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Shelter Cove in Hilton Head

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Sea Pines Trolley

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Sports Bars in Hilton Head

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The Beauty and Fragility of Hilton Head’s Sea Turtles

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Serenity by the Sea

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Pet-friendly Properties With Beachside HHI

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What To Do at South Beach Hilton Head

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Yoga in Hilton Head

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Timeless Treasure Receives Timeless Upgrade

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Shamrocks and Sand: Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day on Hilton Head Island

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Coastal Chic: Short Term Rental Property

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Beachside HHI Rental Property: Driftwood

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Forest Preserve in Sea Pines

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Heritage Golf Tournament

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Southern Charm- Perfect Vacation

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The 5 Best Places To Play Tennis in Hilton Head

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Cotton Cottage: Your Home Away From Home

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Fairway Oasis: Short Term Rental

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Discover Sea Pines Beach Club

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Best Beachfront Houses in Hilton Head To Rent

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Sunny Shores: Short Term Vacation Rental

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What To Do in Harbour Town

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Beachside HHI: Your Next Vacation “Hideaway”

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Great Mexican Restaurants in Hilton Head

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Lawton Stables in Sea Pines

Hilton Head is famous for its breathtaking beaches and world-class golf courses. However, there are other activities on Read More

Seafood Restaurants in Hilton Head

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Plan a Fabulous Galentine’s Day in Hilton Head

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5 Best Valentine’s Restaurants in Hilton Head

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Valentine’s Dinner in Sea Pines

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Golf in Sea Pines

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Weather in Hilton Head: Best Place To Travel All Year

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Top Places To Eat in Sea Pines

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Spend Summer at Sunny Shores

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Visit Hilton Head in February

Visit Hilton Head in February Everyone knows that Hilton Head is an amazing summer destination but have you Read More

Hideaway is the Perfect Getaway

Looking for the perfect getaway in Hilton Head Island? Head to Sea Pines for a stay at Hideaway, Read More

Beachside HHI Has New Owners

Beachside HHI has new owners. Meet Linda and Jay, the couple who will run the boutique short-term rental company. Read More

Two-Wheel Tango

For locals and visitors alike, biking has become a popular mode of transportation on our small island.    Renting bikes Read More

Plant-Based Dining on Hilton Head Island

  Do you enjoy the challenge of dining out while on vacation…finding the hidden gems that source from Read More

Help Protect the Loggerhead Turtles

Hilton Head Island is so very fortunate the Loggerhead Sea Turtle population has decided to call our island Read More

Fluffy needs a beach vacation as well….

With so many guests looking for pet-friendly properties, we are happy to provide this guide to a pet-friendly Read More

For The Adventurous Vacationer…

Seeking outdoor adventure while on vacation? Not everyone comes to Hilton Head Island to work on their tans Read More

Planning a “Race-cation”?

Do You Enjoy Racing Or Training While On Vacation? When most people think Hilton Head Island, they think Read More

Beachside Bites & Brews: Chow Daddy’s

I love to eat! Anyone who knows me can attest to my love for food (and cooking). I’m a southern girl who can’t resist collard greens, cornbread, boiled peanuts, grits and all the other stereotypical southern style foods. Although my palate has not changed, over the past 5 years I have made a shift and gravitated more towards foods that are probably considered on the healthier spectrum such as kale, quinoa, brussel sprouts, salads…lots of salads…and I’ve always loved any and all seafood. That is just a long winded explanation for why I love this next restaurant… Read More

French Bakery

I just returned from a celebratory lunch at The French Bakery with a good friend and my belly Read More

Is it Inappropriate to Lick My Plate Clean?

Being in the vacation rental business, it’s not uncommon to work 7 days a week. During the busy rental season, which typically runs from mid-March through mid-October on Hilton Head Island, the work week for me is Monday–Saturday, although I’m on call 24/7, which leaves me Sunday for family, relaxing and adventures. A normal Sunday for my husband, fur baby & I includes a day on the boat cruising the intracoastal waterways and catching up with our boating buddies. Our “Sunday Funday” this past weekend started much later in the day than normal, so we decided to turn the trip into dinner by boat. So our little family set out for Shelter Cove Marina with empty bellies and no exact plan of where we would end up for dinner. Read More

Entertainment for the Entire Family!

For the past 40 years, Gregg Russell has been entertaining kids & adults of all ages under the Read More

Breathtaking Hilton Head Island Sunrise and Sunset

I feel very fortunate to live on Hilton Head Island where I am able to witness the beauty Read More


Watusi, located on Pope Avenue near Coligny Beach, is one of my “go-to” spots when I’m looking for a quick, casual, yet very satisfying breakfast or lunch. It’s a local’s favorite because there’s never a long line or wait for a table (or I should say there has never been one the numerous times I’ve eaten there) and the food is delicious! There’s a wide selection of comfortable seating from tables, couches & chairs both inside and outside, or you can belly-up to the small bar. Read More

Flying High With Island Head Watersports

I first must begin with the definition of Island Head because…well, it rocks! Island Head is “a state of mind achieved by following one’s passion in the right place with the right people; if it’s only for a day or a lifetime…” This could not sum up the owners of Island Head (Michael, Taylor & Jessica) and their passion for enjoying the beauty & adventure this island has to offer any more perfectly. Read More

Santa Fe Cafe

There are hundreds of restaurants on our small island and not enough time during a week long vacation Read More

Sunset Sailing at it’s Finest!

I truly cannot think of a better way to experience a Hilton Head Island sunset than on a Read More