Coconut Cabana: The Best Short Term Rental Home in Hilton Head Island

Well-known for its Atlantic beaches, manicured golf courses, and rich wildlife, Hilton Head Island is an ideal vacation spot for families, solo travelers, and nature lovers alike. Whether they’re on the lookout for a serene atmosphere or a jam-packed summer extravaganza, Hilton Head is the place to be.

Besides finding out what the best activities are around the area, tourists who want to visit the island have to ask themselves the most important question: “Where should I stay?”

Looking for a place to stay while vacationing in paradise can be a challenge, especially if the guests don’t really know what they’re looking for. To provide a helping hand, this article aims to shed light on features that tourists should look for before renting a property on the island. We will also introduce one of the best places to stay while in Hilton Head Island to make the search easier: Coconut Cabana.

Top Features To Look for When Looking for a Rental Property in Hilton Head Island

The features a tourist needs in a vacation home vary based on their unique preferences. Some families are big, others are small. While some tourists want to bring their pets with them, others do not. Some solo travelers want to rough it up, others want the luxurious experience.

Different people need different features. However, when it comes to Hilton Head Island, here are some of the top features to look for.

Proximity to the Beach

Since the Atlantic beaches are one of the most popular attractions in Hilton Head, finding a property with a prime location and close proximity to the beach is a must. In fact, the best case scenario would be if the vacation rental is either walking distance to the shores or ocean front.

Having the beach within arm’s reach is an incredible benefit to have. Tourists can go to the beach first thing in the morning with no hassle at all. They wouldn’t need to use public transportation or worry about getting home late. With a simple few steps, they can easily touch their toes on the pristine sands of Hilton Head.

High-Quality Amenities

Besides the location, the amenities also play an instrumental role in the value of a rental property. That being said, if there’s a large family the rental house must be able to accommodate that. If a visitor is bringing a dog or a cat, their chosen residence must be open to pets. If a group of friends loves to spend time indoors, the facility should have built-in activities, like a pool, game room, and entertainment room — all of which must be in perfect condition.

On top of all this, the property should have all the basic amenities prepped and ready for the guests’ arrival. This means all the bed linens, bath towels, WiFi, cable TV, cookware, coffee maker, utensils, and so on must be cleaned and ready for use. The last thing vacationers want is to deal with the hassle of providing these items themselves. After all, their main goal is to relax and unwind. If renting a vacation home will only feel like a chore to them, they wouldn’t be able to maximize their experience.


One of the reasons why people travel to Hilton Head is to experience high-quality comfort. Traditionally, rental homes are seen as the place where people sleep and eat. They’re seen as a facility with one purpose only: to put a roof over their heads.

For the modern travelers, rental homes have become an attraction in itself. What a facility offers adds to their overall enjoyment of their travels. As such, looking for properties with top-notch furnishings is a must-do.

Many properties in Hilton Head exude that classic beach aesthetic, but they don’t cut corners on their furnishings. This means that even if they’re going for a more rustic and organic look, they still have the latest installments at home — from the flatscreen TVs to modern furniture and decor. Some of them even make a point to update their mattresses to make a good impression on their guests.

All of these furnishings are important to consider because they have the ability to either make or break the comfort and luxury of the space.

Rental History

For some people, they want to stay in a house with a rich history. For others, they’re totally fine with a brand new facility. Having a rich rental history — although it is not necessarily a must-have — adds an interesting layer on a rental property. Because of this, it has the potential to enhance the family’s or traveler’s overall experience with the house and possibly become a conversation starter in the future.

Interior Atmosphere

Even if a house has been on the lot for decades now, it’s still essential for the management team to upgrade its features every now and then. That’s why it’s always a good sign when a property with a rich history has gone through careful restoration and remodeling. It can still retain its quaint and distinguishing features. The only difference is that it is now more functional than ever.

Upgrading the interiors is especially crucial in high-traffic areas, such as the kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom. Since these are the spaces in the house that previous renters have spent the majority of their time in, the management team must ensure that these spaces are regularly maintained or remodeled.

Keep in mind that upgrading the interiors of a house doesn’t always need to be a major project. On a stylistic level, it can be as simple as changing the paint colors of the wall or replacing the existing decor with something more trendy and on-theme. On a more functional level, it can be something along the lines of upgrading the plumbing systems, switching the HVAC systems with newer models, or adding smart home features.

There’s really a lot that can be done to create a comfortable interior atmosphere for the guests, which is why visitors always need to be particular about these changes.

Neighboring Community

Visitors rarely want to be isolated from the community. Oftentimes, they want to be in with the crowd and bond with fellow travelers. Having the chance to socialize with others while on vacation is a major plus, especially for the younger generation. That’s why considering the neighboring communities is an important factor to keep in mind.

Besides the aspect of socialization, getting to know the neighbors is also a matter of safety. It’s only natural for travelers to want to feel safe when they’re out of their hometown. Paying attention to the possible neighboring community is crucial before renting a property.


Having majestic views of the ocean is all part of the adventure at Hilton Head. Imagine waking up to the sounds of the waves crashing against the sandy shores of the beach. Imagine seeing the light peek through the windows and getting a glimpse of the blue waters. This is what will make waking up every morning something to look forward to.

Visitors have to remember that going to the beach is just one half of the experience. The other half is getting to enjoy it in private, on a deck, with their favorite drink. Truly, it can’t get any better than this.

Impeccable Management

Finally, the last thing to consider before renting a property is the management. Travelers coming from all corners of the country would want to reassure themselves that they are well-taken care of during their stay in Hilton Head. What better way is there to guarantee this is by checking the management of the property?

That said, before booking a place, potential guests need to ask the management the following questions:

  • Who cleans the property? How often is it cleaned and maintained?
  • Are the toiletries and basic amenities included in the management fee?
  • In case there is a problem, is it easy to contact the management team?
  • Can the management team assist in booking activities for the family?
  • Are there additional fees renters need to know of?
  • What are the appliances and equipment available?
  • What is the process of picking up and returning the keys to the house?

Making sure that the management is capable of taking care of their guests is one of the most important factors to consider before renting in Hilton Head.

Coconut Cabana: The Best Rental Property in Hilton Head

It’s true that with so many considerations to keep in mind, many tourists find searching for the perfect accommodation in Hilton Head a major challenge. Luckily for them, they don’t need to look far and wide to find the best vacation home in the area, because one of the top options to choose from is Coconut Cabana.

Top Features of Coconut Cabana

Coconut Cabana is the newest property from Beachside Hilton Head located in Sea Pines. It is a charming guest house with three bedrooms and three bathrooms. It can sleep up to eight people, which is great for big families or big groups of friends. The property is completely pet-friendly, so travelers can bring their furry friends along to enjoy this ranch-style home.

As people enter the gates of Coconut Cabana, they will instantly see a picturesque garden with striking landscaping and a convenient seating area where guests can sit and have coffee in the mornings while enjoying the majestic nature views.

Upon entering the front door, guests will be greeted by a massive open-space foyer. Then, as they continue walking inside, they will notice the living room, complete with wood ceilings, a comfy sofa, and a large television where they can sit back and watch a good movie.

From the living room, the guests have direct access to the pool deck via the sliding doors. If they decide to take a dip after a long day of staying indoors, they can simply slide the door open and jump in the pool.

Walk further inside the house and enter the dining room, which has enough seating for six people. This room also has direct access to the pool through a sliding door. The door enables natural light to bathe the room in brightness during the day.

Besides these, Coconut Cabana also has a fully-equipped kitchen where families and friends can cook their own meals, gather in the dining room together, and just enjoy each other’s company. Once they are ready to hit the hay, they can head over to the three bedrooms in the property.

One of the bedrooms is a master suite that boasts a massive size with a king bed, private bathroom, dual sinks, and skylights. At the side of the master suite, there is a sliding door that leads directly to the pool deck, giving the residents of this room immediate access to the pool.

The second room has a king bed, private bathroom, and an access to the front garden. While it’s not as big as the master suite, it’s still a comfortable and cute place to sleep in.

The last room is a guest room that has two twin beds for children. If a couple is staying in this room, the twin beds can be easily converted into a king bed. Much like the other rooms, this room also has a TV, but it doesn’t have a private bathroom. If the guests want to take a shower, they can do so in the full bathroom located in the hallway.

Although the interior of the room is quite fabulous in itself, that is not the star of the show. The highlight is probably the back patio where the private pool is located. As mentioned earlier, several rooms have access to the pool deck. This is because the pool is perhaps the most impressive feature of the house.

It can be heated if the guests desire, but only at an additional price. If they want to refresh themselves during the summer, the pool’s natural cool temperatures should be enough to do just that.

While some guests are splashing around in the pool, others can lounge around in the designated lounge area and dining space. With this feature, they can converse with each other while enjoying a cold beverage or a hot meal. Once they’re done talking, they can turn on the TV in the cabana and catch up on their favorite shows.

Overall, Coconut Cabana is an ideal place to spend summer vacation. From its cozy ambiance to its functionality, there’s nothing guests could want more from this rental property.

Other Amenities Found in the Coconut Cabana

To make every guest feel at home at the Coconut Cabana, the management team made sure to provide all the essential amenities they could ever need. From the screened porch, bed linens, and bath towels to the free WiFi, cable TV, Keurig coffee maker, cookware, and blender, the Coconut Cabana has everything visitors need to complete their stay.

Since the property is located in a gated community in Sea Pines, all the renters can rest assured that the place is safe and secure. If they ever want to get out and head over to the beach, it’s as simple as taking a 10 to 15-minute walk to the blue waters.

Advantages of Renting Coconut Cabana

The Coconut Cabana doesn’t just sound good on paper. It actually is one of the best places to live in while vacationing in Hilton Head Island. Here’s why.

Big Open Space

One of the biggest advantages of renting Coconut Cabana is the space it offers. There’s no doubt that eight people is a lot, especially when living under the same roof. Having a massive house that offers enough breathing room is an added bonus — and that’s exactly what Coconut Cabana provides.

The house has a spacious living room, back patio, pool deck, and dining room.

Beach Vibes Away From the Beach

Although the Coconut Cabana is not a beachside property, it still has beachside vibes with its coastal decorations, fresh and bright colors, and rustic furniture. Everything about the house just screams nautical, which is a great way to immerse guests in the whole beach atmosphere away from the beach.

Apart from the interiors, people can also take in the views of large palm trees from their outdoor space. They can sit in their back patio and just listen to the palm leaves sway with the wind.

TVs in Almost Every Room

With eight people in the house, there’s bound to be discussions on what to watch. Luckily, they don’t have to fight over the remote because there are TV sets in almost every room.

The three bedrooms each have their own set. The living room has another set, and finally, the poolside cabana has a TV set. This means that the Coconut Cabana has five TV sets for guests to watch their own shows — which, in true family fashion, can minimize arguments and ultimately keep the peace during vacation because everyone has the freedom to choose the shows they want.

Private Pool

Another great perk with the Coconut Cabana is the private pool. Not every property or hotel has the luxury to give guests their very own private pool. Many of the other properties have a shared pool, but with Coconut Cabana, guests can enjoy the pool by themselves.

Having a private pool is an incredible advantage because guests have full control over it. They don’t need to interact with people they don’t know. Also, they don’t need to adjust to accommodate other individuals’ preferences. They also don’t need to worry about disturbing anyone else.

With a private pool, they can do whatever they please. They can bring their own pool accessories and play all the pool games they want. There’s nothing and no one limiting them, which is what makes this feature highly sought-after.

Safety at Its Finest

Traveling to a new destination is always scary, especially for families with children. However, parents don’t need to worry about their children’s well-being when they reserve their stay at Coconut Cabana.

Since the property is located in a private and gated community, they can rest assured that their family is safe and sound. As such, they can let their pets and their children run free during the daytime in the large outdoor space without any stress.

Go To Beachside Hilton Head To Book Coconut Cabana

It’s clear to see why Coconut Cabana is one of the best rental properties in Hilton Head. If anyone is interested in booking a stay, they can do so by going to Beachside Hilton Head.

They better hurry, though because with a gem like this, the availability of this property is bound to run out — especially during the peak summer season.