843) 785-3333

Sea Pines Resort is renowned for its stunning landscapes and world-class amenities. Nestled within this island paradise, you’ll discover pickleball courts that are second to none. The serene surroundings of Sea Pines create an ideal atmosphere for a friendly game or a leisurely workout. After your match, explore the resort’s picturesque pathways, winding through lush gardens and along the sparkling shores!

Hilton Head Island Motorcoach Resort

Address: 133 Arrow Rd, Hilton Head Island, SC 29928

Phone: (800) 722-2365 / (843) 785-7699

The Hilton Head Island Motorcoach Resort is a must-visit for those passionate about pickleball and RV. The resort boasts beautifully maintained pickleball courts amidst a community of RV enthusiasts. Here, you can combine your love for the open road with your love for pickleball, creating unforgettable memories during your stay at Hilton Head. Play during the day and, at night, gather around the campfire with fellow travelers for stories and s’mores.

Pickleball Adventure With Beachside Hilton Head

Hilton Head is a haven for pickleball enthusiasts, with various venues to satisfy all levels of play. And what better way to enjoy your pickleball vacation than staying at the fantastic Beachside Hilton Head?

Our vacation rentals provide a comfortable and luxurious home base for pickleball adventures. Take part in the island’s clinics, mixers, and tournaments, and come home to relax in your private vacation home, complete with all the amenities you need to rest and recharge for another day of play. Book your stay with us today!

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