If you and your family are looking for close encounters with dolphins, Hilton Head is the ideal spot for you. Hilton Head Island is a slice of coastal paradise where sun-kissed shores meet playful ocean waves. Each year, the waters surrounding the island beckon vacationers with promises of adventure and encounters with the local sea life, including dolphins. As you chart your course for this idyllic destination, prepare to immerse yourself in the magic of its azure waters and discover the island’s most enchanting marine inhabitants. And if you need some ideas about where to book dolphin tours, we’ve got you covered. Here are our top three Hilton Head dolphin tour recommendations!

Dolphin Discoveries Hilton Head

Discover the thrill of dolphin encounters with Dolphin Discoveries, Hilton Head’s original tour company.

This local company offers personalized tours to ensure you get up close and personal with dolphins. Choose from the company’s diverse offerings, including beachcombing, fireworks tours, and family-friendly shark fishing.

With limited spots per boat, you’ll enjoy an intimate experience, free from overcrowding. You’re also in for a boat-side view of stunning sunsets guaranteed to show the island in the best light.

Commander Zodiac 

Commander Zodiac is also among the most well-known dolphin tour companies on the island. The company offers dolphin and nature tours — but with an ecological and family-friendly twist.

Commander Zodiac is famous for its private dolphin tours. Sign up, and you and your family will be treated to a small group dolphin tour on any of the company’s famous Zodiac rafts.

Trusted by National Geographic, the BBC, and Discovery Channel, Commander Zodiac offers unparalleled insight into Hilton Head’s ecosystem. Book now for an educational and unforgettable journey through the wonders of nature on the island.

Dolphin Seafari

For a coastline dolphin experience, look no further than Dolphin Seafari. Dolphin Seafari offers immersive dolphin cruises along Hilton Head’s pristine coastline, providing a unique opportunity to encounter Atlantic bottlenose dolphins in their natural habitat.

The company offers two tours. While the regular dolphin tour is a crowd favorite, Dolphin Seafari has achieved notoriety with its Dolphins and Donuts Tour Package — providing you and your family with complimentary coffee, water, juice, and donuts. The tours take place on the company’s 30-foot covered pontoon boat.

As you enjoy your treats, marvel at the beauty and gracefulness of the Atlantic bottlenose dolphins.

A Flipping Fun Time Awaits You in Hilton Head

Each of the tours we’ve recommended promises an unforgettable journey into the coastal wonders of Hilton Head Island. Whether you’re seeking an eco-friendly exploration, a personalized adventure, or a serene cruise along the shoreline, these Hilton Head dolphin tours should be on your itinerary.

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