Have you decided where to take your special someone this Valentine’s Day in Hilton Head? While going to the theaters, walking along the parks, and attending concerts are great options, nothing beats an old-fashioned romantic lunch or dinner.

However, with more than 250 restaurants in Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, finding a place that offers a special and memorable dining experience can be difficult. Read on to learn about five of the best Valentine’s Day restaurants in Hilton Head recommended by Beachside Hilton Head Island.

Chez Georges

If you want to sprinkle some French allure on your date, try out the Chez Georges Bistro and Bar. This restaurant is perfect if you’re planning to spend Valentine’s Day with a romantic partner or other loved ones.

Chez Georges serves fresh bistro staples using French ingredients. Their menu includes French pasta such as their Ragôut de Poulp, fresh salads like Chèvre Chaud, and fish and pork-based entrées like Saumon en Papillote and Os de Porc. They also offer fine wines and other beverages straight from France.

Ela’s On the Water

Ela’s offers a romantic waterfront view where you and your partner can dine while watching the sunset and feeling the relaxing island breeze. This restaurant also has a romantic garden patio and constant live music playing in the background, making it an ideal place for couples.

This award-winning restaurant likewise serves exquisite seafood dishes like ahi tuna tartare and a classic shrimp cocktail which are made from freshly caught ingredients. Premium-cut steaks are also available. Moreover, there’s a stylish bar where you can drink delectable wines, cocktails, beers, and other spirits.


Despite being a new restaurant in Hilton Head, Celeste has already gained a reputation for serving fresh and delicious seafood. From the sauteed mussels and tuna stack appetizers to the diver scallops and steamed lobster entrées, you and your partner will leave Celeste fully satisfied. Moreover, Celeste has a long selection of wines imported from different countries like France, Spain, and Italy.

Its classy and modern architecture is likewise sure to appeal to both young and older generations alike.

Red Fish

If you’re looking for a Valentine’s Day venue that’s tested and proven, Red Fish is the place to go. This highly-rated restaurant has an expansive menu consisting of fresh seafood and steak dishes. It also serves the popular Redz burgers with Cajun truffle fries, which is perfect for couples who want finger foods for lunch.

Red Fish has also gotten awards for its massive wine menu which consists of more than a thousand bottles to choose from. If you want a particular wine for your dinner date, Red Fish most likely has you covered.


When it comes to serving romantic Italian dinners, no Hilton Head restaurant does it better than Pomodori. What makes Pomodori special is the traditional way the food is prepared. Ingredients like gnocchi and tagliatelle are housemade, and this is evident in the rich flavor of the Italian dishes they serve. From Pomodori’s salads to its seafood options, you’ll taste the passion and love on every plate.

The design of the restaurant is nothing too fancy. However, this simplicity will just make you and your partner focus more on what’s important — the food and the moment.


Speaking of nothing too fancy, Nunzio is the place to go if you’re after a simple yet memorable Valentine’s Day dinner. This new Italian restaurant exudes a relaxing and cozy ambiance that’s perfect for casual dates.

The delicious and intricate Italian dishes like Linguine Adriatica and Pesce del Giorno are top-tier. Moreover, the desserts offered — Italian soufflé cakes and cream puffs — will make your night even sweeter.

If you want to do something else after dinner, Nunzio also has a bar where huge collections of white and red wines are available.

Final Thoughts

From Ela’s On the Water and its waterfront view to crowd favorites like Red Fish, there are several restaurants at Hilton Head where you and your special someone can have a great time this Valentine’s Day. If you want more ideas of things to do at Hilton Head, visit our website.