Pickleball on Hilton Head Island

Are you ready to get your pickleball game on?

If you’re in Hilton Head, you’re in for a great time as the island is a pickleball paradise for vacationers and pickleball enthusiasts alike. With its sunny beaches, vibrant atmosphere, and growing pickleball community, Hilton Head offers some fantastic spots to enjoy this addictive paddle sport.

Whether you’re a seasoned player or just discovering the joy of pickleball, Hilton Head, South Carolina is the place for you. The only thing to determine now is exactly where to play. We have 2 incredible resources that can help you find the perfect courts for your needs. Check them out here:

1. Pickle Heads
2. Official Unofficial Guide to Pickleball Courts

Now, let’s dive into Beachside Hilton Head Island’s top pickleball hotspots and find your next pickleball destination. Also, stick around to the end to find out where you can stay for a pickleball-filled vacation!

1. South Beach Racquet Club 

The South Beach Racquet Club — located in Sea Pines near South Beach — is home to brand new, beautiful pickleball courts. There are currently 12 hard court and clay courts available to rent with permanent lines and nets.

Walk over to Salty Dog Cafe across the street for a great meal once you’re done with your lesson, round robin, or playing with friends.

2. Sea Pines Racquet Club 

The Sea Pines Racquet Club — located near Harbour Town in Sea Pines — stands as a premier destination for pickleball and tennis enthusiasts seeking top-tier facilities.

Whether players seek friendly competition, skill-refining clinics, or connections with fellow pickleball aficionados, the club’s welcoming atmosphere and knowledgeable staff ensure an unforgettable experience.

3. Palmetto Dunes Tennis and Pickleball Center

Many guests can combine their love for pickleball with a beachfront getaway at Palmetto Dunes Tennis and Pickleball Center.

Nestled at 6 Trent Jones Lane, this spot offers an array of amenities, including top-notch pickleball courts. Visitors can engage in thrilling matches against skilled opponents. They can also take part in lively doubles games on any of the center’s 24 pickleball courts.

Palmetto Dunes Tennis and Pickleball Center is home to one of the largest pickleball equipment stores in South Carolina. The store has everything guests need, from paddles to shoes, making it a one-stop shop for all things pickleball.

4. Chaplin Community Park

Tucked away in a tranquil setting at 11 Castnet Drive, Chaplin Community Park is a godsend for pickleball lovers seeking a serene environment. The park offers picturesque landscapes along with pickleball courts that are always ready for action.

Players can relish the island’s natural beauty as they engage in friendly pickleball matches with friends or fellow travelers. Chaplin Community Park warmly welcomes players of all skill levels. Visitors should bring their own equipment and adhere to park regulations for court availability.

Grab a Paddle and Get Your Game on in Hilton Head!

Hilton Head Island is a pickleball paradise with diverse venues to suit every player’s style. No matter which location is chosen, an unforgettable pickleball experience awaits.

Grab your paddle, join the vibrant community, and dive into the excitement of pickleball on the Island!

While you’re at it, choose a cozy rental spot that’s near Sea Pines Racquet Club and South Beach Racquet Club. At Beachside Hilton Head, you can look forward to a range of amenities that’ll cater to every creature comfort you desire.

Book your next stay with us, and you’ll be in prime real estate that puts you close to every attraction on the island!