Pool at Pelican's Perch

Pool at Pelican’s Perch

Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, is a coastal paradise known for its pristine beaches, lush golf courses, and luxurious short-term rental properties. Many of these vacation homes come complete with enticing private pools, offering an extra layer of relaxation and enjoyment for guests. However, before you dive headfirst into booking your dream getaway, it’s essential to understand the nuances of pool heating costs. Pool heating can vary significantly based on several factors. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at these considerations. We’ll also introduce you to Beachside Hilton Head Island, a premier rental company that makes pool heating costs transparent to guests.

Pool at Coconut Cabana

Factors Impacting Pool Heating Costs

  1. Pool Size and Depth: The size and depth of the pool are primary determinants of heating costs. Larger and deeper pools require more energy to reach and maintain your desired temperature. Keep this in mind when selecting a rental property.
  2. Type of Pool Heater: Hilton Head Island rental homes typically feature two main types of pool heaters: propane and electric. The choice between them can significantly affect your heating expenses, especially since propane prices can vary depending on the provider’s contract. While electric pool heaters are often times less costly to run, they can struggle during the coldest winter months to keep up.
  3. Time of Year: The timing of your Hilton Head vacation plays a crucial role in pool heating costs. Cooler months demand more energy to keep the pool comfortably warm. Even if daytime temperatures are pleasant, chilly nights will significantly impact the energy used to maintain pool temperature.
  4. Continuous Operation: All pools require continuous operation of the heater to ensure the water remains inviting throughout your stay. This leads to increased propane or electricity consumption and subsequently higher heating costs.
  5. Manual Operation: Pool heaters often require manual operation, which may include someone physically turning the heater on and off at the beginning and end of the stay. Many short term rental companies must include the price of the pool company to physically come out to turn the heater on and off.

    Pool at Island Time

    Pool at Island Time

Understanding Pool Heating Costs

When considering a short-term rental house in Hilton Head Island with a pool, it’s crucial to have a clear understanding of the pool heating costs. Here are some steps to ensure you’re well-informed:

  1. Inquire About Costs: Before booking, contact the rental property owner or management company to obtain detailed information about the pool heating costs. Find out the type of heater, daily or weekly costs, and any additional charges related to pool maintenance.
  2. Consider Your Dates: Take into account the time of year you plan to visit Hilton Head. If your vacation falls during the cooler months, budget for higher heating costs to keep the pool comfortably warm.
  3. Evaluate Your Priorities: Weigh the added expense of a heated pool against your vacation priorities. If a heated pool is a must-have for your trip, allocate a portion of your budget accordingly.

Beachside Hilton Head Island: Your Pool Heating Solution

Pool at Fairway Oasis

When searching for short-term rental houses in Hilton Head Island, Beachside Hilton Head Island is your trusted partner. Specializing in properties within the exclusive Sea Pines community, Beachside offers an array of stunning vacation homes, many of which include private pools.

We understand the importance of transparency in pool heating costs. At Beachside Hilton Head Island, we are committed to providing information about pool heating expenses. Simply inquire with us prior to booking and we’ll share the full cost upfront. As a boutique rental company, we personally turn the pool heaters on and off ourselves to assist in lowering the cost. Some of our properties even feature spas. We can offer pricing options to just heat the spa during your stay. Rest assured, we heat our pools to a comfortable 86 degrees and our spas to a soothing 102 degrees. This ensures your vacation experience is nothing short of luxurious.

Pool at Coastal Chic


Hilton Head Island’s short-term rentals with pools offer a fantastic way to unwind and enjoy your vacation. While pool heating costs can vary based on multiple factors, including pool size, type of heater, and time of year, being well-informed will help you make the most of your getaway. Beachside Hilton Head Island is dedicated to providing clarity and transparency regarding pool heating costs. Our aim is to ensure that your Hilton Head Island retreat is both enjoyable and budget-friendly. So, when you plan your next Hilton Head escape, remember to inquire about pool heating costs and consider the comfort and relaxation a heated pool can add to your vacation experience.