Harbour Town on Hilton Head Island is a haven for water enthusiasts seeking exhilarating adventures and unforgettable memories. H2O Sports, situated at the heart of the scenic Harbour Town Marina, is one company that offers a range of water activities tailored to all ages. The challenge will be deciding which to try first!

With your Beachside Hilton Head vacation rental as the cherry on top of your vacation experience, here are some of the top water activities to make your stay exhilarating:


Parasailing offers heart-racing excitement and a unique perspective of the island! Securely harnessed to a colorful parachute, you are gently lifted from the deck of a boat, soaring into the sky and feeling the rush of wind against your face. As you ascend, the panoramic views of the town, marina, and the vast ocean beyond unfold beneath you!


Sailing in Harbour Town is the perfect way to experience the area’s unparalleled coastal beauty. Learn sailing skills or rent a boat with a captain and explore the waterways at your own pace! Whether you just want to relax on the gentle waves, race around buoys, or even try some night-time fishing, you can arrange a tour that suits your needs.

Waverunner or Jet Skiing

Jet skiing or renting Waverunners are the ideal water sports for thrill-seekers who crave speed and adrenaline! These activities allow you to skim the waves at high speed, maneuvering through the water with agility and excitement. Both offer a great way to enjoy Harbour Town’s stunning coastline while satisfying your need for speed!

Paddle Boarding

Paddle boarding is a water sport that involves standing or kneeling on a board and using a paddle to move through the water. It’s a fantastic way to explore and admire the beautiful coastal scenery of Harbour Town at a leisurely pace. This activity offers tranquility and a full-body workout, making it an ideal choice for fitness enthusiasts and nature lovers.

Bonus: Alligator and Dolphin Tours

Alligator and dolphin tours are unique wildlife experiences in Harbour Town. These tours allow you to observe these fascinating creatures in their natural habitat. On an alligator tour, you embark on a thrilling journey through areas known for alligator sightings. You will get a close-up view of these magnificent reptiles in a safe, guided environment.

On the other hand, dolphin tours take you out into the open waters, where you can watch playful dolphins leaping and diving in the waves. These tours not only give you a chance to appreciate the rich biodiversity of Harbour Town but also instill a deeper understanding and respect for wildlife.

Harbour Town: World of Aquatic Fun

Harbour Town on Hilton Head Island is a water sports paradise waiting to be explored. You can find H2O Sports at 149 Lighthouse Road, Harbour Town Yacht Basin, or call (843) 671-4386 for more information! And with Beachside Hilton Head as your vacation rental, your time on the island promises comfort and relaxation when you’re not out experiencing the water sports adventure of a lifetime. So, pack your swimsuit, bring your sense of adventure, and get ready to make lasting memories in this aquatic wonderland!