Barefoot Bungalow

Step into a world of serenity and pure relaxation as you escape the chaotic rhythm of everyday life and discover the hidden gem that is Barefoot Bungalow. This meticulously designed two-bedroom, two-bathroom vacation home encourages guests to leave their worries at the door and immerse themselves in the tranquil ambiance of Hilton Head’s Lawton Woods.

Immerse Yourself in Serenity

As guests step foot into the enchanting realm of Barefoot Bungalow, they must prepare to be captivated by a symphony of bright sophistication and refined design. Every element of this luxurious abode has been thoughtfully curated to immerse guests in a world of opulence and unparalleled elegance.

A Serene Sanctuary of Restful Slumber

The journey begins as guests enter the first of the two meticulously adorned bedrooms, nestled on the left-hand side. They’ll discover the epitome of comfort as they gaze upon two twin beds, delicately arranged to provide a haven of peaceful repose. For utmost flexibility, these beds seamlessly transform into a king-size bed, ensuring a restful night’s sleep.

Accompanied by a flat-screen TV and adorned with tasteful decor, this sanctuary offers a perfect retreat. Also, a full bathroom, boasting a luxurious tiled shower, can be reached through the bedroom or the foyer hallway, providing convenience and indulgence at every turn.

Exquisite Open Living Space

Prepare to be enthralled as you continue down the hallway, unveiling an extraordinary open living space that seamlessly merges the kitchen, dining area, and living room. Guests can immerse themselves in an atmosphere of modern elegance that embraces the essence of sophistication.

The fully equipped kitchen is a culinary oasis, boasting tray ceilings, high-end appliances, and a dedicated coffee bar. Engage in the art of gastronomy as you craft culinary delights for your loved ones.

Then, you can savor your morning coffee at the three peninsula bar stools. You can also enjoy a delightful meal at the spacious dining table, accommodating up to six guests. Step through the sliders by the dining area and be welcomed into the privacy of your own enchanting yard.

The living room, a few steps below the dining area, invites guests to recline upon a plush sectional sofa and luxuriate in its comfort. Engage in delightful conversations, watch your favorite shows on the TV, or simply bask in the warmth of togetherness within this luminous and expansive space.

With vaulted ceilings adorned with exquisite wooden planks, this living area exudes an air of grandeur. Additionally, a second sofa, complete with a queen sleeper, is available to accommodate additional guests.

Master Suite — A Haven of Refined Luxury

Indulge in the pinnacle of luxury as you find solace in the master suite, discreetly tucked away off the foyer hallway. This grand sanctuary welcomes you with a majestic king-size bed adorned with sumptuous linens. As your eyes rise to the exquisite wood-planked ceilings, you’ll realize that every detail has been meticulously curated to elevate your experience.

Step through the sliding doors and find yourself in a small sitting area, enveloped by the gentle whispers of nature that Sea Pines offers. Delight in tranquil moments, savoring the serenity and breathtaking surroundings.

The master bathroom is a sanctuary within a sanctuary, featuring dual sinks and a beautifully tiled shower. Embrace the tranquility of this private oasis, where every touch exudes elegance and refinement.

Prepare to be captivated by the allure of Barefoot Bungalow. Opulence and refinement converge here to create a haven of exquisite beauty and unparalleled luxury. Indulge your senses and experience the height of elegance within these hallowed walls.

Your Private Backyard Oasis

Step through the inviting dining or coffee station and immerse yourself in the serene embrace of this captivating yard. Behold the breathtaking sight that unfolds before your eyes — a tranquil sanctuary enveloped in natural beauty.

A Refreshing Aquatic Escape

Also, at the heart of this enchanting retreat lies a glistening private pool. Surrounded by meticulously placed potted plants and accompanied by inviting loungers, this exquisite oasis offers the ideal setting to unwind and soak up the sun’s warm caress. For those seeking an extra touch of luxury, the option to heat the pool is available for an additional charge, ensuring your swim is at the perfect temperature.

Indulge in Ultimate Relaxation

Adjacent to the pool, an above-ground spa awaits, a sanctuary of ultimate relaxation. Step into its soothing depths, as the heated waters envelop you, transporting you to a realm of pure bliss. No matter the time of day, the spa is ready to whisk you away on a journey of tranquility.

Explore the Best of Hilton Head

While the allure of Barefoot Bungalow may make it tempting to remain immersed in its splendor, the wonders of Hilton Head beckon you to venture beyond its borders. If you yearn for the sun-kissed shores and the soothing embrace of the ocean, fear not! The beach is a mere 0.8-mile bike ride away, effortlessly accessible for those seeking coastal bliss.

With the convenience of renting bikes directly from Beachside Hilton Head, you can have them awaiting your arrival, ready to whisk you away on memorable seaside escapades.

Also, for those captivated by the allure of equestrian delights, a mere 0.5 miles from Barefoot Bungalow lies Lawton Stables, an enchanting haven where horseback riding adventures await. Embark on an exhilarating journey through picturesque trails and be immersed in the beauty of Sea Pines’ natural wonders.

Feel the rhythm of hoof beats, and forge unforgettable connections with these majestic creatures. Indulge your spirit of exploration, and create lasting memories in the embrace of Hilton Head’s equestrian offerings.

Your Gateway to Luxury and Convenience

As you arrive at Barefoot Bungalow, the private, gated community unveils a world of tranquility and exclusivity. To access this esteemed enclave, gate passes are required.

But rest assured, your reservation includes one complimentary gate pass, providing seamless entry into this secluded sanctuary. For larger parties or those desiring additional gate passes, extra passes can be conveniently purchased to accommodate everyone in your group.

Please note that Sea Pines regulates the number of vehicles and gate passes allowed per property, ensuring a serene atmosphere for all residents and guests.

Ensuring your utmost convenience, Barefoot Bungalow provides ample parking for up to three vehicles. With designated parking spaces available, you can rest assured knowing that your vehicles are secure during your stay. Additionally, the presence of a carport offers protection from the elements for one of your vehicles, providing added peace of mind and convenience.

Pet-Friendly Paradise

At Barefoot Bungalow, we understand that your pets are cherished members of your family. That’s why we warmly welcome your four-legged companions to join you on your vacation.

For the first pet, a pet fee of $50 per night, plus tax, applies. Should you wish to bring an additional pet, a nominal fee of $15 per night, plus tax, allows you to extend the joy to another furry friend.

With our pet-friendly policies, you can create cherished memories with your beloved pets.

Unparalleled Comfort

Experience unparalleled comfort at Barefoot Bungalow with a range of thoughtfully curated amenities. Restful beds await you, providing a rejuvenating sleep experience. You can also accommodate additional guests with ease using the convenient sleeper sofa.

Revel in the softness and freshness of our premium linens for a peaceful night’s rest. Fresh and fluffy bath towels are provided, ensuring your post-shower comfort.

We’ve taken care of all your immediate needs with starter amenities in the bathroom, kitchen, and laundry room. You can also stay connected with complimentary Wi-Fi and unwind with cable TV entertainment.

Enjoy the choice of a 12-cup drip coffee maker or a Keurig for your morning brew. Also, our fully equipped kitchen includes plates, bowls, flatware, and drinkware for your dining convenience.

Prepare delicious meals with our comprehensive cookware collection and get creative with the provided blender. Kickstart your mornings with a convenient toaster, making breakfast a breeze.

At Barefoot Bungalow, your comfort is our priority, and every amenity has been carefully chosen to enhance your stay.

Your Dream Vacation Starts at Barefoot Bungalow

Discover the enchanting allure of Barefoot Bungalow, the ultimate vacation destination in Hilton Head. Immerse yourself in luxury and explore the best of Hilton Head from this central location. So, book your stay today with Beachside Hilton Head and let us make your dream vacation a reality.