Harbour Town Haven: 6 Reasons To Anchor Your Next Getaway Near Harbour Town

Hilton Head Island is a slice of paradise for beach lovers and a haven for adventurers and foodies. Among its gems is Harbour Town, a waypoint and a destination brimming with activities. This neighborhood is the island’s most famous marina! Why stay near Harbour Town? Buckle up because we’re about to explore your next vacation destination!

1. The Iconic Harbour Town Lighthouse

Conquer 114 steps, surrounded by a museum vibe as you ascend, and get a crash course in Hilton Head Island’s epic saga. Later, you’ll be 90 feet up, soaking in vistas of the Lowcountry. What a way to admire the island! You can also stroll past the Harbour Town Lighthouse onto the Harbour Town Pier and extend your therapeutic experience.

2. The Food and Entertainment Galore

Yes, you’ll always have the fresh catch of seafood dishes and the down-home meaty plates! Some of the top dining spots include QuarterdeckThe Crazy Crab, and CQ’s Restaurant. Also, Gregg Russell’s concerts at the famous Sea Pines Liberty Oak will redefine entertainment. If you want to meet other local musicians, they’ll also be strumming and singing at various points.

3. The Shopping Experience

Shopping? There’s nothing like it here! You’ll find everything from designer clothes to knick-knacks for the family. If you’re ready to indulge in some serious retail therapy, head to Camp Hilton Head I & IIRadiance, or Knickers. You can also visit the island’s oldest gift store, Nell’s Harbour Shop, for unique finds and souvenirs.

4. The Harbour Town Golf Links

Harbour Town Golf Links marks a significant achievement by renowned designer Pete Dye with consulting from golf legend Jack Nicklaus. The PGA Tour celebrates this course for its distinctive design that favors skillful play, creativity, and precision over mere power. Who wants to play in the footsteps of golf legends? You do!

5. The Water Adventures

For those who are into a different kind of sport (water sports), Harbour Town offers plenty! The Harbour Town Yacht Basin is the starting point of many water adventures, including fishing, boating, and eco-tours. Here, you can go parasailing, kayaking, and wave running when the weather is good — which is most of the time!

6. The Luxurious Accommodations

Lastly, you should stay here because this is where you’ll find some of the island’s most luxurious accommodations. From private villas to high-end resorts, comfort and grandeur will surround you. Beachside Hilton Head offers locals and tourists alike a chance to live in luxury while enjoying everything about Harbour Town.

Explore With Beachside Hilton Head

No other island in the world offers such an ideal combination of natural beauty, luxury, and activity as Hilton Head Island. If you want to experience all these in one place, this is the perfect vacation destination for you. Trust Beachside Hilton Head to position you in the heart of this iconic location. Come and explore with us. Book your stay now!