At Beachside Hilton Head, we understand that your pets are cherished members of your family, and finding the perfect pet-friendly rental that accommodates their needs is crucial. Join us as we explore the beautiful landscapes, charming accommodations, and pet-friendly amenities that make Sea Pines the ultimate destination for you and your four-legged friends. Let’s embark on this adventure together and discover the joy of pet-friendly living in one of Hilton Head’s most beloved communities.

Little Palm Retreat

Discover the enchanting Little Palm Retreat, a premier pet-friendly rental offered by Beachside Hilton Head. Nestled in the heart of Sea Pines, this charming home exudes coastal elegance. It offers a tranquil escape for both you and your furry companions. With three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and close proximity to pet-friendly attractions, Little Palm Retreat ensures a seamless blend of comfort and convenience for an unforgettable vacation experience.

Sea Breeze Bliss

Welcome to Sea Breeze Bliss, an exquisite pet-friendly rental. This coastal haven promises a rejuvenating retreat for both you and your beloved pets. With its serene ambiance, luxurious amenities, and proximity to scenic trails, Sea Breeze Bliss offers an unparalleled getaway where every member of the family can unwind and create cherished memories.

Marsh View

Experience the epitome of coastal living at Marsh View, a captivating pet-friendly rental. Sitting amidst the picturesque marshlands of Sea Pines, this charming retreat offers panoramic views and serene surroundings. With three bedrooms, three-and-a-half bathrooms, and modern amenities, Marsh View provides the perfect setting for a memorable vacation with your pets, creating cherished moments against a backdrop of natural beauty.

Sweet Carolina

Welcome to Sweet Carolina, a delightful pet-friendly rental in Beachside Hilton Head’s program. Containing four bedrooms and three bathrooms, this charming retreat embodies Southern hospitality and coastal charm. Sweet Carolina offers the perfect blend of comfort and convenience for you and your furry companions to create unforgettable memories in the Lowcountry’s serene landscape.

Coconut Cabana

Indulge in island living at Coconut Cabana, an exquisite pet-friendly rental. Tucked within the lush environs of Sea Pines, this tropical retreat offers a perfect blend of comfort and convenience. Coconut Cabana has room for eight guests and their pets. It provides an ideal setting for a memorable vacation with your furry companions, where relaxation and adventure meet.

Serenity by the Sea

Serenity by the Sea invites you to embrace tranquility in the heart of Sea Pines. This coastal sanctuary boasts breathtaking ocean views and serene surroundings, offering a perfect escape for you and your furry friends. With its spacious accommodations, modern amenities, and easy access to pet-friendly beaches and activities, Serenity by the Sea promises an unforgettable retreat where relaxation and adventure intertwine harmoniously.


Escape to Hideaway, a charming pet-friendly rental. This cozy retreat provides a peaceful sanctuary for you and your pets. Consisting of two bedrooms and two bathrooms, Hideaway promises a rejuvenating vacation experience where you can unwind and create lasting memories in the tranquil beauty of Hilton Head Island.

Cotton Cottage

Experience the quintessential coastal charm at Cotton Cottage, a delightful pet-friendly rental. Within the serene surroundings of Sea Pines, this cozy retreat offers a perfect blend of comfort and convenience. Its inviting interiors, modern amenities, and proximity to pet-friendly beaches and trails, ensure that Cotton Cottage provides the best setting for a memorable vacation with your furry friends, where relaxation and adventure await amidst the gentle sea breeze.

Barefoot Bungalow

Discover Barefoot Bungalow, a charming pet-friendly rental resting within the tranquil landscapes of Sea Pines, offered by Beachside Hilton Head. This cozy retreat invites you and your family to unwind in comfort and style. Barefoot Bungalow is a two-bedroom, two-bathroom paradise. It promises a rejuvenating getaway where every moment is filled with relaxation and the joys of island living.


Introducing Driftwood, a serene pet-friendly rental run by Beachside Hilton Head, located in the heart of Sea Pines. This coastal retreat exudes charm and tranquility, providing a perfect escape for you and your furry companions. Driftwood offers four bedrooms, a beautiful kitchen, and an unforgettable vacation experience. Here relaxation meets adventure amidst the natural beauty of Hilton Head Island.

Coastal Chic

Experience coastal living at its finest with Coastal Chic, a stylish pet-friendly rental within the prestigious Sea Pines community. This elegant retreat combines modern luxury with beachside charm. Whether you’re lounging indoors or exploring the nearby coastal wonders, Coastal Chic promises an unforgettable vacation where relaxation and adventure converge in perfect harmony.

Kahuna Cove

Embark on an unforgettable coastal adventure at Kahuna Cove. This is a luxurious pet-friendly rental tucked away in the serene landscapes of Sea Pines. This three-bedroom tropical oasis offers a perfect blend of comfort and style. With its spacious interiors, upscale amenities, and proximity to pet-friendly beaches, Kahuna Cove provides an ideal setting for a memorable vacation with your fur-babies, where relaxation and adventure await.

Final Thoughts

From the tranquil serenity of Serenity by the Sea to the tropical allure of Kahuna Cove, each rental offers a unique opportunity to create cherished memories amidst the natural beauty of Hilton Head Island. Whether you’re lounging in Coastal Chic or embracing the simplicity of Barefoot Bungalow, one thing remains constant: the unconditional love and companionship of our pets make every moment truly special. We hope this guide has inspired you to embark on your next getaway with your beloved companions, creating unforgettable experiences in the pet-friendly paradise of Beachside Hilton Head.

If you’re dreaming of a perfect vacation rental on Hilton Head Island, look no further.

Located within the scenic Sea Pines resort area, Lakeside Luxe offers a delightful retreat for families, couples, and all vacationers alike.

Lakeside Luxe situates you a stone’s throw away from tranquil lake views and just minutes away from the island’s most popular attractions.

Whether you’re seeking relaxation, adventure, or a bit of both, this charming vacation rental promises an unforgettable experience.

Let us take you on a tour of Lakeside Luxe and learn all about why this vacation rental is the one for you in Hilton Head.

Where Is Lakeside Luxe?

Lakeside Luxe is nestled within the renowned Sea Pines resort area on Hilton Head Island. The resort area spans an impressive 5,000 acres of coastal beauty, showcasing some of the best lakeside views the island has to offer.

Sea Pines is one of the island’s most private communities. It’s home to nearby lush forest preserves, equestrian facilities (which are just 0.4 miles away for a delightful horseback ride), and a prestigious PGA Tour golf course.

If that’s not enough, wait until you hear how close this home is to the beach. From Lakeside Luxe, you’re just a mile from the nearest sandy beach path.

This beachside proximity makes Lakeside Luxe the ideal starting point for a scenic bike ride!

More on Sea Pines, Hilton Head

Within Sea Pines, you’ll discover a wealth of attractions and amenities.

The iconic Harbour Town Marina is home to the famous lighthouse. It’s a mere 2.1 miles away from Lakeside Luxe. Here, you can enjoy waterfront dining and shopping with breathtaking views.

South Beach Marina is also located 3.6 miles from Lakeside Luxe. The area boasts the renowned Salty Dog Cafe — a must-visit for its laid-back coastal vibes and delicious cuisine.

Gated Community Luxury

As one of the most exclusive neighborhoods on Hilton Head, Sea Pines ensures a secure and private environment for your vacation.

With that in mind, you might be wondering how you can even get around and get in. If that has crossed your mind, don’t worry.

One complimentary gate pass is included with your stay, granting access to all the wonders of Sea Pines.

You can also get additional passes from us, so you can explore this captivating area at your leisure — and with the fam.

With so much to see and do within Sea Pines, you’ll find everything you need for an unforgettable vacation right at your doorstep!

What To Expect When You Check-In

So, what can you look forward to when you enter Lakeside Luxe?

Prepare to be amazed.

As Soon As You Arrive

If you’re coming as a group or with multiple vehicles, you’ll appreciate the convenience of ample garage space for parking. The sizable garage space and outdoor parking sets the stage for a stress-free getaway.

As you step through the tall front door into the grand foyer, high ceilings create an immediate sense of elegance and space.

On your left is an open-concept living space that unfolds seamlessly, blending the living, dining, and kitchen areas into a harmonious whole.

The Kitchen and Living Spaces of Your Dreams

The kitchen is a crowd-pleaser and is a focal point of Lakewood Luxe’s interior. Fully equipped, the state-of-the-art kitchen has everything you need to inspire culinary delights.

The kitchen isn’t the only highlight of Lakewood Luxe’s space, though. It boasts a spacious and cozy living room, and, adjacent to it, a convenient powder room adds extra comfort for guests.

As you head outside, the expansive screened porch beckons with a dining area, plush couches, a TV, and a swing bed.

As a bonus, these all overlook the private pool and serene lake in Lawton Woods.

The Bedrooms: Where Respite and Seclusion Merge

After a day of hiking, horseback riding, and watersports, you’ll need a place to lay your head. The main bedroom awaits.

The main bedroom features an awe-inspiring design consisting of vaulted ceilings and a luxurious king bed. The attached bathroom features a glass shower and dual sinks, complemented by a spacious walk-in closet. Nearby, a laundry room ensures convenience for all guests.

Upstairs, you’ll discover two inviting guest bedrooms, which are accessible by stairs or elevator. The first offers a king bed and a private bathroom with a glass shower.

Meanwhile, the second features a queen bed and a twin bed, along with its own bathroom complete with a bathtub and shower combo.

The Outdoor Pool

When you head outside, the private pool invites you to relax and unwind. Whether you’re soaking up the sun or enjoying a barbecue by the grill, the backyard oasis is yours to enjoy.

The view from this part of Lakewood Luxe also gives you a front-row seat to serene and scenic trails and the beach. Don’t forget to explore the nearby biking trails leading to the pristine beaches just a mile away — a perfect day trip for beach lovers!

Amenities Galore

“What about amenities?” you ask?

Here are the amenities that await you at Lakeside Luxe:

Lakeside Luxe is equipped with everything you need for a comfortable and enjoyable stay.

Whether you’re relaxing by the pool, grilling outdoors, or simply unwinding on the screened porch, these amenities are designed to enhance your vacation experience on Hilton Head Island.

Attractions Await

When you stay at Lakeside Luxe, you’re just moments away from some of Hilton Head Island’s most popular attractions within Sea Pines and beyond.

Harbour Town Marina

Located 2.1 miles away, Harbour Town Marina is a must-visit destination known for its iconic lighthouse and charming waterfront atmosphere. Explore boutique shops, dine at waterfront restaurants, or climb to the top of the lighthouse for panoramic views.

South Beach Marina

Venture 3.6 miles to South Beach Marina, home to the famous Salty Dog Cafe. Enjoy casual dining, browse unique shops, and soak in the laid-back coastal vibes of this vibrant marina.


Access the beautiful sandy beaches of Hilton Head Island via nearby beach paths just one mile away. Take a leisurely bike ride to Coligny Beach Park or other pristine stretches of coastline for sun, sand, and surf.

Golf Courses

Are you ready to tee off on the island?

Sea Pines where Lakewood Luxe is located is home to top-tier golf courses, including the prestigious PGA Tour course. Whether you’re an avid golfer or a novice looking to enjoy the scenic fairways, Sea Pines offers golfing experiences for all skill levels.

Nature Reserves

Near Lakewood Luxe is the natural beauty of Sea Pines. Nearby nature reserves offer scenic walking and biking trails winding through forests and marshlands.

Keep an eye out for local wildlife and enjoy the serenity of this coastal paradise.

Ideal For…

Lakeside Luxe is ideal for a variety of guests seeking a memorable vacation experience on Hilton Head Island:

Make Lakewood Luxe Your Home Away From Home in Hilton Head

Whether you’re seeking family fun, outdoor adventures, or golfing escapades, Lakeside Luxe offers the perfect setting for your Hilton Head Island vacation.

Embrace the laid-back coastal lifestyle and book your next rental with us at Beachside Hilton Head.

Over 2.5 million folks flock to Hilton Head Island yearly for sun, fun, and relaxation. This number is unsurprising because it’s the country’s number one best island! Here, you take a break from the hectic city life and breathe in the fresh ocean. Of course, the lush greenery and diverse wildlife are hard to resist, too. When you make Hilton Head your next destination, bringing everyone along — including your furry friends — is a must. Beachside Hilton Head takes more of your worries away with our selection of pet-friendly vacation rental properties with fenced-in yards. Get ready for a holiday filled with paw-sitive vibes!

Coastal Chic

First on our list of pet-friendly properties is Coastal Chic, where every corner screams #VacationGoals. It’s like stepping into a beach-themed Pinterest board made reality, all thanks to the designer owner who sprinkled coastal chic magic everywhere! Coastal Chic has enough space for 12 guests, making it ideal for big families or groups. Your pup is welcome to have a paw-tay at this four-bedroom, 4.5-bathroom property.

The Place

As you waltz up to Coastal Chic, a vibrant hideaway welcomes you with a chic fenced-in yard with a pool. Stepping inside, the elegance of the entrance foyer unfolds into a sprawling living room.

You’ll also love the heart of home-cooked meals, the dining room, and the kitchen, a culinary dream with everything from an oven and gas stove to a capacious fridge and dishwasher. A laundry room with all necessities and even a second fridge promises you’re all set for a hassle-free stay.

Wandering further, Coastal Chic reveals its whimsical side with a coastal-themed powder room and well-placed bedrooms for optimum privacy. Comfort abounds from a bunk room to a queen-bedroom sanctuary and the primary suite.

Head to the quaint screened-in porch for moments of solitude or a serene coffee break. Venture outside again through the living room to discover a deck equipped with a grill and an outdoor table.

The Location

Coastal Chic is within the enchanting Sea Pines neighborhood — a sprawling 5,000-acre community where luxury meets nature. When you choose this vacation rental, you’ll start your day with the sights of PGA Tour golf courses, and you can take a quick 2.6-mile jaunt to the Beach Club.

The Paw-fect Reason

Bringing your furry family members to Coastal Chic is a celebration! Your pets can explore the spacious, fenced-in yard, with plenty of room to run, play fetch, or simply bask in the sun by the pool. Say yes to the joy of morning walks, the thrill of new scents, and the delight of spotting friendly wildlife!

Serenity by the Sea

Next up on the list of pet-friendly properties is Serenity by the Sea. This Beachside Hilton Head vacation rental is tucked away in the peaceful nook of Lawton Woods, waiting to sprinkle a bit of magic on your getaway. This charming three-bedroom, three-bath ranch is ready to fit eight guests, not leaving the furry ones behind.

The Place

Roll up to your beachside bonanza! Go into Serenity by the Sea’s foyer, which seamlessly connects you to this snug ranch’s treasures. You’ll find a living room paradise from here with a fireplace that’s all style. There’s also a nook for work to keep you rested while on duty.

The kitchen-and-dining combo has everything you need, plus heaps of counter space for your culinary adventures. Simply go down the hall for a laundry setup ready to tackle beach day aftermaths!

The first guest sanctuary features two queen beds, while the second offers queenly sea-themed rest. The master suite is a realm of its own, with a king-sized dream space.

Out back, a fenced-in yard keeps your furry pals in joyland alongside a swimming spot. Loungers and a table set the scene for absolute relaxation. With the ocean merely a hop away, Serenity by the Sea delivers on its promise of a blissful, comfy, and utterly charming escape.

The Location

Like the Coastal Chic, Serenity by the Sea is with the Sea Pines community. Lawton Woods is a private community, keeping you and your guests (and pets) tucked away in a homely corner of the island. The vacation rental is called “Serenity by the Sea” for a reason! The community is right by the beach, so you’ll have the luxury of long walks on the shore or watching magical sunsets with ease.

The Paw-fect Reason

Serenity by the Sea is an abode for those who believe pets are family. The nearby beach provides an excellent opportunity for dogs to enjoy the sun, sand, and sea, giving them plenty of exercise and fun. Furthermore, the Lawton Woods community has a serene and pet-friendly environment, making it the ideal setting for both pets and their owners to relish the island to the fullest.

Little Palm Retreat

If you want another Lawton Woods rental property to compare with Serenity by the Sea, Little Palm Retreat might be the one for you. Eight guests with pets are welcome to make lasting island memories in this private home! Little Palm Retreat has three beds, two bathrooms, and a whole lot of character.

The Place

Little Palm Retreat has a quaint gate, hinting at the cozy and pet-friendly adventures that lie ahead. The cheery blue door swings open to reveal a realm of coastal bliss, where high ceilings and an open layout whisper tales of freedom and ease.

Plunge into the comfort of soft couches in the living room, a homey enclave centered around a smart TV for binge-watching. A nearby desk offers a makeshift office or planning spot, flanked by two day beds — perfect for dreaming during the day or snoozing at night.

Explore the primary bedroom to find a kingly domain. Across the way, a queen bedroom and a twin bedroom share a sleek bathroom, both echoing the retreat’s modern, carefree vibe. The dining space dazzles under the spell of a charming beaded chandelier, flowing effortlessly into a kitchen that releases the inner chef in you to whip up some vacation magic.

From the living room, a patio is ready for grilling and outdoor dining, encircled by a fence that grants your furry friend the freedom to run around without worry. Little Palm Retreat doesn’t have its own pool, but a Harbour Town pool pass and a beach that’s mere steps away can keep your island adventures limitless.

The Location

Little Palm Retreat boasts a location that’s as enchanting as its name suggests, snuggled in the heart of Lawton Woods within the esteemed Sea Pines community. This retreat places you a stone’s throw away from the crispy golden sands and the rhythmic ebb and flow of the ocean, making every day an invitation to sunbathe, surf, or simply stroll along the shore. If exploration tickles your fancy, the historic lighthouse and the quaint charm of Harbour Town are a bicycle ride away.

The Paw-fect Reason

Little Palm Retreat rolls out the red carpet for your four-legged family members, dubbing it the ultimate doggy paradise. This spot is a dog’s dream for off-leash adventures without worrying about wandering too far! The beach is also a pawprint away; your pets can frolic in the sand and chase the waves to their heart’s content. Little Palm Retreat isn’t just pet-friendly; it’s pet-designed!

Barefoot Bungalow

Beachside Hilton Head has one more choice in Lawton Woods, and we call it the Barefoot Bungalow. This two-bedroom ranch that sleeps up to six feels like a slice of paradise with its private backyard oasis. Barefoot Bungalow invites you and your pets to unwind and soak in the coastal vibes with its pet-friendly vibe and secure, fenced-in yard.

The Place

The fun begins right at the doorstep of Barefoot Bungalow. You’ll discover the first of the two bedrooms and then an awe-inspiring open living space down the hallway. You can whip up culinary delights in the kitchen before you serve and savor them in the dining area. Sliders by the area reveal a secret garden — your private yard.

A private pool awaits, fringed by lush plants and stylish loungers, ready to transport you to paradise. Warm up in the above-ground spa, always heated to perfection, or fire up the outdoor grill for outdoor dining beside the pool.

The expansive outdoor lounge, decked with sofas, cushions, a fire pit, and a large umbrella, crafts the perfect setting for luxury relaxation. Fully fenced, this yard ensures your furry friends can roam freely and safely. 

But wait, there’s more! Venture off the foyer hallway to reach the primary suite, where you can slide open the doors to a quaint outdoor sitting area and immerse yourself in the tranquil vibes of Sea Pines. 

The Location

Barefoot Bungalow is in Sea Pines, a veritable playground that screams adventure and relaxation in equal measure. This neighborhood is a vibrant mosaic of private havens, an enchanting forest preserve, and spirited horse stables. There are pristine sandy beaches stretching as far as the eye can see, two bustling marinas for those nautical at heart, and a treasure trove of shops and eateries.

The Paw-fect Reason

Barefoot Bungalow is where your dogs can dart and dash until they drop, and you can sit back and have a glass of wine as the sun slowly sinks into the island’s horizon. The size of Barefoot Bungalow makes it ideal for smaller groups seeking a serene getaway. This place means your getaway remains intimate without the need to keep track of a large pack.

Why Choose Pet-Friendly Properties With a Fenced-in Yard?

Choosing one of beachside Hilton Head’s pet-friendly properties with a fenced-in yard isn’t a simple holiday decision — it’s a ticket to boundless fun for every member of your family, especially the four-legged ones! Here are the reasons this choice is the best play of the game.

Freedom to Frolic

Your canine companions can make the most of the freedom to bounce around in a safe, enclosed space. Imagine the wagging tails and joyful leaps without getting worked up about their safety or running off.

Peace of Mind

Knowing your pets are secure and happy provides priceless peace of mind. You can soak up the sun, traverse the surroundings, or take a nap without concerns.

Outdoor Living at Its Best

A fenced-in yard means more outdoor time with your pets in a private setting. Have a morning yoga session with your pooch by your side or an evening BBQ; these moments are always gold.

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Pet-friendly Properties

Finding the right vacation rental can transform a good holiday into something extraordinary. Here are three tips to guide you in choosing the perfect vacation rental:

Why Stay With Beachside Hilton Head?

Staying with Beachside Hilton Head is about discovering a vacation experience that wraps comfort, fun, and unforgettable memories into one neat package. We guarantee you the following and more:

Your Un-fur-gettable Beachside Hilton Head Adventure Awaits

Get ready to set tails wagging with a stay at one of our four pet-friendly Beachside Hilton Head properties! Choose between the Coastal Chic, Serenity by the Sea, Little Palm Retreat, and Barefoot Bungalow, and you’ll be one step closer to the best Hilton Head Island vacation yet. We’re sure your pets are as excited as you are, so don’t put your paws on pause. Book your stay today!

Nestled near the sea, Vicino Al Mare embodies the perfect blend of comfort and luxury. This stunning ranch-style home boasts four spacious bedrooms and four elegant bathrooms, ensuring ample space for relaxation.

The epitome of coastal living, this retreat features a serene spa and a pristine pool, inviting guests to unwind amidst tranquil surroundings. Its open floorplan encompasses two living areas and a sprawling kitchen. It is ideal for hosting gatherings or enjoying quality time with loved ones.

Situated just half a mile from the beach, Vicino Al Mare offers unparalleled convenience for those seeking sun and surf, making it the perfect destination for your coastal getaway.

Welcome to “Vicino al Mare,” where tranquility and coastal living converge. As you arrive, a canopy of oak trees and palms envelops the property, setting a serene tone for your stay. The inviting blue front door extends a warm welcome to guests.

Inside, an expansive open living space seamlessly blends the kitchen, dining area, and two inviting living rooms. The kitchen impresses with its coastal elegance and modern appliances, inviting culinary adventures and gatherings.

The bedroom layout ensures privacy and comfort, with two bedrooms on each side of the home. Each bedroom is well-appointed with smart TVs and private or attached bathrooms.

Outside, the backyard emerges as a haven for relaxation and entertainment. The beautiful pool and spa beckon guests to unwind, while the grilling area and outdoor dining table offer perfect settings for al fresco meals.

Located in Sea Pines, guests have access to private communities, golf courses, beaches, marinas, shops, and dining, all within easy reach. Bicycles are a popular mode of transportation, with rentals available through Beachside HHI.

Book your stay at Vicino Al Mare today and experience the ultimate Hilton Head getaway.

Nestled along the serene shores of Hilton Head Island lies a hidden gem waiting to be discovered: Sea Breeze Bliss. This exquisite vacation rental promises not just a place to stay, but an experience to cherish. It is a haven where luxury meets tranquility, and every moment is imbued with the essence of coastal living.

Location, Location, Location!

Located at 8 Cotton Lane within the prestigious Sea Pines Resort, Sea Breeze Bliss offers unparalleled access to the island’s most coveted attractions. Whether you’re drawn to the pristine beaches, championship golf courses, or vibrant dining and shopping scene, this idyllic retreat serves as the perfect launchpad for your Hilton Head adventure.

Step Inside Sea Breeze Bliss

Upon arrival, guests are greeted by a charming exterior that exudes coastal elegance. The lush landscaping sets the stage for the beauty that awaits inside. Then you’ll step through the doors and find yourself immersed in a world of refined comfort and impeccable style.

Sea Breeze Bliss boasts an array of luxurious amenities designed to elevate your stay. The spacious living area, adorned with coastal-inspired decor, invites you to unwind in style. Sink into plush furnishings as you gather with loved ones or curl up with a good book by the fireplace.

The galley-style kitchen is equipped with all you could need. Whether you’re whipping up a quick breakfast before hitting the beach or hosting a formal dinner party, this well-appointed kitchen has everything you need to unleash your inner chef.

When it’s time to retire for the evening, you’ll find solace in the comfort of the elegantly appointed bedrooms. Each room is thoughtfully designed to ensure a restful night’s sleep. They include sumptuous linens, plush bedding, and tasteful decor that reflects the coastal charm of Hilton Head Island. Wake up refreshed and ready to seize the day as you step outside to savor your morning coffee.

Of course, no beachside retreat would be complete without outdoor living spaces to savor the island’s natural beauty. Sea Breeze Bliss does not disappoint, offering a spacious patio area perfect for alfresco dining, lounging in the sun, or gathering around the fire pit on cool evenings.

Step Outside of Sea Breeze Bliss

Beyond the confines of Sea Breeze Bliss, a world of adventure awaits. Spend your days soaking up the sun on the pristine beaches of Hilton Head. You can also tee off at one of the island’s world-class golf courses, explore the miles of scenic biking trails that wind through Sea Pines, or embark on a dolphin-watching cruise to get up close and personal with Hilton Head’s marine life.

For those seeking culture and cuisine, the vibrant heart of Hilton Head Island awaits just beyond your doorstep. Discover an array of eclectic shops, art galleries, and boutiques in Harbour Town. You can also enjoy one of the island’s acclaimed restaurants, where fresh seafood and Lowcountry flavors take center stage.

Book Now with Beachside Hilton Head

Whether you’re seeking a romantic escape, a family getaway, or a gathering with friends, Sea Breeze Bliss offers the perfect backdrop for making memories that will last a lifetime. With its unparalleled amenities, prime location, and unrivaled charm, this exquisite rental is sure to become your go-to destination for experiencing the best that Hilton Head Island has to offer.

Don’t miss your chance to experience the ultimate Beachside Hilton Head retreat at Sea Breeze Bliss. Book your stay today and start counting down the days until your Hilton Head adventure begins.

Sun-kissed sand, a gentle ocean breeze, and your very own private oasis to cool off in whenever you please. Sounds like a dream vacation, doesn’t it? Well, you can make this dream a reality with Beachside Hilton Head! Vacation rentals with private pools on Hilton Head Island takes you to the heart of luxury and comfort, ensuring your holiday is nothing short of perfect.

Why Book Vacation Rentals With Private Pools?

A private pool is more than exclusive access to a place to cool down; it’s about having a personalized, premium experience, an unparalleled level of comfort and convenience that you won’t find elsewhere. Here are three reasons to book vacation rentals with private pools:

Unwind in Style

Forget crowded public pools or battling for space at the resort’s poolside. With a private pool, you can unwind in style, whether you’re a morning swimmer, an afternoon lounger, or a midnight mermaid. No need to worry about securing the best poolside spot — it’s all yours!

Privacy Redefined

One of the biggest perks of a private pool is, well, privacy! No curious onlookers or fellow vacationers to interrupt your leisure time. You can practice your synchronized swimming routine, host a poolside barbecue, or simply enjoy a quiet moment under the stars.

Family-Friendly Fun

Are you traveling with the family? A private pool is a game-changer! The kids can splash around to their heart’s content, and you can keep a watchful eye from the comfort of a sun lounger. It’s a win-win situation that guarantees hours of family-friendly fun.

How To Choose Vacation Rentals With Private Pools

Choosing a vacation rental with a private pool might seem straightforward, but there are several factors you must consider to maximize your next island getaway. Here’s what you should look for:


Do you prefer a beachfront view or a more secluded spot? Are you looking for a lively atmosphere or a peaceful retreat? Consider your ideal vacation setting and ensure the rental location aligns with it.

Pool Size and Depth

Consider the size and depth of the pool, especially if you’re traveling with children or non-swimmers. A pool that’s too deep might not be safe for young kids, while one that’s too small might not offer the swimming experience you want.

Heating Options

Depending on the time of year you’re traveling, a heated pool can make a big difference in your comfort. Check if the rental comes with a heated pool or if there’s an option to add this service.

Safety, Maintenance, and Cleanliness

The safety, cleanliness, and maintenance of the pool are paramount. Confirm that the rental property has a regular cleaning schedule to maintain a hygienic and enjoyable swimming environment. Also, look for safety features to prevent accidents.

Additional Amenities

Finally, consider the additional amenities. Things like poolside furniture, barbecue facilities, or a pool house can enhance your poolside experience.

Beachside Hilton Head Vacation Rentals With Private Pools

Beachside Hilton Head offers more than a place to stay; we promise a complete vacation experience. Our rentals are the perfect blend of luxury and leisure. They provide all the comforts of home and the indulgences of a high-end resort. All Beachside Hilton Head rentals are conveniently located in the beautiful Sea Pines community. Here are all the Hilton Head vacation rentals with a private pool you will want to call home forever (or at least for a week!):

Beach and Bunkers

Beach and Bunkers is a splendid five-bedroom vacation rental third in line from the beach, presenting unrivaled vistas of the Atlantic Dunes golf course’s 18th fairway. This vacation rental is on the prestigious Beach Lagoon Road, widely recognized as the ‘Gold Coast’ of Sea Pines. Here, the Atlantic Ocean is a mere five-minute saunter from your doorway, but you can also stay in its own secluded sanctuary, complete with a rejuvenating pool and spa in the courtyard. Beach and Bunkers can house up to 12 guests, making it a perfect choice for a large family or group.

Coconut Cabana

Coconut Cabana is a three-bedroom, three-bathroom vacation rental for up to eight guests (and canine companions!). This ranch-style home is within secluded patios and lush gardens, giving “rustic” an entirely new meaning. Everyone can spend as much time on the back patio as they want, where you can take a dip in the private pool or make the cabana your home base. Palm trees and island vibes? Coconut Cabana is your dream vacation rental!

Serenity by the Sea

Serenity by the Sea is a single-story vacation rental with three bedrooms in the highly sought-after Sea Pines area. This stunning property has been renovated to a high standard, giving you everything you could wish for! Serenity by the Sea is just a 0.62-mile stroll from the pristine white beaches of Hilton Head Island, but with a pool in the backyard, you may want to stay in and lounge on the deck with a cocktail instead! And the best part? Your four-legged family members are welcome, too.

Southern Charm

As you step into this exquisite coastal home, Southern Charm promises to leave you spellbound. The vast majority of the home features ceilings towering over 12 feet, with rooms showcasing vaulted ceilings, ornamental beams, and tongue-and-groove designs, adding to its overall grandeur. Southern Charm’s backyard is an idyllic setting for open-air gatherings, characterized by verdant, intimate landscaping, a grassy expanse, an elevated wooden deck, and a sizable pool measuring 12 feet by 31 feet.


If you want to hide away (literally) from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, Hideaway is for you. This single-story, two-bedroom, two-bath home is at the end of a desirable cul-de-sac in Sea Pines, making “privacy” its middle name. Hideaway has a coastal chic theme and a calming palate — its dark bottom pool in the yard is the cherry on top. Relish in refreshing cocktails or have delightful conversations that will make your vacation one for the books!

Pelican’s Perch

Pelican’s Perch is a stunning four-bedroom, 3.5-bathroom beach cottage. This Hilton Head Island gem perfectly encapsulates the essence of the island’s unique charm and architectural style while boasting contemporary renovations. Pelican’s Perch is only three houses from the beach, with the pool deck leading you to a stroll along the shore.

Cotton Cottage

Welcome to Cotton Cottage, a tranquil two-story sanctuary featuring three bedrooms and two baths, nestled in the quiet confines of a cul-de-sac within the prestigious Sea Pines neighborhood! This vacation rental is near the ocean gate of Sea Pines, bringing you close to the resort community’s main attractions. Cotton Cottage has an L-shaped pool in the backyard, inviting up to eight guests for a swim night or day.

Barefoot Bungalow

Barefoot Bungalow is a two-bedroom, two-bathroom home in Lawton Woods with a bright, upscale design that brings natural light and ocean breezes. The private oasis has a pool amidst verdant potted plants and comfortable sun loungers. You can follow up your refreshing swim with a relaxing dip in the ground spa. Barefoot Bungalow is pet-friendly, so your furry companion can also join the fun.

Fairway Oasis

For big families and groups, Fairway Oasis is another five-bedroom, 4.5-bath vacation rental where you can wake up to the views of the 11th green of Heron Point Golf Course in Harbour Town. The highlight of Fairway Oasis is the private pool that children and adults will absolutely love. It boasts a raised spa that seamlessly spills over into the pool and a uniform shallow end with a playful water feature.


For an even bigger group of up to 17 guests, Peek-of-Blue is a six-bedroom home with multiple dining and sitting areas that cater to both quiet time and gatherings. Here, you’ll get a glimpse of the Atlantic Ocean every day! The main pool, basking in the warmth of the sun, stretches roughly 20 feet by 12 feet, while the separate sitting pool presents a cozy size of approximately 5.5 feet by 5.5 feet. Enclosed by a privacy fence and adorned with abundant greenery, this poolside backyard offers an oasis of tranquility and seclusion.

Tropical Retreat

If you’re looking for a designer-decorated home that can house up to 12 guests, Tropical Retreat will surely catch your eye. This vacation rental follows the classic upside-down design with four bedrooms on the first floor and living spaces on the second. When you head to the backyard, you’ll find your private pool and spa hiding amidst the trees and plants. And when you’re up for some beach time, the pristine ocean waters are just a five-minute walk away!

Coastal Chic

Coastal Chic is a fantastic choice if you want to stay near the Harbour Town Marina. This four-bedroom, 4.5-bath, single-story upscale home has multiple dining and sitting areas inside and out, highlighting a gorgeous fenced-in pool on the front right side of the house. With a pool deck featuring chaise lounges and a dining table, you can enjoy your private pool experience in complete relaxation and comfort.

Island Time

When on Hilton Head Island, it’s always island time. And in Island Time, there’s not a second to waste! This beautiful four-bedroom, three-bath ranch-style beach retreat can accommodate up to ten guests and offers glimpses of The Atlantic Dunes Golf Course. The beach is only half a mile away, but you can just walk to the patio to find a pool area that’s just as breathtaking. While you float in the pool with the sun on your face, others can play games or chat just a few steps away on the plush lawn!

Beachwalk Cottage

Beachwalk Cottage gives a classic feel of a beach cottage, and you’ll instantly feel relaxed the moment you step through its doors. This four-bedroom, four-full-bathroom home has original Savannah brick fireplaces and wood-planked walls but modern-day amenities like a private pool in the front yard. The 14-foot by 25-foot sunny pool has an in-pool tanning ledge, so you can work on your tan while keeping cool in the refreshing water.

Kahuna Cove

“Backyard oasis” is the best way to describe Kahuna Cove. This three-bedroom, 3.5-bath ranch-style vacation rental home’s highlight is the large, inviting pool and spa that measures 15 feet by 40 feet, and it is where everyone will definitely spend most of their time. There’s an outdoor bar near the pool, meaning everyone is welcome to grab a drink before, during, or after a dip. The backyard also boasts lush landscaping, several lounge chairs, and even a firepit for cooler nights!

Dream Catcher

Dream Catcher is a two-story, second-row home with a pool and spa with a direct beach path. What else could you ask for? This five-bedroom, four-full-bathroom home has a calm, soothing color palette and beach-theme decor, making you feel like you’re always on the beach, even when you’re just lounging by the pool. This rental that houses up to 12 guests is perfect for extended family gatherings or group retreats.

Timeless Treasure

Last but certainly not least is Timeless Treasure. This 1964 architectural gem, featured in “Three Decades of Hilton Head Architecture,” has a sunny oceanside pool within the dunes near the beach, slightly separated from the house with an open yard area. Here, you can float in the pool while hearing the Atlantic Ocean waves crash on the shore! You also get a private sand path to the beach, so you’ll always be just a few steps away from the ocean.

Book Your Slice of Paradise!

So, there you have it — the secret to an extra-special beachside escape is booking a vacation rental with a private pool. Fortunately, Beachside Hilton Head offers a variety of properties with this amenity! From modern to traditional, large groups to smaller families, there’s a Hilton Head Island home for everyone. Remember, Beachside Hilton Head rentals with private pools are in high demand, so don’t wait too long to secure your piece of paradise. Book your stay today!

Nestled just 3rd row from the beach on 8 Beach Lagoon Road, in the exclusive gated community of Sea Pines on Hilton Head Island, Beach & Bunkers is a 5-bedroom short-term rental that redefines luxury living. This exquisite home offers unparalleled views of the 18th fairway of the Atlantic Dunes golf course. Plus, it also presents a private oasis with a refreshing pool and spa in the courtyard. Join us as we explore the features and allure of this dreamy retreat, where beachside bliss meets golf course grandeur.

Overhead view of the house with the golf course in the back:

Overhead view with the beach in the front:

The Bedroom Configuration:

Beach & Bunkers accommodates up to 12 guests with its thoughtfully designed bedroom configuration. From the king-sized Primary Bedroom with its luxurious amenities to the lower-level bedrooms and the versatile options on the second floor, each space is crafted for comfort and privacy.

The Grand Entrance:

As you drive up the driveway, an inviting front archway leads you to the private pool and spa, setting the stage for a stylish vacation. Stepping through the grand front door, you’re greeted by the first of two living spaces offering a breathtaking panoramic view of the backyard, lagoon, and the 18th fairway of the Atlantic Dunes golf course.

Distinctive Living Spaces:

The house unfolds with two distinct sides. To the left, a hallway leads to the primary suite, a secluded haven with vaulted ceilings and a luxurious bathroom. Turning right at the entrance, the larger of the two living rooms awaits, connecting the living, dining, and kitchen areas. The open-concept layout is ideal for gatherings, with ample seating, large TV, and panoramic views.

Well-Equipped Kitchen and Bedrooms:

The fully equipped kitchen ensures that meal preparation is a breeze, and the dining areas cater to various group sizes. Continuing past the kitchen, a hallway leads to the remaining four bedrooms, each with its own private bathroom, TV, and distinct charm.

Outdoor Paradise:

Beach & Bunkers truly shines with its outdoor spaces. The courtyard pool and spa, available for heating, provide the perfect addition to the beachside escape. The backyard patio features a grill and multiple entertaining spaces with lounge seating. It offers unparalleled views of the lagoon and the golf course.

Location: Sea Pines Paradise:

Located in the gated community of Sea Pines, Beach & Bunkers grants access to a wealth of amenities within the 5,000-acre community. From private bike trails and championship golf courses to sandy beaches and marinas, Sea Pines is a haven of leisure and entertainment. The house’s prime location on Beach Lagoon Road adds to its allure, earning it the title of the Gold Coast of Sea Pines.

Additional Information:

Beach & Bunkers is a testament to luxury and convenience, offering a range of amenities to enhance your stay. From a spacious garage to the option of heating the pool and spa, every detail has been considered. Plus, Beachside HHI‘s responsive guest support and additional amenities elevates your vacation to new heights.


Beach & Bunkers stands as a beacon of coastal luxury and convenience. It offers a harmonious blend of beachside tranquility and golf course grandeur. Whether you’re seeking relaxation by the pool, a stroll to the nearby beach, or exploration within the gated community of Sea Pines, this exquisite short-term rental promises a dreamy escape for those who appreciate the finer things in life.

Location: 8 Beach Lagoon Road, Hilton Head Island, SC 29928

Beachside Hilton Head beckons pet owners with its array of welcoming rentals that accommodate furry companions. Its inviting atmosphere and commitment to catering to pets make it a prime destination for those seeking a beach getaway with their four-legged friends. With a variety of rentals catering to different needs, this coastal paradise offers a paw-some retreat for both pets and their owners. Below are some of the top pet-friendly rentals travelers can explore.

Marsh View

Marsh View presents a delightful vacation retreat with its charming and spacious interiors. Boasting a blend of traditional elegance and contemporary comforts, this 3-bedroom, 3 1/2-bath haven can comfortably accommodate up to 10 guests.

With a focus on embracing the surrounding nature, the property offers captivating marsh views from various vantage points, including a large deck, a screened-in porch, and a private upstairs balcony. Complete with a fully equipped kitchen, multiple living rooms, two true master bedrooms, and a serene backyard, Marsh View promises a tranquil and rejuvenating escape, perfect for families and their furry friends.

Sweet Carolina

When guests enter Sweet Carolina, they bask in a bright and airy ambiance that sets the perfect tone for a relaxing vacation. The foyer serves as a central hub, providing easy access to every part of the house. The primary bedroom, located to the right, features a king bed, a smart TV, a cozy sitting area, and an en-suite bathroom with a luxurious glass tile shower, dual sinks, and a spacious soaking bathtub. Guests can also access the expansive wrap-around deck through a door in this room, adding to the overall charm.

Outside, the residence boasts a large screened-in porch off the dining room, providing a serene spot to admire the lagoon views. With comfortable seating and cooling fans, the porch serves as an ideal relaxation spot or a fun area to play with furry friends safely.

The community’s convenient location allows for easy access to various dining and shopping options just outside the gate, with the nearest beach access and popular destinations such as Coligny Plaza a short distance away. Embrace a complete vacation experience at Sweet Carolina, where guests can enjoy a comfortable stay with their entire family, including their furry companions.

Coconut Cabana

Situated within the serene Sea Pines community, Coconut Cabana offers a delightful escape for up to eight guests with its 3-bedroom, 3-bathroom layout.

Welcoming furry friends, this charming ranch-style home features a private pool and an inviting outdoor cabana, embodying the essence of Hilton Head’s island vacation experience. As visitors enter through the front gate, there is a picturesque garden area that awaits them, perfect for savoring moments of tranquility amidst the lush greenery.

Because of the property’s outdoor setting, the highlight of Coconut Cabana is undeniably the back patio area, where guests can revel in the private pool and lounge on the sunbeds while basking in the sun-kissed Hilton Head weather.

Serenity by the Sea

Located in the coveted Sea Pines area, Serenity by the Sea, a charming single-story 3-bedroom house, boasts a prime location and recent upscale renovations. This rental extends a warm welcome to canine companions, making it a perfect option for families with pets.

Its proximity to various attractions makes it an ideal choice for those seeking a luxurious retreat close to nature. With the home’s strategic location — just a short distance from Hilton Head Island’s pristine beaches, Sea Pines Forest Preserve, Lawton Stable, Harbour Town Marina, South Beach Marina, and Coligny Plaza — guests can explore the island’s delights with ease.


Another property within the sought-after Sea Pines community on Hilton Head Island is the Hideaway, a luxurious, pet-friendly 2-bedroom, 2-bathroom home. Tucked away at the end of a serene cul-de-sac, this single-story abode has a private pool and a tranquil coastal chic ambiance, making it a sanctuary for a much-needed island retreat.

Privacy is paramount at the Hideaway, as evidenced by its exclusive location. With their privacy secured, guests can relax with a refreshing swim in the heatable pool or savor a delightful al fresco lunch amidst the lush tropical surroundings of the outdoor patio without being bothered.

Once visitors tire from their outdoor fun, they can rest inside and immerse themselves in the meticulous renovations that adorn the space. These renovations blend comfort and sophistication seamlessly, providing the perfect haven for unwinding during an island sojourn.

With easy access to nearby attractions, such as the Sea Pines Forest Preserve and Harbour Town Marina, the Hideaway promises a memorable and convenient beachside escape.

Cotton Cottage

Cotton Cottage, a charming 2-story home in Sea Pines, underwent extensive renovations in early 2022, featuring a fresh, coastal chic aesthetic. This pet-friendly abode has three bedrooms and two baths, with the main living areas conveniently located on the first floor. The master bedroom, with its king-size bed, offers serene pool views, while the two guest bedrooms on the second level provide comfortable sleeping arrangements. Then there’s the newly built “L” shaped pool — though additional charges apply for heating — that adds an inviting touch to the backyard, visible from all three bedrooms.

Nestled near the Sea Pines Forest Preserve and a mere half-mile from the beach, Cotton Cottage promises easy access to the natural wonders and attractions of the resort community. Guests can explore the nearby Lawton Stables petting zoo or embark on water adventures from the Harbour Town Marina and South Beach Marina.

Barefoot Bungalow

Visitors can escape the daily grind and step into the welcoming ambiance of Barefoot Bungalow, a charming 2-bedroom, 2-bathroom vacation home situated in the heart of Lawton Woods in Hilton Head. Guests will relish the convenience of this central location — it offers easy access to the finest attractions of Sea Pines, including pristine beaches, exquisite dining spots, and vibrant shopping areas.

While guests can enjoy their time on their own, this pet-friendly abode invites visitors to bring their beloved canine companions along for the journey for added fun and unforgettable memories. When guests bring their pets, they can take pleasure in the refreshing private pool or unwind in the above-ground spa, basking in the tranquil haven of the backyard oasis while their furry friends come out to play.

As impressive as the property is on the outside, it’s equally marvelous on the inside due to the delightful elegance of its interior. The first bedroom, located to the left, boasts two twin beds that can be converted into a king bed, a flat-screen TV, and access to a luxurious full bathroom featuring a tiled shower.

The home further unfolds into a splendid open living space, seamlessly integrating the kitchen, dining area, and living room, creating a modern and inviting setting. The fully equipped kitchen with its tray ceilings and high-end appliances, coupled with the charming dining area that accommodates up to six guests, is perfect for culinary adventures and intimate gatherings.

Expansive sliding glass doors lead to the private yard, where the well-appointed living room beckons with a spacious sectional sofa and additional sleeper sofa, all bathed in natural light pouring in through the vaulted wood-planked ceiling. Overall, this rental property is a home away from home that caters to families of all types.


Driftwood, a cherished family beach home at Sea Pines, is a treasured vacation haven for beach house enthusiasts seeking a blend of vintage charm and modern comfort. Recently made available for vacation rentals, this 4-bedroom, 3-bath property underwent a comprehensive renovation in early 2022, preserving its original character while enhancing key areas for guest enjoyment.

The ground level presents a spacious sitting and game area, a guest bedroom with a renovated bathroom, and trendy terrazzo flooring that exudes a chic coastal vibe. On the second level, the renovated kitchen seamlessly flows into the dining and main living room, leading to an expansive deck and screened porch. With easy access to the pristine Hilton Head beaches and complimentary access to the South Beach Marina pool, Driftwood sets the stage for unforgettable family gatherings and cherished moments with loved ones and their pets.

Spanning a large corner lot, Driftwood offers a fenced area for pets, ensuring that even the four-legged family members can enjoy their vacation to the fullest. Because of this convenience, guests can relish quality time together — be it engaging in board games in the spacious sitting area, savoring conversations over drinks on the expansive upper deck, or enjoying outdoor meals at various charming dining spots — with utmost comfort and security.

Driftwood embodies the essence of a Sea Pines beach home, beckoning guests to embrace the coastal lifestyle and create lasting memories amid the island’s natural splendor.

Coastal Chic

Situated within a premier golf community and a stone’s throw away from the vibrant Harbor Town Marina, Coastal Chic is a beautifully designed and decorated upscale 4-bedroom, 4.5-bath home that radiates a serene coastal charm. This single-story haven boasts a luxurious fenced-in pool area, complete with lounge chairs, offering an ideal retreat for relaxation and leisure.

In terms of sleeping arrangements, the bedrooms at Coastal Chic are in a separate wing, presenting three guest bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms, and a lavish master bedroom with a king-size, individually adjustable bed and a spacious, renovated bathroom. An additional sunroom — accessible from the deck — offers breathtaking views of the expansive lagoon, making it an ideal spot for relaxation.

Moving outside, the property has a carefully curated outdoor space that spills onto a raised deck and overlooks awe-inspiring water views. When guests want to indulge, this setting is perfect for outdoor grilling, lounging, and al fresco dining. Then, for added convenience and luxury, there is a newly constructed pool that invites guests to go for a refreshing swim while being surrounded by the enchanting ambiance of the landscaped backyard.

With provisions for pet-friendly accommodation, bike rentals, and optional pool heating, Coastal Chic ensures a delightful and hassle-free vacation experience for all.

Kahuna Cove

Nestled on a sought-after street in Sea Pines, Kahuna Cove presents a striking ranch-style abode that effortlessly captures the essence of coastal living. The focal point of this 3-bedroom, 3.5-bath dwelling is undoubtedly its breathtaking backyard sanctuary.

Here, an expansive pool and spa beckon, complemented by a cozy fire pit for serene evenings under the stars. Additionally, a private outdoor cabana and bar equipped with a built-in grill, TV, and inviting bar stools set the stage for endless entertainment.

With three generously appointed bedrooms — each featuring a king-size bed and its own en-suite bathroom — the home’s layout seamlessly integrates comfort and privacy.

Offering an array of inviting indoor and outdoor seating areas, including a comfortable office space, this residence provides the perfect setting for both relaxation and productivity. Catering to various dining preferences, the home also presents multiple dining areas, from the elegant indoor dining space to the charming outdoor setting overlooking the sparkling pool.

Should guests want to explore the attractions around the island, the rental provides access to the Sea Pines leisure trail from the backyard, ensuring easy jaunts to the nearby beach and marina and promising delightful adventures for the entire family.

With its pet-friendly policy and a plethora of enticing amenities, Kahuna Cove promises an unforgettable Hilton Head Island retreat, where guests can cherish and savor every moment.

Explore What Beachside Hilton Head Has To Offer

Beachside Hilton Head’s commitment to providing pet-friendly rentals and fostering a vibrant pet-friendly community makes it an ideal destination for pet owners seeking a memorable vacation with their furry companions. With the properties’ easy access to scenic beaches, diverse activities, and welcoming atmosphere, Beachside Hilton Head promises an unforgettable experience for both guests and their pets.

Whether basking in the sun or exploring the island’s pet-friendly attractions, the accommodations offer a haven where guests can create cherished memories with their loved ones they can treasure for years to come.

No vacation in Hilton Head, SC, is complete without an accommodation that captures the island’s unique charms. If you’re heading to the island for some fun under the South Carolina sun, you’ll need rental accommodations that give you prime access to the island’s beaches and local attractions. Our beach block vacation rentals are sure to give you and your family a tranquil and welcoming base of operations before your Hilton Head escapades. Find out more about our six rentals and book your next stay while vacancies last.

Let’s kick this list off with the first jewel of our Hilton Head beachside retreats!

Beachwalk Cottage: Your Beachside Haven

Hilton Head Island is all about the beach, and what better way to experience it than by staying at Beachwalk Cottage?

This four-bedroom and four-bathroom beauty recently got a makeover that’s left it full of charm and modern comfort. As a second-row home, the beach path is practically your neighbor as it’s just a stone’s throw from the beautiful Hilton Head shores.

If that’s not enough of a reason for you to book your stay, picture this. In the front yard lies a luxurious pool that can be heated. It is a sunny delight, measuring 14 feet wide and 25 feet long. There’s even an in-pool tanning ledge for sunbathing or a safe spot for the little ones. It’s the perfect spot to soak up some sun surrounded by lush tropical greenery. The soothing sound of the ocean is your backdrop while you grill up dinner in the outdoor kitchen.

Now, let’s talk about bedrooms. The first guest room is on the ground level and boasts a king-size bed and a private bathroom. The master bedroom is on the second level with its own balcony overlooking the pool, king-sized bed, and a bathroom with double sinks, a tub, and a tile shower. The second guest room is also on the second level and has another king-size bed and a private bathroom. Right across the hall from the master, you’ll find the final guest room, with yet another king-size bed, a walk-in closet, and a private bathroom.

If you’re traveling with a larger group, the downstairs living room has a queen sleeper sofa for extra guests.

Dream Catcher: Where Your Serene Beachside Dreams Become a Reality

For those who crave rest and leisure, look no further than “Dream Catcher.” This two-story, second-row vacation home comes complete with a pool and spa. Plus, it’s just a minute’s stroll from the pristine Hilton Head beaches.

Upon entry, you’ll find the downstairs bedroom on your right, offering a comfortable queen-size bed, ample closet space, and a TV. Right across the short hallway is the guest bathroom, equipped with a tub-shower combo, single sink, and toilet. If you continue down the hallway, you’ll discover the door leading to the two-car carport, where you’ll find the laundry room closet, complete with a side-by-side washer and dryer, and a utility sink.

On the same floor, the spacious downstairs sitting room stretches from the front to the back of the house. Sliding doors lead to either the covered patio in the front or the pool deck in the back. In this room, you’ll find two cozy sofas, a TV, a gaming/eating table with chairs, and a convenient wet bar for making your favorite vacation beverages.

Atop the stairwell, a hallway to the right leads to the bedrooms. The first room on the right as you head down the hallway features two twin beds, a desk, a small closet, and a TV. This bedroom shares a bathroom with the next guest bedroom across the hall.

The shared bathroom has hallway access and offers a single sink, tile shower, and toilet. The bedroom across the hall boasts a king-size bed, a standard-size closet, a TV, and a private entrance to the shared bathroom.

Driftwood: A Timeless Beach Gem

Driftwood’s charm lies in its ability to balance the old with the new. It recently underwent a major renovation that preserved its original character while enhancing the areas that vacationers appreciate the most. The new finishes include newly exposed and refinished original oak floors, new tile showers in all bathrooms, fresh paint inside and out, and a mix of sentimental artwork alongside modern décor. All these elements come together to create a unique “retro beach” vibe.

On the ground level, you’ll find a spacious sitting/game area with trendy terrazzo floors, seating, a game table, a TV, and a collection of board games. This level contains one of the four bedrooms — featuring a comfy queen-size bed — and a renovated bathroom with a beautiful tile shower.

The remaining three bedrooms are on the second level, including a master bedroom with a king-size bed and access to the upper-level deck, another guest room with a queen bed, and one with two twin beds. They all share renovated bathrooms with gorgeous tile showers. Original oak floors span the entire second level, adding to the beach house’s retro charm.

While there’s no private pool, guests have free access to the South Beach Marina pool just a quarter mile away. Also, being second row means there’s only one house between you and the famous Hilton Head beaches.

Peek-of-Blue: A Slice of Southern Charm

The perfect blend of Southern charm and vintage beach cottage vibes awaits you at Peek-of-Blue. This hidden gem nestled just inside the back gate of Sea Pines is one of our second-row vacation homes. It can comfortably accommodate up to 16 guests. This vacation rental offers a unique island architecture combined with modern amenities.

Beautiful pine wood furnishings create an inviting atmosphere. The main living areas, including the kitchen, dining room, and living room, are thoughtfully arranged on the second level.

The bedrooms at this Southern-inspired beach block vacation rental each have their own distinctive charm.

The first bedroom, which is located downstairs, offers a king-size bed and an additional twin bed. It also has a private bathroom featuring double sinks and a tub-shower combo.

Upstairs, the second bedroom boasts a queen bed with a vaulted ceiling. It shares a Jack-n-Jill bathroom with the third room, which also features a queen bed and vaulted ceiling.

The fourth guest room provides a spacious retreat with a king-size bed, a private sitting area, and another Jack-n-Jill bathroom shared with the fifth room. This bedroom offers flexibility with a twin-size daybed and trundle, making it perfect for guests who prefer a study setup.

Finally, the sixth bedroom is generously sized with four twin beds, a couch, an oversized chair, and vaulted ceilings. It also has a private bathroom featuring double sinks and a tub-shower combo.

Outside, “Peek-of-Blue” features a sunny pool area, approximately 20 feet by 12 feet, with a separate sitting pool, all surrounded by a privacy fence and lush landscaping. Both the pool and spa can be heated for an additional charge, so you can enjoy them year-round.

For beach lovers, a private beach access point from the pool area leads directly to the beach path. This allows you to reach Hilton Head’s renowned white sand beaches in just moments.

Pelican’s Perch: An Island Paradise in Hilton Head

Get ready to experience the epitome of Hilton Head Island’s beachside charm at “Pelican’s Perch,” a four-bedroom, three-and-a-half-bath, fourth-row beach cottage. This vacation home captures the essence of a true Hilton Head Island beachfront haven. It offers a unique mix of island architecture and modern renovations.

As you step inside “Pelican’s Perch,” you’ll immediately feel the island’s timeless appeal. The foyer and great room feature beautiful white-washed panel wood walls and a vaulted ceiling with exposed beams. There is also a screened porch adorned with rocking chairs and Adirondack chairs that beckon you to relax.

This beach block vacation rental underwent extensive renovations in March 2018. These enhancements include:

You’ll find all the amenities you need for a comfortable stay, from bed linens and bath towels to a well-equipped kitchen. You don’t need to worry about your morning cup of coffee as the kitchen comes stocked with a 12-cup drip coffee maker and a Keurig. You’ll also find plates, bowls, flatware, drinkware, cookware, a blender, and a toaster in the kitchen.

Pelican’s Perch also offers a private pool and spa, a screened porch for leisurely evenings, and a gas grill for family cookouts. Whether you’re unwinding on the deck or taking a refreshing dip in the pool, this beach cottage has your relaxation covered.

Reserving the cottage gets you one complimentary gate pass. If you need more, you can purchase additional passes for every member of your family. Of course, take note that Sea Pines does limit the number of vehicles and gate passes per property.

Are you traveling with your pets? Pelican’s Perch is pet-friendly, so your four-legged family members are welcome to join the fun. Just keep in mind that pet approval comes with a non-refundable pet fee (with some restrictions and limitations).

Pelican’s Perch also sits close to several of Hilton Head’s beaches. Enjoy the surf and sand, then return to your charming beach cottage for more relaxation and unforgettable moments.

Tropical Retreat: A Luxurious Fully-stocked Beachside Haven Awaits

Lastly, we have the Tropical Retreat.

This four-bedroom and four-bath beach block vacation rental is a beautifully updated yet classic Sea Pines beach home on the third row from the beach. Tropical Retreat offers a seamless blend of unique island architecture and modern luxury that is sure to give you and the family an unforgettable Hilton Head Island experience.

As you step into Tropical Retreat, the designer-decorated interior immediately captivates with its main living areas — the kitchen, dining room, and living room — all thoughtfully situated on the second level of this beachside gem.

The bedrooms in this luxury retreat are a delight. Tropical Retreat provides a master suite and guest room on both levels, each with its own private bathroom. All bathrooms have been recently renovated to ensure your comfort and convenience during your stay.

If that’s not enough for your tastes, wait until you see the back patio. This part of the rental features lush landscaping that envelopes a private pool area. As you lounge poolside, the property will treat you to a feeling of seclusion and tranquility. With a drink in hand and your senses in recharge mode, you’ll find out why we’ve dubbed this beachside rental “Tropical Retreat.”

Tropical Retreat also comes equipped with all the amenities you need for a memorable stay, including bed linens, bath towels, and a well-appointed kitchen. Enjoy your morning coffee with both a 12-cup drip coffee maker and a Keurig coffee maker. Savor your meals with provided plates, bowls, flatware, drinkware, cookware, and a blender.

Also, for those who love to read, a library of books awaits. It provides a perfect way to unwind on the screened porch or by the pool.

Whether you’re sunbathing, taking a refreshing swim, or enjoying a leisurely meal on the screened porch, Tropical Retreat has everything you need for a rejuvenating island escape.

An Island Getaway Awaits at Beachside Hilton Head

Now that you’ve had a glimpse of Hilton Head’s finest Beach Block Vacation Rentals, it’s time to turn your dreams into reality. Whether you’re seeking southern charm, vintage beach cottage vibes, or modern luxury, we have the perfect home away from home waiting for you.

Your slice of paradise awaits you at the Beachside Hilton Head. Book a beachside getaway now and experience an unforgettable stay on the island.

For those seeking a vacation that caters to the entire family, pet-friendly vacation rentals are an amazing option to include everyone. Families from all walks of life are turning away from the traditional kennel stay and instead opting for a more inclusive and enjoyable getaway that embraces their well-loved pets.

Take a look at the top reasons why booking a pet-friendly vacation rental is the ideal choice for families with furry animals.

Top 7 Reasons To Book a Pet-friendly Vacation Rental With Beachside Hilton Head

Beachside Hilton Head is a vacation rental provider that specializes in crafting the ultimate pet-friendly vacation. BHH’s accommodations cater to every family member, including the furry ones. Here are some compelling reasons why selecting a pet-friendly vacation rental with Beachside Hilton Head promises an unforgettable experience.

1. Unleash the Inner Explorer

One of the most compelling benefits of opting for a pet-friendly vacation rental is the opportunity to explore new destinations with one’s four-legged companions. Hilton Head Island offers a haven for both human and canine adventurers, so travelers can enjoy everything from the pristine sands of Coligny Beach Park to the warm sunlight in the rental’s window seat with their furry friends.

2. Stress-Free Travel

Traditional kennels often leave pet owners with heavy hearts and anxious minds. Fortunately, pet-friendly vacation rentals erase such worries. In some of Beachside Hilton Head’s properties, pets can enjoy the vacation as much as their human companions. Beachside Hilton Head understands the importance of a stress-free vacation and offers accommodations that make pets and their parents feel right at home.

3. Home Away From Home

Vacation rentals provide an unparalleled sense of homeliness rarely found in hotels. Pets will appreciate the coziness, while guests can savor the space and amenities that come with a fully furnished rental. Beachside Hilton Head’s properties are thoughtfully designed to cater to guests’ needs, with spacious living areas, well-equipped kitchens, and comfortable bedrooms. With vast greenery and open backyards, pets will love having room to roam.

4. Cost-Effective Travel

Pet-friendly vacation rentals can often prove more cost-effective than hotels, especially for larger families. Many hotels levy extra fees for pets, and guests might need to book multiple rooms to ensure everyone’s comfort. With Beachside Hilton Head, it’s a breeze to find larger rental homes that can accommodate the entire family — both human and furry members — without breaking the bank.

5. Pet Amenities Galore

Beachside Hilton Head goes above and beyond to ensure pets’ comfort. Many of their rentals come equipped with pet-friendly amenities such as fenced-in yards, pet beds, and designated bathing areas for rinsing sandy paws.

Plus, if travelers want to bring their pet gear and toys, they can do so freely without worrying about restrictions. With these amenities and more, they can transform their rental into a pet oasis.

6. Personalized Service

Booking with Beachside Hilton Head guarantees personalized service and meticulous attention to detail. The staff understands that every pet is unique and they strive to ensure guests’ stays are tailored to their needs. Whether guests require recommendations for pet-friendly restaurants or information about local pet services, Beachside Hilton Head’s team is always ready to assist.

7. Community Connections

Staying in a vacation rental often means immersing oneself in a local community. Hilton Head Island is renowned for its friendly residents and welcoming ambiance. When guests choose to stay in one of Beachside Hilton Head’s properties, they open doors to connect with other pet owners who can share stories, tips, and recommendations for the best pet-friendly activities on the island.

Pet-Friendly Vacation Rentals in Beachside Hilton Head

To further guide pet owners in finding the best pet-friendly rentals in Hilton Head, below are a few of the pet-friendly properties at Beachside Hilton Head open for short-term stays.

Cotton Cottage

Cotton Cottage is a pet-friendly, charming two-story, three-bedroom, two-bath vacation home situated within Sea Pines. With its renovation in 2022, this delightful retreat now boasts fresh paint, new flooring, fully revamped bathrooms, an open kitchen-living room layout, and a private, optionally heatable pool with coastal chic furnishings throughout.

Its location near Sea Pines’ ocean gate offers easy access to the resort community’s main attractions, including the Sea Pines Forest Preserve, Lawton Stables petting zoo, and various water adventures departing from Harbour Town Marina and South Beach Marina.

Pelican’s Perch

Another incredible pet-friendly property is Pelican’s Perch. This spot is a four-bedroom, three-and-a-half-bath beach cottage, located just four rows back from the beach on Hilton Head Island.

It blends the charm of a traditional Hilton Head beach house with modern renovations with its white-washed wood walls, vaulted ceilings, and a screened porch complete with rocking chairs and Adirondack chairs.

In terms of the layout, the home features an “upside-down” floor plan, with the main living areas on the second level, providing a bright and open living space. The ground level houses three of the four bedrooms, two and a half bathrooms, and a laundry room.

The second level features a spacious great room with access to the screened porch, a dining area, a renovated kitchen with stainless steel appliances, and a master bedroom with an ensuite bathroom. The private pool in the backyard is an inviting spot for relaxation. However, if families want to go out and explore, Pelican’s Perch is located just a short stroll from the beach.

Kahuna Cove

Another great pet-friendly option is Kahuna Cove. This remarkable three-bedroom, three-and-a-half-bath ranch-style home in Sea Pines has a backyard that steals the show. The backyard oasis features a large inviting pool and spa, a firepit, a convenient path to the Sea Pines leisure trail for easy access to the beach and marina, and a private outdoor cabana/bar complete with a stereo, built-in grill, under-counter fridge, TV, and bar stools.

Kahuna Cove’s private backyard pool and spa, along with its pet-friendly policy, make it a perfect destination for a Hilton Head Island vacation. Once guests arrive, they may find it hard to leave this captivating retreat.

Book a Stay at Beachside Hilton Head’s Pet-Friendly Rentals

From the joy of exploring the island’s natural wonders with a four-legged friend to the comfort of a home away from home, the benefits of pet-friendly vacation rentals are undeniable. Make your trip to Hilton Head Island memorable with Beachside Hilton Head.

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Booking a vacation to Hilton Head Island is probably one of the best decisions a family can make. However, before they can enjoy the local attractions, they must first answer this pressing question: Where will they stay? Continue reading to find out why booking a family-friendly vacation rental home is the way to go!

8 Advantages of Booking a Family-Friendly Rental Instead of a Hotel

Although many travelers commonly book hotels when they go on vacations, there’s a better alternative that they should consider, and that’s family-friendly rentals. Here’s why.

1. Ample Space for Everyone

One of the most compelling advantages of choosing a vacation rental home is the abundance of space it provides. When families travel, especially with kids, having room to stretch out and relax is invaluable. Unlike cramped hotel quarters, vacation rental homes come in various sizes, ensuring that every family member has their own cozy haven.

2. A Home Away From Home

Vacation rental homes offer a “home away from home” experience. These accommodations are thoughtfully designed to evoke a sense of comfort and relaxation, akin to one’s own residence. Families relish the freedom to establish their own schedules, prepare home-cooked meals, and enjoy the kind of privacy that can be elusive in hotel stays. A calm, familiar atmosphere can be particularly reassuring for children, fostering a sense of ease in a novel setting.

3. Economical Choices

There’s no doubt that budgeting is an essential consideration when traveling with a family. Booking a vacation rental home often proves to be an economical alternative compared to securing multiple hotel rooms.

With a vacation rental home, families pay for the property itself, not per person, translating into substantial savings. Moreover, having access to a fully equipped kitchen allows families to whip up meals from home, reducing dining expenses — a significant boon for families striving to adhere to their budget.

4. An Abundance of Amenities

Vacation rental homes often come equipped with an array of amenities that elevate the vacation experience. These amenities ensure that everyone remains entertained without the hassle of venturing beyond the property.

Beachside Hilton Head rentals, in particular, are renowned for offering home features tailored to family enjoyment, such as:

5. Privacy and Flexibility

Besides these amenities, privacy is a precious commodity on any family vacation, and vacation rentals offer an abundance of it. Families can cast aside concerns about noisy neighbors or crowded corridors. Instead, they can establish their own timetable and savor a flexible experience tailored to their specific preferences. Be it leisurely mornings, late-night movie marathons, or midnight swims in the pool — families relish the freedom to embrace these moments without constraints.

6. An Authentic Local Experience

Additionally, vacation rental homes facilitate an opportunity for families to immerse themselves in the local culture and lifestyle authentically. By renting their own home, they become part of the local community, enabling a more genuine exploration of the area. This set-up often leads to serendipitous discoveries and creates enduring memories for families.

7. Child-Friendly Environment

Vacation rental homes are frequently equipped with amenities and conveniences designed with families and children in mind. Families will find essentials such as highchairs, cribs, and safety gates, making it easier to travel with little ones. Moreover, many vacation rental homes offer an assortment of entertainment options that captivate children while indoors.

8. Precious Bonding Opportunities

The shared spaces within vacation rental homes foster opportunities for families to engage in quality time together. Whether it’s preparing a meal as a team, engaging in spirited board game competitions, or simply lounging together in the cozy living areas, vacation rental homes encourage and facilitate cherished bonding moments.

Family-Friendly Rental Properties at Beachside Hilton Head

For families planning a memorable vacation on Hilton Head Island, the selection of family-friendly rental properties at Beachside Hilton Head proves to be a delightful choice. These charming properties have been thoughtfully designed to provide a comfortable and convenient home base for families seeking relaxation and adventure on this beautiful island. Here is a closer look at some of the family-friendly rental options available.

Sweet Carolina

Sweet Carolina welcomes visitors with an inviting, well-lit interior, complete with four beds, three baths, a spacious living room, and a fully equipped kitchen. This property can accommodate up to eight guests and opens its doors to furry friends.

While Sweet Carolina doesn’t have private outdoor facilities, it has a community pool, tennis courts, pickleball courts, and easy beach access via a bike ride or the Sea Pines Trolley. The house is pet-friendly, with a pet fee for furry companions, and is located within the gated community of Sea Pines.

Serenity by the Sea

For those seeking a lavish retreat with easy access to outdoor activities, Serenity By The Sea is the ultimate choice. Guests are immediately immersed in a soothing coastal ambiance with a touch of upscale flair.

The house features a tasteful blend of wood and tile flooring throughout. The sitting area, which overlooks the pool and back patio, offers ample comfortable seating for watching TV or reading. The adjoining dining area, open to the sitting room and kitchen, features a rustic wooden picnic-style table and convenient access to the back patio for grilling and poolside relaxation. The renovated kitchen is a culinary enthusiast’s dream, boasting expansive countertop space, double ovens, and a well-appointed pantry.

The private backyard is an oasis for sunbathing, a refreshing dip in the pool, or outdoor dining. The pool can be heated for an additional charge during non-summer months.

Overall, this property is a great option for families who want a staycation away from home, with all the conveniences of a beach property.


Hideaway is a luxurious 2-bedroom, 2-bathroom pet-friendly home with a private pool, offering an idyllic escape. The single-story residence has undergone high-quality renovations, embracing a coastal chic theme with a serene color palette.

Ideally situated near Sea Pines Forest Preserve, the white sand beach, and Harbour Town Marina, this home exudes privacy and tranquility. Guests can unwind by the heatable pool, dine on the tropical patio, and appreciate the recent renovations.

The guest bedroom boasts a queen bed, a window bench, wood panel walls, and a TV, with access to a full guest bathroom. The master bedroom captivates with its high wood panel ceiling, featuring a king bed, sliding door to the back patio, TV, and an en suite bathroom with double sinks and a tile shower.

Hideaway is an ideal haven for up to four guests (or six if using the king sleeper sofa) seeking a beach escape with proximity to water sports, local trails, and all that Sea Pines has to offer.

Sunny Shores

Upon arrival at Sunny Shores, guests are immediately captivated by the natural beauty that Hilton Head Island is known for. A picturesque pathway, enveloped by lush foliage, leads to the welcoming red front door. Stepping inside, the interior is a harmonious blend of wood and glass, creating an inviting and serene atmosphere.

The main floor of Sunny Shores features a modern open-concept design, seamlessly integrating the eat-in kitchen, dining area, and living room with a king sleeper sofa into a single, expansive space. The kitchen is a culinary enthusiast’s dream. It is equipped with a waterfall island where guests can prepare meals while enjoying the company of loved ones. It comes complete with top-of-the-line amenities, including an induction stove top, oven, and microwave.

Sunny Shores is the perfect rental home for families who want to elevate their vacation to new heights.

Barefoot Bungalow

This charming 2-bedroom, 2-bathroom vacation home in Hilton Head’s Lawton Woods neighborhood provides an ideal central location for accessing all the wonders of Sea Pines, including its renowned beaches, dining establishments, shopping, and more.

However, the real gem of Barefoot Bungalow awaits outside in the peaceful yard. A private pool, surrounded by lush potted plants and comfortable loungers, creates the perfect spot to unwind. Additionally, the pool can be heated for an additional charge, ensuring year-round enjoyment. Then, just behind the pool, an above-ground spa beckons with its relaxing warmth.

While it’s tempting to stay within this enchanting oasis, the beach is just a short 0.8-mile bike ride away. For added convenience, bike rentals can be arranged through Beachside, with bikes delivered right to the guests’ doorstep. Alternatively, they can venture 0.5 miles in the opposite direction, and they will reach Lawton Stables. There they can enjoy horseback riding adventures.

Explore Other Family-Friendly Rentals at Beachside Hilton Head

These five properties are not all that Beachside Hilton Head has to offer. If travelers want to expand their options, they can browse other vacation rental homes.

From tranquil bungalows and cozy interiors to luxurious beachfront villas and spacious family homes, Beachside Hilton Head offers a diverse array of rental properties to suit every vacationer’s needs. Start planning an unforgettable Hilton Head getaway today by exploring the wide range of rental options available through Beachside Hilton Head.

A dream vacation on this beautiful island awaits, so take the first step and book the ideal vacation rental.

Within the heart of the pristine landscapes of Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, the Heritage Golf Tournament stands as a beacon for golf enthusiasts and travelers seeking an unforgettable sporting experience. As an esteemed annual event on the PGA Tour, the Heritage Golf Tournament draws visitors from far and wide to witness world-class golfing against the backdrop of breathtaking coastal beauty. For those seeking not just an exceptional golfing spectacle but also comfortable and luxurious accommodations, Beachside Hilton Head offers an array of vacation rentals near the Heritage Golf Tournament. This article explores the allure of the Heritage Golf Tournament, and four exquisite short-term rental options Beachside Hilton Head provides.

Where Is the Heritage Golf Tournament Located?

The Heritage Golf Tournament unfolds at the Harbour Town Golf Links in the Sea Pines Resort on Hilton Head Island. This iconic golf course has stood as a revered venue for the event since its inception in 1969.

Harbour Town Golf Links is renowned for its meticulous design by Pete Dye and Jack Nicklaus. It offers players and spectators a uniquely challenging yet captivating experience. The course features dramatic seaside holes, strategically placed bunkers, and captivating views of Calibogue Sound. It creates an unparalleled atmosphere for both competitors and spectators.

Reasons Why People Visit Heritage Golf Tournament

The Heritage Golf Tournament has earned its place as a premier event on the PGA Tour. It is hosted annually at the Harbour Town Golf Links in the Sea Pines Resort on Hilton Head Island. There are several compelling reasons why people from across the nation and beyond eagerly gather to witness this majestic tournament.

Tradition and History

Established in 1969, the Heritage Golf Tournament is steeped in tradition and history. The tournament’s longevity has contributed to its unique character. It infuses a sense of nostalgia that resonates with both players and spectators. This sense of heritage creates a captivating ambiance that can be felt as soon as one steps onto the course.

Stunning Venue

Harbour Town Golf Links is more than just a golf course — it’s a visual masterpiece. Designed by the legendary Pete Dye, the course’s layout embraces the natural contours of the land while offering spectacular views of Calibogue Sound. The juxtaposition of meticulously landscaped greens against the backdrop of the serene coastline captivates players and attendees.

Unique Course Challenges

Harbour Town Golf Links is renowned for its challenging yet fair design. Its iconic red-and-white-striped lighthouse, overlooking the 18th hole, has become an emblematic symbol of the tournament.

The course features tight fairways, strategically placed bunkers, and well-protected greens that require precision and strategy from players. This combination ensures that it is not only a showcase of skill but also a test of strategy and adaptability.

Relaxed Atmosphere

Unlike some high-stakes golfing tournaments, the Heritage Golf Tournament exudes a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. The intimate setting of Harbour Town Golf Links fosters a sense of camaraderie among players and attendees. This setting creates an environment where spectators can engage with golfers more easily. This makes the event more enjoyable for golf enthusiasts of all ages.

Family-Friendly Experience

The Heritage Golf Tournament offers a family-friendly atmosphere that extends beyond the golf course. With various activities available, families can enjoy quality time together while immersing themselves in the world of golf.

From interactive exhibits to kids’ zones, the event ensures that every family member can partake in the excitement.

Coastal Beauty

Another reason why visitors come far and wide to witness this event is Hilton Head Island’s coastal charm. It truly is a complementary aspect of the Heritage Golf Tournament’s allure.

Since the tournament takes place in April, it perfectly aligns with the island’s stunning springtime blooms. The captivating combination of world-class golf and picturesque coastal landscapes provides a unique backdrop that adds to the event’s overall appeal.

Proximity to Players

Spectators at the Heritage Golf Tournament have the opportunity to get up close and personal with their favorite golfers.

The intimate size of the venue allows for unobstructed views of the action. It also offers opportunities for interactions with players during practice rounds and other events. Through this sense of proximity, the event bridges the gap between golf enthusiasts and the professionals they admire.

Overall, the Heritage Golf Tournament’s popularity is a result of the convergence of history, coastal beauty, and a unique venue and course design. This combination creates an event that transcends golf itself. It offers an immersive experience that resonates with both passionate golf aficionados and casual attendees.

The Best Short-Term Rentals Near Heritage Golf Tournament

Beachside Hilton Head has garnered a reputation for offering top-tier vacation rentals that complement the allure of the Heritage Golf Tournament. Here are four exceptional short-term rentals near the Heritage Golf Tournament.

Kahuna Cove

“Kahuna Cove” is a beautiful home that radiates excellence both inside and out. It presents an enticing array of highlights that might just leave everyone wondering where to start. From the 3-bedroom, 3.5-bath ranch-style design to the backyard oasis, “Kahuna Cove” offers an unparalleled experience of comfort and luxury.

Apart from the property’s backyard bliss, other key highlights of this property include the following:

Coastal Chic

Meet “Coastal Chic,” a haven of sophistication and style. This meticulously designed and decorated 4-bedroom, 4.5-bath upscale residence is situated within walking distance of the charming Harbour Town Marina.

This single-story gem offers a wealth of indoor and outdoor dining and sitting areas. It is a haven for relaxation and rejuvenation. Each of the generously sized bedrooms boasts its own en-suite bathroom, recently renovated for an added touch of luxury. Beyond the interiors, a stunning fenced-in pool area with inviting lounge chairs beckons, promising hours of pure bliss.

What’s more, “Coastal Chic” enjoys a coveted location within a premier golf community. It is just steps away from the Shops at Sea Pines and the vibrant Harbor Town Marina. With nearby attractions such as the Sea Pines farmers market, live entertainment, shopping, dining, and a plethora of water activities, this retreat is not just a vacation rental — it’s a lifestyle.

Here are other features that make “Coastal Chic” a premier accommodation.

Marsh View

“Marsh View” encapsulates its essence in its very name, offering an exquisite blend of Sea Pines charm and modern elegance.

As guests step through the inviting blue front door, the magnificent great room unveils itself. It showcases a classic vaulted wood-planked ceiling that exudes timeless beauty.

Nestled around a fireplace, the great room boasts a wall of glass with sliding doors leading to an expansive deck. The deck offers unobstructed views of the surrounding nature.

This 3-bedroom, 3.5-bath haven comfortably accommodates up to 10 guests. It provides an all-encompassing experience for an utterly relaxing Hilton Head vacation. There are two true master suites and a third bedroom featuring convertible twin beds. “Marsh View” merges classic, traditional style with modern updates, offering a harmonious blend of comfort and sophistication.

Other reasons why “Marsh View” remains a top accommodation in Hilton Head, especially during the RBC tournament are the following:

Fairway Oasis

“Fairway Oasis” presents an extraordinary fusion of high-end luxury and a premier location. This exquisite 5-bedroom, 4.5-bath retreat offers breathtaking views of the 11th green of the Heron Point Golf Course in Harbour Town.

Whether visitors are relishing the view of golfers or swimming in the private pool, “Fairway Oasis” promises an indulgent experience.

Here are more reasons to love “Fairway Oasis”:

Beachside Hilton Head: The Trusted Rental Property Partner in Heritage Golf Tournament

When it comes to finding the perfect blend of luxury, comfort, and convenience during the revered Heritage Golf Tournament on Hilton Head Island, Beachside Hilton Head stands as the ultimate ally in curating an exceptional experience.

Beachside Hilton Head is renowned for its meticulous attention to detail and unwavering commitment to guest satisfaction. They offer an array of exquisite vacation rentals near the Heritage Golf Tournament.

Each property within the company’s portfolio is thoughtfully designed to capture the island’s coastal charm. They also provide modern amenities that exceed expectations. With a dedication to personalized service, seamless booking, and prime location that ensures easy access to the Heritage Golf Tournament, Beachside Hilton Head invites travelers to embrace a journey of sporting fervor and opulent living, where every moment becomes an unforgettable memory.


As the Heritage Golf Tournament beckons golf enthusiasts to Hilton Head Island, the allure of world-class golfing and coastal splendor converge in a harmonious blend.

For those seeking an exceptional lodging experience that complements the tournament’s charm, Beachside Hilton Head offers an array of meticulously curated vacation rentals near the Heritage Golf Tournament. With accommodations that embody the spirit of Hilton Head Island, every visit to the Heritage Golf Tournament promises to be a truly unforgettable experience.

Beachside Hilton Head offers an array of exquisite vacation rentals in the charming Harbour Town area on Hilton Head Island. These vacation rentals are known for their luxurious amenities, stunning views, and convenient proximity to the attractions of Hilton Head Island.

The three distinct vacation rentals are Coastal Chic, Marsh View, and Fairway Oasis. Each offers a unique experience for visitors seeking a memorable stay.

Coastal Chic Rental Property

Introducing “Coastal Chic,” A splendid 4-bedroom, 4.5-bathroom upscale home, meticulously curated by a designer, and conveniently located within walking distance of the picturesque Harbour Town Marina.

This single-level retreat boasts various indoor and outdoor dining and lounging spaces, providing the perfect setting for relaxation and rejuvenation. Each spacious bedroom offers its own recently renovated en suite bathroom, ensuring a luxurious experience for every guest.

The beautiful fenced-in pool area with comfortable lounge chairs provides an idyllic spot for enjoyment. Coastal Chic resides in an esteemed golf community within easy reach of the Shops at Sea Pines and Harbour Town Marina, putting shopping, dining, the Sea Pines farmers market, live entertainment, and an array of water activities — including dolphin tours, jet ski rentals, sunset sails, and charter fishing — just steps away from the guest’s door.

Overall, the Coastal Chic vacation rental offers a stylish and elegant retreat for guests. Designed with a coastal-inspired aesthetic that combines modern comfort with the relaxed ambiance of beachside living, this property offers every visitor a chance to experience luxurious comfort and convenience, while enjoying the cozy and welcoming atmosphere.

Amenities at Coastal Chic

To give travelers a better idea, Coastal Chic offers the following amenities:

Highlights of Coastal Chic

Marsh View Rental Property

The enchanting name “Marsh View” holds true to its promise as guests enter the welcoming blue front door, revealing a stunning great room that captures their attention with its breathtaking vistas.

This classic Sea Pines home exudes charm, boasting a soaring vaulted wood-planked ceiling anchored by a cozy fireplace. The expansive rear wall is a wall of glass, leading out to the expansive deck, where visitors can immerse themselves in the beauty of nature.

With three bedrooms, three and a half baths, and a capacity to comfortably sleep 10, Marsh View offers the ultimate relaxation experience for every Hilton Head vacation.

Among the bedrooms are two true master suites and a third bedroom with versatile twin beds that can be converted into a king, catering to diverse preferences.

The home effortlessly blends traditional elegance with modern updates, with a focus on the natural environment evident through the private front garden patio and the myriad of windows offering panoramic marsh views.

Every guest will be delighted to find not just one or two, but three living rooms, a screened porch, and an upper-level deck, providing abundant space for everyone. Moreover, Marsh View is indeed a pet-friendly haven, ensuring the entire family can partake in the vacation experience.

Ultimately, this Marsh View vacation rental offers a serene escape with breathtaking views of the marshlands. The property boasts a tranquil atmosphere, perfect for those seeking a peaceful retreat amidst nature’s beauty.

Guests can enjoy the scenic surroundings from private outdoor spaces and well-designed interiors. What’s more, the Stoney Creek location provides a quiet respite while still being within easy reach of Hilton Head’s attractions, making it an excellent choice for nature enthusiasts and those looking for a more secluded getaway.

Amenities at Marsh View

Marsh View offers the following amenities:

Highlights of Marsh View

Fairway Oasis Rental Property in Sea Pines

Enjoy the epitome of upscale living with Fairway Oasis, a stunning 5-bedroom, 4.5-bathroom masterpiece offering picturesque vistas of the 11th green of the Heron Point Golf Course in the heart of Harbour Town.

When travelers book their stay here, they can spend their days basking in the serene views of majestic oak trees draped in moss, or take a refreshing plunge into the private pool. If they find joy in preparing home-cooked meals for their friends or loved ones, they can. The kitchen at Fairway Oasis is a dream come true for home chefs, with abundant seating for everyone to witness culinary masterpieces unfold.

Fairway Oasis is a hidden gem, providing both tranquility and privacy while being conveniently close to Harbour Town Marina, a mere half-mile away.

This vacation rental home offers the best of both worlds because the moment guests step inside, they’ll be awed by the evident pride and meticulous attention to detail that went into the extensive renovation of this home.

As they enter the great room, the picturesque views of the Heron Point Golf Course will captivate them. In terms of interiors, this room in particular features wood floors, vaulted ceilings, ample seating, and access to the elevated back deck and screened porch.

If anyone is seeking a cozy spot for their morning cup of coffee or tea, a sitting nook with four chairs is just past the kitchen. Completing this side of the house is the laundry room, equipped with a full-size washer and dryer, as well as a second refrigerator.

The Fairway Oasis vacation rental in Sea Pines offers a luxurious haven overlooking pristine fairways. Because of this, this property is perfect for golf enthusiasts and those who appreciate refined living.

From the tastefully decorated interiors and top-tier amenities to private outdoor spaces and its proximity to golf courses and other attractions, Fairway Oasis is an ideal choice for those seeking a blend of leisure and sophistication.

Amenities at Fairway Oasis

Here are some of the amenities that make this property an impressive vacation rental.

Highlights of Fairway Oasis

Reasons Why Staying at a Short-Term Rental Is Better Than a Hotel

There are numerous compelling reasons why choosing a short-term rental can provide a superior experience compared to a traditional hotel stay. Whether visitors are traveling for leisure or business, the benefits of a short-term rental offer a level of comfort, convenience, and flexibility that hotels simply can’t match.

Here are some key reasons why staying at a short-term rental is often a better option.

Space and Privacy

Short-term vacation rentals typically provide significantly more space than hotel rooms. Guests can have separate bedrooms, living areas, and often a fully-equipped kitchen. This extra space allows for greater privacy, making it ideal for families, groups of friends, or even individuals who value having room to relax and unwind.


When traveling with a group, a short-term vacation rental can be more cost-effective than booking multiple hotel rooms. Additionally, having a kitchen allows them to prepare meals, saving money on dining out for every meal.

Home-Like Amenities

Short-term rentals often come with amenities that make everyone feel at home, such as a washer and dryer, private pool, backyard, or even a grill for a cookout. These features can greatly enhance the overall experience and comfort during their stay.

Local Experience

Staying in a neighborhood rather than a tourist-centric hotel district provides a more authentic local experience. Travelers can explore local markets, dine at hidden gems, and immerse themselves in the culture of the destination.


Unlike hotels with strict check-in and check-out times, short-term vacation rentals often offer more flexible scheduling. This flexibility can be especially valuable if guests are arriving early or departing late.

Personalized Service

Many short-term rental hosts are highly attentive, providing personalized recommendations for local attractions, dining options, and more. This personalized touch can greatly enhance their trip.

Ideal for Longer Stays

If anyone is planning an extended stay, such as a week or more, a short-term rental is an excellent choice. It offers comfort, convenience, and cost savings that make it more suitable for longer durations.

Pet-Friendly Options

It’s often challenging to find pet-friendly hotels that offer the same level of comfort and space. Luckily, many short-term vacation rentals — such as the ones mentioned in this list — are pet-friendly, which is perfect for friends and families traveling with their furry friends.


Short-term vacation rentals, particularly those at Beachside Hilton Head, usually undergo screening processes, giving everyone peace of mind about the security of the property.

Great for Group Travel

If guests are traveling with a large group for a family reunion, a wedding, or a group retreat, a short-term rental offers a central gathering point where everyone can stay together, enhancing the sense of togetherness.

Overall, short-term rentals provide a unique and immersive way to experience a destination, offering comfort, space, and a home away from home that hotels often can’t match.

Travelers Can Feel at Home Away From Home With Beachside Hilton Head

Understandably, when people travel, they often seek more than just a place to stay — they desire a home away from home.

Fortunately, Beachside Hilton Head’s vacation rental properties offer the comfort, space, and amenities that create a genuine sense of belonging. Whether guests enjoy the Coastal Chic elegance, the tranquil Marsh View, or the luxurious Fairway Oasis, each property is designed to provide a personalized experience.

With fully equipped kitchens, spacious living areas, and private outdoor spaces, these rentals go beyond the confines of a hotel room, allowing guests to fully relax and unwind.

Discover the convenience of having a personal space, the joy of preparing a home-cooked meal, and the freedom to explore Hilton Head Island like a local with Beachside Hilton Head. At these properties, every stay feels like coming home.

Looking for the perfect vacation destination that offers coastal charm, luxury amenities, and a serene atmosphere? Look no further than Harbour Town, located on the beautiful Hilton Head Island. Harbour Town is a premier destination known for its picturesque marina, charming shops, and world-class golf courses. Whether you’re seeking a relaxing getaway or an adventure-filled vacation, Harbour Town has it all. To make your stay even more memorable, there are exceptional vacation rentals available that cater to your every need. Let’s dive into the exquisite details of these Harbour Town vacation rentals through Beachside Hilton Head that will make your stay a truly unforgettable experience.

Why Choose Harbour Town?

When it comes to finding the perfect place to stay during your Harbour Town getaway, vacation rentals offer a unique and personalized experience that hotels cannot match. Here are a few reasons why choosing a vacation rental in Harbour Town is the ideal choice:

Coastal Beauty and Convenience

Harbour Town vacation rentals place you in the heart of Hilton Head Island’s coastal beauty. Imagine waking up to stunning ocean views, feeling the refreshing sea breeze, and enjoying direct access to pristine beaches.

Whether you prefer a beachfront villa or a cozy cottage nestled among lush greenery, these rentals provide an unparalleled coastal experience. Moreover, with their convenient locations, you’ll be just steps away from the marina, boutique shops, and a variety of dining options.

Luxury Amenities and Spacious Living

Harbour Town vacation rentals through Beachside Hilton Head are designed to provide the utmost comfort and luxury during your stay. These well-appointed accommodations boast spacious living areas, fully equipped kitchens, private pools, outdoor lounging areas, and more.

These rentals offer ample space for everyone to relax, socialize, and make lasting memories. With modern amenities and tasteful decor, these properties exude coastal elegance and provide a true home-away-from-home experience.

Proximity to Activities and Attractions

Choosing a vacation rental through Beachside Hilton Head in Harbour Town means you’ll be in close proximity to a wide range of activities and attractions. Golf enthusiasts can tee off at world-class courses, including Heron Point and Harbour Town Golf Links. For those seeking outdoor adventures, water activities such as dolphin tours, kayaking, and paddleboarding await.

The Harbour Town Marina offers a bustling hub of shops, restaurants, and entertainment options. You can explore charming boutiques, indulge in delicious cuisine, or simply relax with a waterfront view. With Beachside Hilton Head vacation rentals, all of these exciting experiences are just moments away.

Family-Friendly and Pet-Friendly Options

Beachside Hilton Head vacation rentals in Harbour Town are ideal for families looking to create unforgettable memories together. These rentals often feature multiple bedrooms and bathrooms, ensuring that everyone has their own space and privacy. Family-friendly amenities such as private pools, game rooms, and outdoor play areas provide endless entertainment for children and adults alike.

Additionally, some vacation rentals in Harbour Town are pet-friendly, allowing you to bring your furry friends along on your vacation. This means no one gets left behind, and the whole family can enjoy the coastal paradise of Harbour Town together.

Dream Coastal Getaways

Here are three Harbour Town vacation rentals through Beachside Hilton Head to choose from:

Coastal Chic – Your Stylish Seaside Retreat

Indulge in the epitome of coastal chic with our specially curated Coastal Chic vacation rental. This property is meticulously designed to capture the essence of seaside living, offering a harmonious blend of style, comfort, and coastal charm. Step into a world of contemporary design, where light color palettes and upscale furnishings create an ambiance of modern elegance fused with relaxed beach vibes.

As you enter your Coastal Chic vacation rental, you’ll be greeted by an inviting atmosphere that reflects the beauty of Harbour Town’s coastal surroundings. The spacious living areas are thoughtfully adorned with nautical-inspired decor, incorporating elements such as weathered wood accents, soft coastal hues, and tasteful artwork that pays homage to the sea. Sink into plush sofas and unwind in a space designed for both relaxation and entertainment.

One of this property’s highlights is the breathtaking views it offers. Step onto your private balcony or terrace and be captivated by the panoramic vistas of the Atlantic Ocean. Feel the refreshing sea breeze against your skin as you enjoy your morning coffee. These awe-inspiring views create a sense of tranquility and connection to the natural beauty that surrounds you.

When it’s time to retire for the night, you’ll find that the bedrooms are havens of comfort and serenity. Sink into luxurious bedding, designed to provide a restful night’s sleep. Wake up feeling rejuvenated and ready to embrace another day in paradise.

In addition to the stylish interiors, it features amenities that enhance your seaside retreat. Take a dip in a sparkling swimming pool, indulge in a soothing soak in a hot tub, or enjoy al fresco dining in beautifully landscaped outdoor areas. The property will cater to your every need, ensuring a truly luxurious and memorable stay.

Fairway Oasis – Your Golf Lover’s Haven

For golf enthusiasts seeking a haven in Harbour Town, our Fairway Oasis rental is the perfect choice. Immerse yourself in a world of golf as these properties are located along the lush fairways of world-class golf courses. With unparalleled access to the game you love, Fairway Oasis offers a truly extraordinary golfing experience.

From the moment you wake up, you’ll be greeted by panoramic views of meticulously manicured greens. Step onto your private balcony or patio and savor the breathtaking vistas that stretch out before you. Enjoy the convenience of being just steps away from the tee, allowing you to maximize your time on the course and immerse yourself in the golfing paradise that Harbour Town has to offer.

As you enter your Fairway Oasis vacation rental, you’ll be welcomed by spacious interiors designed with your comfort in mind. The living areas exude a sense of sophistication, featuring stylish furnishings and tasteful decor that reflects the elegance of the surrounding golfing environment.

After a rewarding day on the course, retreat to your private oasis where luxury and relaxation await. Unwind in the comfort of generously sized bedrooms, each meticulously appointed to provide a peaceful sanctuary for rest and rejuvenation. Pamper yourself in well-appointed bathrooms that offer modern amenities and spa-like features, ensuring a truly indulgent experience.

Beyond the elegant interiors, Fairway Oasis also boasts upscale amenities and outdoor spaces that further enhance your golfing haven. Take a refreshing dip in a sparkling swimming pool, lounge on a sun-soaked deck, or fire up the grill for a delightful outdoor barbecue. It provides the perfect balance between privacy and socialization, allowing you to create lasting memories with friends and loved ones in a serene and beautiful setting.

Marsh View – Embrace Nature’s Serenity

If you’re seeking a serene escape surrounded by nature’s beauty, our Marsh View vacation rental is your ideal retreat. Nestled amidst the captivating landscape of Hilton Head Island, the property offers breathtaking vistas of the vast and picturesque marshlands. Prepare to embark on a journey of tranquility as you immerse yourself in the sights and sounds of this unique ecosystem.

You’ll be captivated by the panoramic views that stretch out before you. Gaze upon the vast expanse of the marshes, where the shimmering waters meet the lush greenery, creating a breathtaking tapestry of colors. Whether you’re lounging on your private balcony, sipping a morning coffee, or gathering with loved ones for an evening toast, the beauty of the marshlands will leave you in awe.

Embrace the peaceful ambiance as you witness stunning sunsets that paint the sky with vibrant hues, casting a magical glow over the marshes. Watch as the golden sun sinks below the horizon, creating a symphony of colors that dance across the water, providing an unforgettable backdrop to your vacation experience.

The property provides more than just scenic beauty. It offers a sanctuary where you can unwind and rejuvenate amidst nature’s splendor. Step into spacious and thoughtfully designed interiors that blend comfort and functionality. Relax in the cozy living areas adorned with coastal-inspired decor, providing a soothing environment that harmonizes with the natural surroundings.


Harbour Town vacation rentals through Beachside Hilton Head offer a range of options to suit every preference and create a truly memorable stay. Experience the charm and beauty of Harbour Town while enjoying the comforts of home in these exceptional vacation rentals.

Have you ever dreamt of waking up to the soothing sound of ocean waves crashing against the shore? Or perhaps watching the sun paint the sky with vibrant hues as it sets over the horizon? If so, Hilton Head Island is the perfect destination for your next vacation! Nicknamed “America’s Favorite Island,” Hilton Head Island is home to miles of breathtaking beaches, lush golf courses, and exquisite waterfront restaurants. Whenever you decide that this is where your next vacation will be, Beachside Hilton Head Island can help you enjoy everything that only Hilton Head Island can provide. Beachside HHI offers a range of properties for rent, including a beautiful oceanfront property. Let’s explore the captivating allure of Hilton Head Island and the unparalleled experience awaiting you at Timeless Treasure!

Beachside Hilton Head Island Vacation Rentals

Beachside Hilton Head Island is renowned for our exceptional vacation rentals, each offering a unique blend of luxury, comfort, and breathtaking views. With a portfolio of properties across the island, we cater to various preferences and ensure an unforgettable stay for every guest.

Harbour Town Marina

The Harbor Town Marina properties are an excellent choice for those seeking a tranquil retreat with a touch of maritime charm. You’ll enjoy a peaceful ambiance, knowing you’re only a few steps from one of Hilton Head Island’s most picturesque marinas! Immerse yourself in the serenity of this idyllic location and savor the laid-back coastal lifestyle.

Beach Block

If you prefer to have your toes in the sand just steps away from your doorstep, our Beach Block properties offer unrivaled convenience and direct access to the beach. Spend your days lounging, building sandcastles, and taking leisurely walks along the shore. This prime location allows you to fully immerse yourself in the beauty of Hilton Head Island’s renowned beaches.

Resort Block

For those who desire a more vibrant atmosphere, the Resort Block properties are situated near popular resorts and lively entertainment hubs. Here, you’ll have access to an array of amenities, including pools, restaurants, and recreational activities. Indulge in the island’s vibrant energy while enjoying the comfort and privacy of your own luxurious vacation rental!


Lastly, for the ultimate oceanfront experience, Beachside HHI offers a property directly facing the Atlantic Ocean. This pristine rental provides uninterrupted views of the shimmering waters, inviting you to relax on your private balcony or patio and soak in the beauty of the ocean. If you’re looking for an oceanfront experience, you’re looking for Timeless Treasure.

Timeless Treasure

Among the remarkable properties of Beachside Hilton Head Island, Timeless Treasure stands out as a truly stunning retreat. Let’s delve into the unique features and experiences that make this oceanfront gem an irresistible choice!

1964 Architectural Gem

Step into a world of timeless elegance as you enter Timeless Treasure. This stunning vacation rental showcases the architectural charm of 1960s mid-century design, seamlessly blending nostalgia with modern comforts. The tastefully curated interiors create an ambiance that is both inviting and enchanting. Featured in “Three Decades of Hilton Head Architecture,” this gem will take your breath away!

Upside-down Floor Plan

One of the distinctive features of Timeless Treasure is its upside-down floor plan. The main living areas are situated on the upper level, allowing you to maximize the breathtaking ocean views. Imagine waking up to the sight of the sun rising over the Atlantic Ocean, then retiring to the lower level for a peaceful night’s sleep surrounded by tranquility.

Atlantic Ocean Views

Of course, the star of Timeless Treasure is its oceanfront location. The upper level of this property boasts an array of windows and balconies that let in an abundance of natural light and provide unobstructed views of the Atlantic Ocean. The ocean becomes an integral part of your vacation experience, creating moments that will stay with you long after you return home.

Recent Renovations

Timeless Treasure has gone through renovations to provide a luxurious and contemporary experience. The interior has been thoughtfully updated to offer modern amenities and conveniences while preserving the property’s unique character. The careful balance between tradition and modernity creates an atmosphere of timeless charm combined with the comforts of the present!


Timeless Treasure boasts a range of amenities to enhance your stay. From a fully equipped kitchen where you can unleash your culinary creativity to a private outdoor patio where you can unwind with a glass of wine, every detail has been considered to provide the utmost comfort and convenience. Additional amenities include high-speed internet, a library, and a private pool.

Why Choose an Oceanfront Rental?

Choosing an oceanfront rental for your vacation offers a multitude of advantages. The proximity to the beach allows you to fully embrace the coastal lifestyle, whether indulging in water activities, strolling along the shore, or simply basking in the sun. The Atlantic Ocean is also ideal for whale watching and spotting wildlife, offering a much-needed respite from the stresses of everyday life! Moreover, oceanfront locations often provide privacy and exclusivity, ensuring an intimate experience for you and your loved ones.

Why Choose Timeless Treasure?

Timeless Treasure presents a unique opportunity to experience the allure of a bygone era while enjoying modern comforts and breathtaking ocean views. The carefully curated interiors, recent renovations, and convenient amenities make it an ideal choice for discerning travelers seeking a one-of-a-kind vacation rental. If your heart is set on an unforgettable oceanfront vacation, you won’t find anything like Timeless Treasure!

Island Escapade with Beachside Hilton Head Island

Your journey to Hilton Head Island promises an island escapade like no other if you come home to Beachside Hilton Head Island’s rentals. Going for an oceanfront experience promises you the best of both worlds, with access to the beach and all its activities while remaining close enough to explore the hidden gems of Hilton Head Island.

Beachside HHI’s Timeless Treasure provides the perfect setting for your dream vacation. So pack your bags, leave your worries behind, and embark on a timeless oceanfront adventure that will leave you with memories that last a lifetime. Contact us today to book your stay!

Planning a vacation can be daunting when you have a beloved pet, but worry no more! Beachside Hilton Head offers an array of pet-friendly vacation rentals that will make your trip to HHI unforgettable for both you and your furry friend in Sea Pines. Read on to explore rentals ideal for pet lovers like you.

Kahuna Cove

Kahuna Cove is a charming rental property that boasts an inviting and stylish interior, adorned with coastal-inspired decor and comfortable furnishings. The home features multiple bedrooms, allowing ample space for families or groups of friends. The living areas are designed for relaxation and socializing, while the fully equipped kitchen offers everything needed to prepare delicious meals. Outside, guests can unwind on the private patio, take a refreshing dip in the pool, or simply bask in the island sun.

You can also enjoy the company of your four-legged friends throughout your stay at this Beachside Hilton Head property. However, there are guidelines regarding pet size, breed, and the number of pets allowed, so it’s advisable to check with the rental management or owner first to know the specifics.

Marsh View

As the name suggests, the Marsh View vacation rental at Beachside Hilton Head offers a breathtaking setting that lets you enjoy HHI’s natural beauty. The high vaulted wood-planked ceiling and cozy fireplace ground the space, while the back wall adorned with glass sliders opens up to a large deck that allows you to soak in the splendor of the surrounding marsh.

This three-bedroom, three-and-a-half-bath house comfortably accommodates up to ten guests. Moreover, you can bring your pooch into this pet-friendly vacation home. It also offers all the conveniences you need, including free Wi-Fi, cable TV, cookware, and a screened porch.

Serenity by the Sea

Visit the exquisite Serenity by the Sea, a stunning three-bedroom, single-story vacation rental at Beachside Hilton Head that offers the perfect blend of luxury and comfort. Step inside and be greeted by a fancy coastal decor, a spacious sitting room with pool views, a well-appointed kitchen with double ovens, and a charming picnic-style eating area.

Moreover, you can take your dog for a walk or let them run around the vacation home’s vicinity. The backyard oasis is also perfect for sunbathing with your pets.


Escape to Beachside Hilton Head and experience the perfect getaway at the Hideaway. This charming two-bedroom vacation home offers a serene and comfortable retreat for guests tired of busy city life. With its coastal-inspired decor, modern amenities, and prime location, Hideaway ensures a memorable stay on Hilton Head Island.

Moreover, Hideaway embraces a pet-friendly policy that caters to the needs of both human and animal guests. It’s close to pet-friendly beaches, where dogs can frolic in the sand and enjoy the coastal breeze. Hideaway also offers spacious outdoor areas that provide ample room for pets to play and explore.

Final Thoughts

From Kahuna Cove and Marsh View to Serenity by the Sea and Hideaway, there are several pet-friendly vacation rentals at Beachside Hilton Head. For more places to explore in HHI, check out our page.

Step into a world of serenity and pure relaxation as you escape the chaotic rhythm of everyday life and discover the hidden gem that is Barefoot Bungalow. This meticulously designed two-bedroom, two-bathroom vacation home encourages guests to leave their worries at the door and immerse themselves in the tranquil ambiance of Hilton Head’s Lawton Woods.

Immerse Yourself in Serenity

As guests step foot into the enchanting realm of Barefoot Bungalow, they must prepare to be captivated by a symphony of bright sophistication and refined design. Every element of this luxurious abode has been thoughtfully curated to immerse guests in a world of opulence and unparalleled elegance.

A Serene Sanctuary of Restful Slumber

The journey begins as guests enter the first of the two meticulously adorned bedrooms, nestled on the left-hand side. They’ll discover the epitome of comfort as they gaze upon two twin beds, delicately arranged to provide a haven of peaceful repose. For utmost flexibility, these beds seamlessly transform into a king-size bed, ensuring a restful night’s sleep.

Accompanied by a flat-screen TV and adorned with tasteful decor, this sanctuary offers a perfect retreat. Also, a full bathroom, boasting a luxurious tiled shower, can be reached through the bedroom or the foyer hallway, providing convenience and indulgence at every turn.

Exquisite Open Living Space

Prepare to be enthralled as you continue down the hallway, unveiling an extraordinary open living space that seamlessly merges the kitchen, dining area, and living room. Guests can immerse themselves in an atmosphere of modern elegance that embraces the essence of sophistication.

The fully equipped kitchen is a culinary oasis, boasting tray ceilings, high-end appliances, and a dedicated coffee bar. Engage in the art of gastronomy as you craft culinary delights for your loved ones.

Then, you can savor your morning coffee at the three peninsula bar stools. You can also enjoy a delightful meal at the spacious dining table, accommodating up to six guests. Step through the sliders by the dining area and be welcomed into the privacy of your own enchanting yard.

The living room, a few steps below the dining area, invites guests to recline upon a plush sectional sofa and luxuriate in its comfort. Engage in delightful conversations, watch your favorite shows on the TV, or simply bask in the warmth of togetherness within this luminous and expansive space.

With vaulted ceilings adorned with exquisite wooden planks, this living area exudes an air of grandeur. Additionally, a second sofa, complete with a queen sleeper, is available to accommodate additional guests.

Master Suite — A Haven of Refined Luxury

Indulge in the pinnacle of luxury as you find solace in the master suite, discreetly tucked away off the foyer hallway. This grand sanctuary welcomes you with a majestic king-size bed adorned with sumptuous linens. As your eyes rise to the exquisite wood-planked ceilings, you’ll realize that every detail has been meticulously curated to elevate your experience.

Step through the sliding doors and find yourself in a small sitting area, enveloped by the gentle whispers of nature that Sea Pines offers. Delight in tranquil moments, savoring the serenity and breathtaking surroundings.

The master bathroom is a sanctuary within a sanctuary, featuring dual sinks and a beautifully tiled shower. Embrace the tranquility of this private oasis, where every touch exudes elegance and refinement.

Prepare to be captivated by the allure of Barefoot Bungalow. Opulence and refinement converge here to create a haven of exquisite beauty and unparalleled luxury. Indulge your senses and experience the height of elegance within these hallowed walls.

Your Private Backyard Oasis

Step through the inviting dining or coffee station and immerse yourself in the serene embrace of this captivating yard. Behold the breathtaking sight that unfolds before your eyes — a tranquil sanctuary enveloped in natural beauty.

A Refreshing Aquatic Escape

Also, at the heart of this enchanting retreat lies a glistening private pool. Surrounded by meticulously placed potted plants and accompanied by inviting loungers, this exquisite oasis offers the ideal setting to unwind and soak up the sun’s warm caress. For those seeking an extra touch of luxury, the option to heat the pool is available for an additional charge, ensuring your swim is at the perfect temperature.

Indulge in Ultimate Relaxation

Adjacent to the pool, an above-ground spa awaits, a sanctuary of ultimate relaxation. Step into its soothing depths, as the heated waters envelop you, transporting you to a realm of pure bliss. No matter the time of day, the spa is ready to whisk you away on a journey of tranquility.

Explore the Best of Hilton Head

While the allure of Barefoot Bungalow may make it tempting to remain immersed in its splendor, the wonders of Hilton Head beckon you to venture beyond its borders. If you yearn for the sun-kissed shores and the soothing embrace of the ocean, fear not! The beach is a mere 0.8-mile bike ride away, effortlessly accessible for those seeking coastal bliss.

With the convenience of renting bikes directly from Beachside Hilton Head, you can have them awaiting your arrival, ready to whisk you away on memorable seaside escapades.

Also, for those captivated by the allure of equestrian delights, a mere 0.5 miles from Barefoot Bungalow lies Lawton Stables, an enchanting haven where horseback riding adventures await. Embark on an exhilarating journey through picturesque trails and be immersed in the beauty of Sea Pines’ natural wonders.

Feel the rhythm of hoof beats, and forge unforgettable connections with these majestic creatures. Indulge your spirit of exploration, and create lasting memories in the embrace of Hilton Head’s equestrian offerings.

Your Gateway to Luxury and Convenience

As you arrive at Barefoot Bungalow, the private, gated community unveils a world of tranquility and exclusivity. To access this esteemed enclave, gate passes are required.

But rest assured, your reservation includes one complimentary gate pass, providing seamless entry into this secluded sanctuary. For larger parties or those desiring additional gate passes, extra passes can be conveniently purchased to accommodate everyone in your group.

Please note that Sea Pines regulates the number of vehicles and gate passes allowed per property, ensuring a serene atmosphere for all residents and guests.

Ensuring your utmost convenience, Barefoot Bungalow provides ample parking for up to three vehicles. With designated parking spaces available, you can rest assured knowing that your vehicles are secure during your stay. Additionally, the presence of a carport offers protection from the elements for one of your vehicles, providing added peace of mind and convenience.

Pet-Friendly Paradise

At Barefoot Bungalow, we understand that your pets are cherished members of your family. That’s why we warmly welcome your four-legged companions to join you on your vacation.

For the first pet, a pet fee of $50 per night, plus tax, applies. Should you wish to bring an additional pet, a nominal fee of $15 per night, plus tax, allows you to extend the joy to another furry friend.

With our pet-friendly policies, you can create cherished memories with your beloved pets.

Unparalleled Comfort

Experience unparalleled comfort at Barefoot Bungalow with a range of thoughtfully curated amenities. Restful beds await you, providing a rejuvenating sleep experience. You can also accommodate additional guests with ease using the convenient sleeper sofa.

Revel in the softness and freshness of our premium linens for a peaceful night’s rest. Fresh and fluffy bath towels are provided, ensuring your post-shower comfort.

We’ve taken care of all your immediate needs with starter amenities in the bathroom, kitchen, and laundry room. You can also stay connected with complimentary Wi-Fi and unwind with cable TV entertainment.

Enjoy the choice of a 12-cup drip coffee maker or a Keurig for your morning brew. Also, our fully equipped kitchen includes plates, bowls, flatware, and drinkware for your dining convenience.

Prepare delicious meals with our comprehensive cookware collection and get creative with the provided blender. Kickstart your mornings with a convenient toaster, making breakfast a breeze.

At Barefoot Bungalow, your comfort is our priority, and every amenity has been carefully chosen to enhance your stay.

Your Dream Vacation Starts at Barefoot Bungalow

Discover the enchanting allure of Barefoot Bungalow, the ultimate vacation destination in Hilton Head. Immerse yourself in luxury and explore the best of Hilton Head from this central location. So, book your stay today with Beachside Hilton Head and let us make your dream vacation a reality.

Well-known for its Atlantic beaches, manicured golf courses, and rich wildlife, Hilton Head Island is an ideal vacation spot for families, solo travelers, and nature lovers alike. Whether they’re on the lookout for a serene atmosphere or a jam-packed summer extravaganza, Hilton Head is the place to be.

Besides finding out what the best activities are around the area, tourists who want to visit the island have to ask themselves the most important question: “Where should I stay?”

Looking for a place to stay while vacationing in paradise can be a challenge, especially if the guests don’t really know what they’re looking for. To provide a helping hand, this article aims to shed light on features that tourists should look for before renting a property on the island. We will also introduce one of the best places to stay while in Hilton Head Island to make the search easier: Coconut Cabana.

Top Features To Look for When Looking for a Rental Property in Hilton Head Island

The features a tourist needs in a vacation home vary based on their unique preferences. Some families are big, others are small. While some tourists want to bring their pets with them, others do not. Some solo travelers want to rough it up, others want the luxurious experience.

Different people need different features. However, when it comes to Hilton Head Island, here are some of the top features to look for.

Proximity to the Beach

Since the Atlantic beaches are one of the most popular attractions in Hilton Head, finding a property with a prime location and close proximity to the beach is a must. In fact, the best case scenario would be if the vacation rental is either walking distance to the shores or ocean front.

Having the beach within arm’s reach is an incredible benefit to have. Tourists can go to the beach first thing in the morning with no hassle at all. They wouldn’t need to use public transportation or worry about getting home late. With a simple few steps, they can easily touch their toes on the pristine sands of Hilton Head.

High-Quality Amenities

Besides the location, the amenities also play an instrumental role in the value of a rental property. That being said, if there’s a large family the rental house must be able to accommodate that. If a visitor is bringing a dog or a cat, their chosen residence must be open to pets. If a group of friends loves to spend time indoors, the facility should have built-in activities, like a pool, game room, and entertainment room — all of which must be in perfect condition.

On top of all this, the property should have all the basic amenities prepped and ready for the guests’ arrival. This means all the bed linens, bath towels, WiFi, cable TV, cookware, coffee maker, utensils, and so on must be cleaned and ready for use. The last thing vacationers want is to deal with the hassle of providing these items themselves. After all, their main goal is to relax and unwind. If renting a vacation home will only feel like a chore to them, they wouldn’t be able to maximize their experience.


One of the reasons why people travel to Hilton Head is to experience high-quality comfort. Traditionally, rental homes are seen as the place where people sleep and eat. They’re seen as a facility with one purpose only: to put a roof over their heads.

For the modern travelers, rental homes have become an attraction in itself. What a facility offers adds to their overall enjoyment of their travels. As such, looking for properties with top-notch furnishings is a must-do.

Many properties in Hilton Head exude that classic beach aesthetic, but they don’t cut corners on their furnishings. This means that even if they’re going for a more rustic and organic look, they still have the latest installments at home — from the flatscreen TVs to modern furniture and decor. Some of them even make a point to update their mattresses to make a good impression on their guests.

All of these furnishings are important to consider because they have the ability to either make or break the comfort and luxury of the space.

Rental History

For some people, they want to stay in a house with a rich history. For others, they’re totally fine with a brand new facility. Having a rich rental history — although it is not necessarily a must-have — adds an interesting layer on a rental property. Because of this, it has the potential to enhance the family’s or traveler’s overall experience with the house and possibly become a conversation starter in the future.

Interior Atmosphere

Even if a house has been on the lot for decades now, it’s still essential for the management team to upgrade its features every now and then. That’s why it’s always a good sign when a property with a rich history has gone through careful restoration and remodeling. It can still retain its quaint and distinguishing features. The only difference is that it is now more functional than ever.

Upgrading the interiors is especially crucial in high-traffic areas, such as the kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom. Since these are the spaces in the house that previous renters have spent the majority of their time in, the management team must ensure that these spaces are regularly maintained or remodeled.

Keep in mind that upgrading the interiors of a house doesn’t always need to be a major project. On a stylistic level, it can be as simple as changing the paint colors of the wall or replacing the existing decor with something more trendy and on-theme. On a more functional level, it can be something along the lines of upgrading the plumbing systems, switching the HVAC systems with newer models, or adding smart home features.

There’s really a lot that can be done to create a comfortable interior atmosphere for the guests, which is why visitors always need to be particular about these changes.

Neighboring Community

Visitors rarely want to be isolated from the community. Oftentimes, they want to be in with the crowd and bond with fellow travelers. Having the chance to socialize with others while on vacation is a major plus, especially for the younger generation. That’s why considering the neighboring communities is an important factor to keep in mind.

Besides the aspect of socialization, getting to know the neighbors is also a matter of safety. It’s only natural for travelers to want to feel safe when they’re out of their hometown. Paying attention to the possible neighboring community is crucial before renting a property.


Having majestic views of the ocean is all part of the adventure at Hilton Head. Imagine waking up to the sounds of the waves crashing against the sandy shores of the beach. Imagine seeing the light peek through the windows and getting a glimpse of the blue waters. This is what will make waking up every morning something to look forward to.

Visitors have to remember that going to the beach is just one half of the experience. The other half is getting to enjoy it in private, on a deck, with their favorite drink. Truly, it can’t get any better than this.

Impeccable Management

Finally, the last thing to consider before renting a property is the management. Travelers coming from all corners of the country would want to reassure themselves that they are well-taken care of during their stay in Hilton Head. What better way is there to guarantee this is by checking the management of the property?

That said, before booking a place, potential guests need to ask the management the following questions:

Making sure that the management is capable of taking care of their guests is one of the most important factors to consider before renting in Hilton Head.

Coconut Cabana: The Best Rental Property in Hilton Head

It’s true that with so many considerations to keep in mind, many tourists find searching for the perfect accommodation in Hilton Head a major challenge. Luckily for them, they don’t need to look far and wide to find the best vacation home in the area, because one of the top options to choose from is Coconut Cabana.

Top Features of Coconut Cabana

Coconut Cabana is the newest property from Beachside Hilton Head located in Sea Pines. It is a charming guest house with three bedrooms and three bathrooms. It can sleep up to eight people, which is great for big families or big groups of friends. The property is completely pet-friendly, so travelers can bring their furry friends along to enjoy this ranch-style home.

As people enter the gates of Coconut Cabana, they will instantly see a picturesque garden with striking landscaping and a convenient seating area where guests can sit and have coffee in the mornings while enjoying the majestic nature views.

Upon entering the front door, guests will be greeted by a massive open-space foyer. Then, as they continue walking inside, they will notice the living room, complete with wood ceilings, a comfy sofa, and a large television where they can sit back and watch a good movie.

From the living room, the guests have direct access to the pool deck via the sliding doors. If they decide to take a dip after a long day of staying indoors, they can simply slide the door open and jump in the pool.

Walk further inside the house and enter the dining room, which has enough seating for six people. This room also has direct access to the pool through a sliding door. The door enables natural light to bathe the room in brightness during the day.

Besides these, Coconut Cabana also has a fully-equipped kitchen where families and friends can cook their own meals, gather in the dining room together, and just enjoy each other’s company. Once they are ready to hit the hay, they can head over to the three bedrooms in the property.

One of the bedrooms is a master suite that boasts a massive size with a king bed, private bathroom, dual sinks, and skylights. At the side of the master suite, there is a sliding door that leads directly to the pool deck, giving the residents of this room immediate access to the pool.

The second room has a king bed, private bathroom, and an access to the front garden. While it’s not as big as the master suite, it’s still a comfortable and cute place to sleep in.

The last room is a guest room that has two twin beds for children. If a couple is staying in this room, the twin beds can be easily converted into a king bed. Much like the other rooms, this room also has a TV, but it doesn’t have a private bathroom. If the guests want to take a shower, they can do so in the full bathroom located in the hallway.

Although the interior of the room is quite fabulous in itself, that is not the star of the show. The highlight is probably the back patio where the private pool is located. As mentioned earlier, several rooms have access to the pool deck. This is because the pool is perhaps the most impressive feature of the house.

It can be heated if the guests desire, but only at an additional price. If they want to refresh themselves during the summer, the pool’s natural cool temperatures should be enough to do just that.

While some guests are splashing around in the pool, others can lounge around in the designated lounge area and dining space. With this feature, they can converse with each other while enjoying a cold beverage or a hot meal. Once they’re done talking, they can turn on the TV in the cabana and catch up on their favorite shows.

Overall, Coconut Cabana is an ideal place to spend summer vacation. From its cozy ambiance to its functionality, there’s nothing guests could want more from this rental property.

Other Amenities Found in the Coconut Cabana

To make every guest feel at home at the Coconut Cabana, the management team made sure to provide all the essential amenities they could ever need. From the screened porch, bed linens, and bath towels to the free WiFi, cable TV, Keurig coffee maker, cookware, and blender, the Coconut Cabana has everything visitors need to complete their stay.

Since the property is located in a gated community in Sea Pines, all the renters can rest assured that the place is safe and secure. If they ever want to get out and head over to the beach, it’s as simple as taking a 10 to 15-minute walk to the blue waters.

Advantages of Renting Coconut Cabana

The Coconut Cabana doesn’t just sound good on paper. It actually is one of the best places to live in while vacationing in Hilton Head Island. Here’s why.

Big Open Space

One of the biggest advantages of renting Coconut Cabana is the space it offers. There’s no doubt that eight people is a lot, especially when living under the same roof. Having a massive house that offers enough breathing room is an added bonus — and that’s exactly what Coconut Cabana provides.

The house has a spacious living room, back patio, pool deck, and dining room.

Beach Vibes Away From the Beach

Although the Coconut Cabana is not a beachside property, it still has beachside vibes with its coastal decorations, fresh and bright colors, and rustic furniture. Everything about the house just screams nautical, which is a great way to immerse guests in the whole beach atmosphere away from the beach.

Apart from the interiors, people can also take in the views of large palm trees from their outdoor space. They can sit in their back patio and just listen to the palm leaves sway with the wind.

TVs in Almost Every Room

With eight people in the house, there’s bound to be discussions on what to watch. Luckily, they don’t have to fight over the remote because there are TV sets in almost every room.

The three bedrooms each have their own set. The living room has another set, and finally, the poolside cabana has a TV set. This means that the Coconut Cabana has five TV sets for guests to watch their own shows — which, in true family fashion, can minimize arguments and ultimately keep the peace during vacation because everyone has the freedom to choose the shows they want.

Private Pool

Another great perk with the Coconut Cabana is the private pool. Not every property or hotel has the luxury to give guests their very own private pool. Many of the other properties have a shared pool, but with Coconut Cabana, guests can enjoy the pool by themselves.

Having a private pool is an incredible advantage because guests have full control over it. They don’t need to interact with people they don’t know. Also, they don’t need to adjust to accommodate other individuals’ preferences. They also don’t need to worry about disturbing anyone else.

With a private pool, they can do whatever they please. They can bring their own pool accessories and play all the pool games they want. There’s nothing and no one limiting them, which is what makes this feature highly sought-after.

Safety at Its Finest

Traveling to a new destination is always scary, especially for families with children. However, parents don’t need to worry about their children’s well-being when they reserve their stay at Coconut Cabana.

Since the property is located in a private and gated community, they can rest assured that their family is safe and sound. As such, they can let their pets and their children run free during the daytime in the large outdoor space without any stress.

Go To Beachside Hilton Head To Book Coconut Cabana

It’s clear to see why Coconut Cabana is one of the best rental properties in Hilton Head. If anyone is interested in booking a stay, they can do so by going to Beachside Hilton Head.

They better hurry, though because with a gem like this, the availability of this property is bound to run out — especially during the peak summer season.

Going on a vacation with family or friends? It’s the perfect way to relax and bond with your loved ones while exploring new places. To make sure everything goes smoothly, you’ll want to consider a lot of things, however, including your accommodation. Should you choose a vacation home instead of a hotel or condo? Keep scrolling to discover the top reasons why you should book a house for your next vacation.

Enjoy More Space

One of the biggest advantages of choosing a vacation rental over a hotel is there’s more space for the whole family or group. Hotels and condos are usually smaller than vacation houses.

In the US, hotel rooms have an average size of 325 square feet. Most hotel rooms can usually fit around four individuals. You’ll need to book more rooms or request extra beds if your family or group is large.

Meanwhile, vacation homes have an average size of over 3,000 square feet. Hence, you have more than enough space to relax. You’ll also feel at home, making your vacation even more enjoyable.

Save Money

Most people, if not all, love traveling — until they think about all the expenses. That’s why you need to be strategic, so you can maximize your vacation without breaking the bank.

Compared to vacation houses, hotels and condos are more expensive, including hidden fees for parking, Wi-Fi, and the resort. If you’re taking a vacation as an extended family, then you’ll need to pay for more rooms.

With vacation homes, you won’t have to worry about surprise fees, including bottled water, parking, and internet. You can also divide the cost between your friends or family members. While hotels provide per-night rates, vacation rentals give you more options, like a week’s stay. You may even enjoy lower or discounted rates if you stay longer at the vacation home.

Access to a Full Kitchen

Vacation rentals allow you to save on food costs, too. You can use vacation homes’ fully equipped kitchens to prepare healthy meals. If you’re traveling with someone who has specific dietary needs, then having your own kitchen becomes even more beneficial.

You can also stock the vacation home’s fridge with your favorite drinks and snacks. You don’t have to wear anything fancy to dine out. You can just be in your go-to PJs and enjoy your coffee or tea while appreciating the view outdoors. Eating out at restaurants is an incredible experience, but if you do it three times a day, then you’ll go back home with a hole in your wallet. This will leave you stressed, defeating the purpose of your much-needed vacation.

Use Free Laundry Facilities

Washing your clothes may be the last thing you think about while on vacation. However, you also don’t want to go back home with your luggage filled with dirty laundry. Many vacation rentals give you access to washers and dryers. You can ask the owner beforehand. With these free laundry facilities, you can save time and money. You can also pack lighter than usual.

Maximize Privacy

Another top reason why you should book a house for vacation when you travel is privacy. You and your family or squad can enjoy your own space. There’s no HVAC or elevator noise. You won’t hear your neighbors’ conversations due to thin walls.

There are no cleaners who will come and go. You won’t also have to deal with crowded pools. With vacation rentals, you have your own bathroom, bedroom, living room, and even pool without worrying about strangers’ not-so-nice behaviors. Hence, you can explore the whole place safely and comfortably.

Bring Your Furry Friends

Excited for your vacation but a little bit guilty because your fur baby will be left behind? You can travel with them too! Multiple vacation rentals are pet-friendly. You may just have to pay a nominal charge. Some hotels welcome pets, but finding them can be a challenge. The costs are also often higher, and pet rooms are usually located in less comfortable rooms.

Meanwhile, pet-friendly vacation homes allow you to run or play fetch with your dog in the backyard. You can share every experience with your adorable fur babies, making your vacation more memorable and meaningful.

Live Like a Local

Are you one of those travelers who want to live like a local instead of being a tourist? If so, vacation homes are a great choice for you. You can explore local shops, dine at the best local restaurants, enjoy local entertainment, try outdoor activities, and simply experience the daily life of the locals.

Rental owners are also usually eager to share with you some tips to enjoy various local activities, coffee shops, and magnificent views that you may not experience when staying in a hotel or condo.

A Better Place for Kids

Planning to travel with kids? A house for vacation is also ideal for you. Larger families may end up booking two or more hotel rooms. Meanwhile, vacation homes usually have two or more beds. Kid-friendly vacation rentals also provide items like toys, cribs, sterilizers, kid-friendly cutlery, children’s books, and highchairs.

As a result, it becomes easier to take care of kids while on vacation. When the kids are asleep, you can continue watching a movie or bonding with adults in other comfortable areas at home.

Final Thoughts

Booking a house for your vacation instead of a hotel or condo is indeed more beneficial than you think. You can enjoy a bigger space for the entire family or squad, save money, prepare your own meals, and have your well-deserved privacy. You can also live like a local and take a relaxing vacation with your kids and furry friends. Maximize your vacation by choosing incredible vacation rentals. Visit our page for more details.

Beachwalk Cottage joined the Beachside HHI family in August of 2020. As an older beach home, Beachwalk Cottage brought along classic Sea Pines charm. The best part of this home is no doubt: the beach access. Located right next to a beach path as a second-row home, the location is phenomenal. Let’s get down to the issues though. As charming as Beachwalk Cottage was, it was in desperate need of an update. Finally, in March of 2023, Beachwalk Cottage began its amazing transformation.


Downstairs Living Room at Beachwalk CottageRemoving shelves at Beachwalk Cottage  Decluttering at Beachwalk Cottage Decluttering at Beachwalk Cottage. Decluttering at Beachwalk Cottage

The primary step in the transformation was to declutter the living spaces and rooms. Everything was removed from the walls, shelves were taken down, and furniture was taken out. Once we had a “blank slate,” it was clear that we were in desperate need of paint.


Painting at Beachwalk Cottage. Painting at Beachwalk Cottage 

Next, Chelsea’s Painting was brought in to transform the entire interior of the home. Chelsea’s went above and beyond by covering all of the furniture, sanding all the walls, caulking all the wood paneling, and painting away. Walls, trim and doors were painted from bottom to top. The walls transformed from a yellow hue to beautiful modern white. They even painted the fireplace mantle white. Once the walls were cleaned and brightened the living room fireplace was now the showpiece it was always meant to be.


Chandelier at Beachwalk Cottage

Afterwards, with white walls, all of the electrical panels in the house needed upgrading. Every fan was replaced to provide more overhead lighting. Best of all: the chandeliers! A modern chandelier was hung over the staircase accompanied by a modern sconce. A beautiful, beaded chandelier was hung over the dining room table that really transformed the space. We couldn’t stop with the interior, so all new exterior lighting was hung as well. To finish off the electrical, all new TVs were brought in. 65″ TVs with Rokus were hung in the upstairs and downstairs living rooms. 43″ TVs with Rokus were brought into every bedroom.


Furniture at Beachwalk Cottage. Furniture at Beachwalk Cottage. Furniture at Beachwalk Cottage

Next, once the house was painted and electrical was updated – the furniture started rolling in. It was decided to have all 4 bedrooms transformed to kings and a brand-new sleeper sofa in the downstairs living room. Therefore, the house still sleeps 10 guests comfortably. Afterwards, new living room furniture, dining table, and downstairs living room furniture were brought in. 2 new beds were added and all new bedding in all 4 bedrooms were added. Since the house was decluttered, it was easy to go back through and add minimal art and decor, blending the old with the new.


Cabinets at Beachwalk Cottage. Kitchen at Beachwalk Cottage. Kitchen at Beachwalk Cottage. Kitchen at Beachwalk Cottage

Once the living room and bedrooms were done, it was clear the kitchen needed some help. Next, we called in Sir Grout of the Lowcountry to paint and clean all of the tile in the foyer and kitchen. Secondly, we brought in Southeast Countertops to get new quartz countertops. And finally, we called Chelsea’s Painting again to paint the kitchen cabinets. Costco was called for a new refrigerator and dishwasher.

Screened in Porch/Deck

Screened in porch at Beachwalk Cottage. Deck at Beachwalk Cottage. Screened porch at Beachwalk Cottage

Lastly, one remaining room was in desperate need of attention: the screened in porch. The entire porch was rebuilt with new screens and a second railing for safety. Furniture and lighting were updated as well, of course. If you haven’t seen an entire deck built on the second story of a house before, I must say it’s pretty incredible!


Landscaping at Beachwalk Cottage  Landscaping at Beachwalk Cottage. Landscaping at Beachwalk Cottage. Landscaping at Beachwalk Cottage Front door at Beachwalk Cottage Planters in Beachwalk Cottage

Lastly, we couldn’t finish our project without updating the landscaping as well. We brought in C&C Landscaping – the right guys for the job! The large bush that covered the front of the house was removed. Finally, you can see the beauty of…the new deck! Concrete was removed and pavers were placed with grass in between to create a beautiful front patio. New drainage was added so there is no more rain run off onto the front patio. Ultimately, the most fun project for us personally was filling in the planter box by the pool with tropical plants to really tie the entire project together. The front porch was complete with hanging plants, planters by the front door and finally, a custom “Beachwalk Cottage” sign over the front door.

The Finale

Beachwalk Cottage. Beachwalk Cottage  Beachwalk CottageBeachwalk Cottage  Beachwalk Cottage  Beachwalk Cottage Beachwalk Cottage Beachwalk Cottage

How long did this project take you ask? 3 weeks. Yes, you heard that right. 3 weeks and we completely transformed Beachwalk Cottage! In conclusion, I’ll let the photos do the talkin’. Rent Beachwalk Cottage for your next stay in Hilton Head today.

Hilton Head’s 18+ miles of beaches are one of the many reasons people flock to this paradise in South Carolina. Who doesn’t want to soak up the sun and dip their toes in the sparkling waters of the island? Add the public golf courses, tennis courts, marinas, nature preserves, festivals, and one-of-a-kind restaurants and it’s a sure winner!

Hilton Head is nothing less than a magical island. Anyone who wants to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life will love it, and Beachside Hilton Head will help you do just that. Are you ready to vacation at South Carolina’s premiere beach destination and create memories to last a lifetime?

Let’s explore what your “home” away from home at Beachside Hilton Head could look like.

Get To Know Beachside Hilton Head

Beachside Hilton Head offers a selection of short-term vacation homes available for rent. The beachside houses range from cozy two-bedroom homes perfect for romantic getaways to luxurious six-bedroom homes that suit the needs of large families or groups. Besides the basic amenities, you also wake up to stunning ocean views and private pools for the ultimate relaxation!

All Beachside Hilton Head properties are within the Sea Pines Plantation, a gated residential community that promises endless adventure and indulgence. Everyone visiting can be 100% sure they’re safe as the resort requires passes to enter for monitoring and security purposes.

With Beachside Hilton Head, you may just be vacationing for a short while but you’ll always feel at home.

Beachside Hilton Head Vacation Homes

Let’s say you’ve spent years dreaming of a vacation that allows you to bask in the sun and enjoy the beach life. Beachside Hilton Head says the island has been waiting for you! Take your pick from a selection of vacation homes. All the houses are fully-equipped and ready to nurture you, even just for the short term. Imagine sipping a cold glass of lemonade while sunbathing by the pool or taking a stroll along the beach after having a fantastic breakfast in…


Hideaway is a little corner of heaven! It has two beds and baths, ideal for four to six guests. When you say yes to this vacation home, you’ll stay at the end of a desirable cul de sac, guaranteeing privacy and peace.

The house is all about a coastal chic theme and a calming palate, and your pets are as welcome as you are! It’s impossible not to fall in love with Hideaway’s pool deck, which guests can view and access through the wide glass sliding doors from the dining area and the small sitting area off the kitchen. The inviting deck also offers comfortable seating for lounging in the sun or soaking up some al fresco dining.

You’ll be near the Harbour Town Marina when you stay at Hideaway, so don’t miss out on the fantastic views of Calibogue Sound. You’ll always be just a few steps away from the white sand beach.

Cotton Cottage

Cotton Cottage is perfect for your family or friend group of eight if you’re into a more nautical, coastal chic motif. This house may be compact, but it’s beautifully updated and decorated! Cotton Cottage is a two-story home with three bedrooms and two baths.

From its bright and cozy living area to its well-equipped kitchen, Cotton Cottage is a cheerful home that’s great for a short-term stay. You can always relax inside, but if you feel like having outdoor time, a private pool and patio make it the perfect spot to take in some sun or have fun. Even better, Cotton Cottage is just minutes away from the beach and all the other amenities in Sea Pines Plantation.

Like cotton, it’s soft and fresh. These words perfectly describe Beachside Hilton Head’s Cotton Cottage! It’ll absorb all your stress, making you feel right at home on the beautiful island. Don’t be surprised if you (and your pets!) find yourself wanting to extend your stay.

Kahuna Cove

Stellar. That’s the perfect word to describe Kahuna Cove at Beachside Hilton Head. This ranch-style home has a large outdoor pool, spa, fire pit, and natural path from the backyard to the Sea Pines leisure trail. Located on a premier street, Kahuna Cove doesn’t fall short regarding natural beauty and tranquility.

Kahuna Cove has three bedrooms and baths, making it ideal for up to eight guests (and pets). Its calm, coastal motif promises a high-end relaxation experience. The pool area even has a tanning ledge designed for glorious sunbathing! And if you just can’t altogether leave your responsibilities behind, the house also has a dedicated office space.

Whether you want to spend your days playing on the beach, lounging by the pool, or biking around Sea Pines Plantation, Kahuna Cove is here to make all your vacation dreams come true!

Serenity By the Sea

Nothing speaks of serenity like Serenity By the Sea. This two-story home is coastal-themed, so you’ll feel like you’re in a beach house from the very first step! The combination of beautiful wood and tile floors, contemporary furniture, and tasteful decor will make you never want to leave.

Serenity By the Sea has three bedrooms and baths, spacious enough for eight guests and beloved pets. It’s near the white sand beaches, Sea Pines Forest Preserve, Lawton Stable, Harbour Town Marina, South Beach Marina, and Coligny Plaza.

What guests love about Serenity by the Sea is its private backyard, where the pool is conveniently situated. It’s the spot to take a dip, have barbecues, and just chill with friends and family. All the nearby attractions and activities are just a few minutes away, so you and your four-legged friends can make your vacation as exciting or mellow as you want.

Sunny Shores

Sunny Shores is a four-bedroom, three-bath home that breathtakingly combines wood and glass elements. The expansive glass doors let all the natural light in, making your vacation super sunny!

Sunny Shores’ modern open concept makes it feel like an extension of the sun outside. You can have hearty meals in the glass nook or sip your coffee on the back deck. Speaking of the back deck, it’s enormous and perfect for evening grills! Overlooking the Heron Point golf course, it’s an amazing spot to take in the serene beauty of Hilton Head Island.

Sunny Shores gives you access to the Harbour Town Pool. It’s near two Plantation Golf Club golf courses, Sea Pines Beach Club, Sea Pines Center, and Harbor Town. The house is more than just a place to stay; it’s an opportunity for family and friends to bond over new, picturesque experiences!

Southern Charm

Southern Charm is your go-to if you’re vacationing with an even bigger group. This house can accommodate up to 12 guests across four bedrooms and five bathrooms that are oh-so inviting! Luxurious and grand, this house exudes the classic charm of Hilton Head Island.

Hardwood floors, 12-foot ceilings, a large living area, and a private backyard and pool? Yes, please! This house is the total package for a laid-back vacation. When you make Southern Charm your home, you’ll feel like you’re living in the lap of luxury.

Southern Charm is on a quiet cul de sac. It’s close to the private beaches within Sea Pines so you can wake up to the sound of waves and enjoy long strolls under the sun. Families and friends can explore nearby attractions or cuddle up in the beach house for movie marathons. For a grand vacation, nothing beats the Southern Charm.


If you’re up for a classic Sea Pines vacation, Driftwood will take your breath away. Its architecture gives an authentic beach house vibe with composite deck boards, oak floors, and a classic upper-level deck!

The house accommodates up to eight people with four bedrooms and three bathrooms. It has been in the current owner’s family since 1979 and remains true to its classic charms. It’s been updated with modern amenities, but of course, has kept all the special touches that made it so loved when it was first built.

As an authentic beach house, you can hang out with your friends and family on the second level, where the living room, dining area, and kitchen are located. The upper-level deck is where you will want to hang out the most. It has an antique wooden picnic table, screened porch, and endless space for pure relaxation.

Driftwood is pet-friendly and may not have a private pool but all guests have free access to the South Beach Marina.

Tropical Retreat

Tropical Retreat is your cozy sanctuary with four bedrooms and four bathrooms. This house has it all; a private pool, a hot tub, and a complete outdoor living area. Tropical Retreat is the epitome of outdoor luxury and indoor comfort.

If you’re a fan of modern amenities, this house’s interior design will impress you! Its calming beach theme motif is the perfect backdrop for relaxation. The beds are luxurious, and you’ll love the master suite overlooking the pool. And when you step outside to the sparkling pool and spa area, you’ll understand what “tropical” really means.

Tropical Retreat is located on the third row, meaning the beach is just a few blocks away. Walking is the best way to go about it, and you can spend hours exploring all the nearby restaurants, boutiques, and shops. This house is about nothing but a well-deserved retreat. Take your time to bask in its beauty!

Coastal Chic

With four bedrooms and bathrooms, Coastal Chic is in a premier golf community near Sea Pines and Harbor Town Marina. You’re walking distance away from water activities, shopping, and dining. But the house itself may keep you in its cozy corners for days!

Coastal Chic is an architectural masterpiece. An open, bright living room overlooks the fenced and gated back deck, and the bedrooms are spacious and inviting. But the brand-new pool in the fenced area is what will make your stay genuinely luxurious and peaceful. After spending a day in the pool, lounge in the outdoor living area and cook something delicious on the gas grill.

Pets are welcome to stay at Coastal Chic. It’s a truly private paradise with all the features of a modern beach house and all the charm of a classic one. This single-story house will keep up to 12 people safe and sound, so bring your whole crew and enjoy the best of Hilton Head!

Pelican’s Perch

Picture island architecture and modern renovations, and you have Pelican’s Perch! Coastal luxury is what the house promises, and it truly delivers. With four bedrooms and three bathrooms, this house can accommodate up to eight people with pets who love living the magnificent island life.

Pelican’s Perch has many areas to fall in love with. First, there’s the pool deck with stepping stones to the beach. So, on days when you’re feeling adventurous, you can just walk from the pool right to the waves of Hilton Head! And then there’s a screened porch with ample space for hearty meals and gatherings. The area is perfect for late-night chats and laughter!

Pelican’s Perch is a top-notch choice for vacationers like you. The house alone is a sight to behold, and the amenities make it even more worth it. If you like the Lowcountry style, this one’s for you.

Island Time

Beachside Hilton Head has many hidden gems, and Island Time is one of them. It’s on a quiet street in Sea Pines, leading guests to the beach in just a few minutes. And its best offering? A massive, lush backyard that’s ready to host your summertime fiestas.

Island Time is a delightful house with four bedrooms and three bathrooms, enough to accommodate ten guests. The new wood-look tile floors throughout the house are just one of its many appeals. You’ll be vacationing in comfort and style! The indoors are very enticing, but the outdoors will really take your breath away.

With the pool surrounded by endless green, you can spend days lounging in the sun, playing games, and swimming in the cool waters. Located at the Atlantic Dunes by Davis Love III, Island Time is ideal for golfers. A pool, the beach, and a golf course in one trip? It sounds like a dream come true!

Beachwalk Cottage

Beachwalk Cottage is a quintessential Hilton Head retreat. What makes it different from the other houses? Well, its large, alluring pool is in the front yard! Just think about being out in the sun surrounded by tropical foliage with the sound of the ocean in the background.

Yes, Beachwalk Cottage is literally steps away from the beach. But the beauty of this property doesn’t stop there. The interior is just as impressive, with its four bedrooms and bathrooms accommodating up to ten people. Its modern touch with the original Savannah brick fireplaces gives it an undeniable allure. But you haven’t seen the best of Beachwalk Cottage yet…

The outdoor living area of this house is its best asset. The front yard pool calls for endless summer days, and the grill begs for a family barbecue. The whole place just really reminds you of simpler times! So, when you’re in the mood for a classic beach vacation, head to Beachwalk Cottage.

Fairway Oasis

Take the sweeping views of the Heron Point Golf course from Fairway Oasis. It’s a high-end, luxurious house offering great perks for golfers and beach bums. The house is mere minutes away from both the beach and the golf course! When it comes to location, nothing can beat Fairway Oasis.

Fairway Oasis has five bedrooms and four baths, giving 12 guests plenty of space to spread out and relax. The interior is modern yet cozy, and the living areas open up to captivating golf course views. You’ll feel right at home wherever you decide to hang out, whether on the raised back deck, screened porch, or by the pool.

The pool ensures both the adults and kiddos will have a blast. It has a raised spa with spillover and a shallow end section. You even have a complimentary Sea Pines Trolley pass if you want to hit the waves at the Sea Pines Beach Club.

Dream Catcher

We’ve called this Hilton Head vacation a dream since day one, and that’s exactly what Dream Catcher is! With five bedrooms and four bathrooms, it can accommodate up to 12 people in the utmost comfort. It’s another tropical paradise with lots of Palmetto palms!

Dream Catcher gives you access to award-winning beaches on the island. The house is located directly on the beach path, so you don’t even have to drive! The interior of Dream Catcher is all about soothing color pallets and beach theme decors. You’ll feel like you’re on vacation, even indoors!

There’s also a private pool making the backyard an oasis. When you’re upstairs, you can look ahead and spot stunning views or look down and marvel at the pool. The choice is yours! Whether you prefer to relax inside or out, Dream Catcher will ensure you have the beach vacation of your dreams.

Ocean Pearl

Are you ready to wake up to the view of the Atlantic Ocean? You’ll get to do that in Ocean Pearl! The oceanfront house is unbeatable in many aspects. It has a sports motif interior with five bedrooms and bathrooms for up to 12 guests. If there’s one thing it promises, it’s ocean, ocean, and more ocean!

Ocean Pearl’s highlight is the oceanfront deck and pool you’ll love to spend your days at. The pool is large, with a spa and spillover, featuring a tanning ledge by the shallow end. And besides the stunning outdoors, the living areas indoors also have breathtaking views. You and your family can hang out on the screened porch or the balcony and enjoy the sea breeze.

Did we mention that you can see the Atlantic Ocean from the house? Right. Ocean Pearl gives you the ultimate beach vacation; you’ll want to return yearly!

Timeless Treasure

If you’re a large group of 14 people coming to Hilton Head and needing one place with six bedrooms and baths, Timeless Treasure is the idyllic beach house for you! Sitting directly across from the ocean, it offers breathtaking views of the beach.

Timeless Treasure is among Sea Pines’ custom-built mansions featured in the “Three Decades of Hilton Head Architecture.” Its 1964 architecture means you’ll be surrounded by plenty of allure! The house blends old and new, reflecting the timeless charisma of Hilton Head. You might wake up next to the beach, but the house also has a pool. Ultimately, Timeless Treasure has everything you need for an unforgettable beach vacation!

Timeless Treasure has so much more to offer. We won’t even start on the balconies, decks, and porches you can lounge on! Or the living areas for game nights, movie marathons, and more. The house gets full points for its captivating beauty and comfort.


What if you’re a family or a friend group of 17? Peek-Of-Blue says peek-a-boo! This prestigious six-bedroom, five-bathroom house is located inside the back gate of Sea Pines, allowing you to peek at the Atlantic Ocean from the second floor.

The highlight of this spectacular Beachside house is its two sitting rooms. The one downstairs leads you to the sunny pool and the private beach. When you head upstairs, you can marvel at the interiors, plus glimpses of the pool and the Atlantic Ocean. Anywhere you go, you’ll be surrounded by blissful ocean hues.

Peek-Of-Blue is a big house that’s the ultimate choice for you and your big gang. You’ll feel like you have the ocean at your fingertips! You can revel in your privacy, peace, and of course, the place’s beauty.

Choose a Beachside House Now

At Beachside Hilton Head, you’ll be spoilt for choice regarding vacation rentals. After all, you deserve to be! Whether planning an intimate holiday or a grand getaway, there’s a perfect beach house for you. You’ll create memories that will last a lifetime.

Nowhere does wonderful beach vacations like Hilton Head. And Beachside Hilton Head brings it all to you. Would you like to call Hideaway, Sunny Shores, or Timeless Treasure your vacation home? You can make them yours for days, weeks, or months! Don’t wait any longer. Contact Beachside Hilton Head now!


Looking for the perfect vacation spot on your next trip to Sea Pines? You can stop your search with Serenity by the Sea!

It’s one of the top-rated short-term rental spaces in Hilton Head, and for good reason. There’s more to it than the incredible beaches nearby.

This blog will discuss what makes Serenity by the Sea stand out from other resorts on the island. Read on to find out if it’s the ideal property for you.

A Place for the Whole Family

At Serenity by the Sea, there’s something for the whole family to enjoy. Apart from the prime location, it also offers a private pool where fur babies are most welcome.

Yes, it’s a kilometer away from the famous Hilton Head Island, but it’s also within reach of Sea Pines Forest Preserve, Lawton Stable, and Harbour Town Marina. Outdoor enthusiasts on vacation should definitely consider this short-term rental.

Think about it. Adults and kids alike will love this place, and so will four-legged family members. There’s really no reason to look for another rental.

More About the Serenity by the Sea Property

Serenity by the Sea is a three-bedroom, single-story property located in a prime vacation spot. It’s the perfect place for groups of up to eight people.

One step into this property gives off a relaxing yet upscale vibe. Throughout the house, guests can view the beautiful combination of wood and tile floor.

Upon entry, they will come across the main sitting room, kitchen area, and hallway to the bedrooms. Afterward, they can relax in the smaller sitting space while watching the pool or the TV. They can also enjoy the eating area that boasts a wooden picnic-style table.

Guests who love to cook will not be disappointed! The newly renovated kitchen offers unmatched countertop space, complete with double ovens and a pantry.

There’s also a private backyard ideal for sunbathing, a refreshing dip, or outdoor dining. The staff can heat the pool during the non-summer months.

Below are some of the amenities each room offers:

Friendly Reminders

Book Your Stay Now

So, are you ready to plan your Sea Pines or Hilton Head vacation? There’s no other short-term rental quite like Serenity by the Sea. Call (843) 342-9909 now to book your stay.

Firstly, are you dreaming of a tropical getaway to escape the stresses of everyday life? Look no further than Tropical Retreat, a beautiful Sea Pines Beach home with everything you need for the ultimate island vacation. From its unique island architecture to its private pool and spa, this home is the perfect oasis for those seeking a relaxing and rejuvenating vacation.

In this post, we’ll take a closer look at this one-of-a-kind home. Above all, we will highlight its main features and explain why it stands out from the rest. With its prime location just steps away from the beach and its beautiful island landscaping, you’ll feel like you’ve escaped to a tropical paradise.

If you’re ready to take the first step in planning your dream island vacation, keep reading to learn more about Tropical Retreat and why it should be at the top of your list.

The Island Architecture of Tropical Retreat

Tropical Retreat VacationTropical Retreat is different from your typical short-term rental home. The home’s unique island architecture sets it apart from the rest. As you first enter the home, you’re greeted with a welcoming foyer that leads to the main living area.

Natural materials, such as the blonde hardwood floors, give the home a warm and inviting feel. Moreover, the living area is furnished with comfortable sofas and chairs that are perfect for relaxing after a long day at the beach.Tropical Retreat Vacation

The first level of the home features a spacious sitting area, a downstairs master bedroom and a guest bedroom. The second level of the home is the kitchen, dining, and living rooms. All living spaces are are furnished with comfortable and stylish furniture.

Island Landscaping and Private Pool & Spa

The landscaping around Tropical Retreat adds to the home’s island charm. The front yard is filled with lush tropical plants and flowers, the backyard boasts a private pool and spa. The pool and spa area are surrounded by palm trees and other tropical plants, creating a private oasis for guests to enjoy.

The home’s pool and spa area are perfect for cooling off after a day at the beach. Guests can relax on the pool deck, soak in the hot tub, or take a dip in the pool. Moreover, the pool and spa area are also equipped with lounge chairs that are perfect for sunbathing and taking in the island scenery. In contrast, the beach is a short walk as this home is considered 4th row.

Your Ideal Beach Vacation

Tropical Retreat is the perfect beach vacation setting. The home has unique island architecture and an ideal location making it the perfect island getaway.

In short, whether you are traveling with family or friends, Tropical Retreat has everything you need. Finally Book your stay at Tropical Retreat today and get ready to experience paradise.

Address: 16 Oyster Catcher, Hilton Head Island, SC 29928
Book Now:

Voted #1 in the Continental U.S. by Travel + Leisure Magazine in 2017, Hilton Head Island has become one of the top tourist destinations for Americans and foreigners alike.

It boasts 18.5 miles of glorious beaches, over 15 public golf courses for avid golfers, three awe-inspiring nature reserves, nine marinas, and more than 250 restaurants serving mouth-watering cuisine for everyone to enjoy. Every inch of the island is filled with activities for families of all ages and sizes, which is what makes it so popular these days.

Due to its high traffic of visitors all year round, it can sometimes be difficult to find accommodations for guests. Luckily, vacationers who want to get a glimpse of the island can stay at a short-term rental property in Sea Pines. Beachside Hilton Head hosts many unique properties right in Sea Pines. Pelican’s Perch is one of Beachside’s best short term rental properties. Ready on to learn more.

What To Know About Pelican’s Perch – Short Term Rental

Pelican’s Perch exemplifies coastal luxury while capturing the beauty and charm of a traditional beach cottage.

Having just finished major renovations recently, the newly updated vacation property exudes a distinct combination of modern flair and island architecture. With its pristine white-washed wood panel walls, exposed beams, and vaulted ceiling, this home is a cozy paradise for everyone.

Besides its rustic features, the property also upgraded some of its home amenities to give every guest a sense of comfort and luxury that other beach houses don’t have.

What’s special about this vacation home is the way it seamlessly blends the old with the new. While some aspects of the house celebrate Southern style and design, others transport you to the modern world. These include the contemporary touches of adding hardwood floors, new kitchen backsplashes, and even state-of-the-art facilities.

In true Lowcountry fashion, Pelican’s Perch follows an upside-down floor plan. The living area is on the second level, while the bedrooms are on the first floor.

The Top Amenities at Pelican’s Perch

As a spacious short-term rental property, Pelican’s Perch can fit eight guests comfortably. The house features four bedrooms and three and a half bathrooms. Besides these essential amenities, the place also has a private pool, a screened porch, and a gas grill so you can have a mini-staycation at home. Pelican's Perch Short Term Rental

Having access to these amenities is beneficial, especially if the beaches are crowded. Rather than merging with a lot of people on the beach, families can enjoy some alone time in the comfort of their own home. They can swim, barbecue, or watch movies.

Book a Stay at Pelican’s Perch Today!

As a sanctuary all on its own, Pelican’s Perch is a gem in Beachside Hilton Head Island’s portfolio. If anyone is interested in vacationing to this destination in the near future, now’s the perfect time to check availability and book a stay.

Planning as early as now can be advantageous, especially with the summer season just around the corner. And there’s no better place to spend your days and nights other than Pelican’s Perch in Sea Pines. Pelican’s Perch truly is a great short term rental for your next vacation.

Address: 10 Oyster Catcher, Hilton Head Island, SC 29928
Book Now:

“Peek-of-Blue” is one of the most spacious short-term rental homes in Sea Pines. Because, it’s rare to find a cottage that can fit six bedrooms! Plus, it has an amazing view facing the Atlantic Ocean. In other words, the cottage is really a jewel, with space big enough for 16 people to sleep in.

Right beside the two lounges is a quick and elegant pathway that leads to the breathtaking, crystal clear beach. As soon as you step inside Peek-of-Blue, you will be greeted by pine-wood carved furniture. The kitchen is relatively wide too, with lots of dining chairs and seats just beside the kitchen.

Another key point, common areas like the dining room, the kitchen, and laundry rooms are free for everyone in the group to use. As soon as you’ve settled down, a pool and spa gated by a fence are waiting for you to dive in and relax.

Hanging out in the lounge area on the first floor with your crew is just as fun as being outside. Enjoy the big plasma TV on comfortable couches and side chairs seated just right next to the pool. Do you need to dry off after a swim? Peek-of-Blue’s full bathroom is easily accessible from the side doors.

When it’s time to have dinner, check out the beautiful dining table that seats 12 people. Who wouldn’t want to stay in such a beautiful place like this?

Take a Dip in Peek-of-Blue Waters

Of course, a vacation trip to Sea Pines isn’t complete without Peek-of-Blue’s gigantic pool! The pool area is surrounded by tall fences and green, abundant landscapes meant for protection and decoration.

Guests can request other services like pool and spa heating which can be done for an extra charge. The private beach is easily accessible by going through the beautiful pathway, only a minute away from the 20ft pool. Guests can build sandcastles on the beach all while enjoying the calming view

You need a gate pass to access Peek-of-Blue; information to be found within the price list. Passes for additional guests can be bought upon the gate arrival. The rate is $22 per person, applicable for seven days.

Why You Should Stay at Peek-of-Blue

The property is conveniently located near some of the best restaurants, shopping centers, and entertainment venues, making it an ideal location for those looking for both relaxation and entertainment. In other words, you’ll have everything you need right at your fingertips!

Shops like The Village at Wexford and The Sea Pines Center are just a few minutes away from Peek-of-Blue. Given that, shopping for your relatives back home has never been easy!

If you prefer spending time on your own and are seeking indoor entertainment, we’ve got you! Peek-of-Blue has a game room equipped with a pool table and a wet bar, providing guests with hours of fun and stimulation. Expect your fridge to be packed with choices of chips and candy. You may never want to leave!


Peek-Of-Blue is a recommended spot for big groups of people. Whether you’re visiting for a birthday party, a family reunion, office team building or just a simple vacation, we’ve got all your R&R covered.

Hurry up, book Peek-of-Blue now!

Are you primarily looking for a quick getaway with your family? Timeless Treasure on Hilton Head Island is one of the most popular places to relax in Sea Pines.

Timeless Treasure is an original part of the idyllic Hilton Head Island beach cottage from 1964. This short-term rental is featured in “Three Decades of Hilton Head Architecture.” Albeit, it’s most famous for its unique structure and fun activities. This timeless beauty can be booked through Beachside Hilton Head directly.

A Perfect Mix of Old and New

Antiques and unique pieces are dotted around the property, ultimately continuing the timeless theme. In contrast, the interior design of the house combines old and new furnishings and décor.

A distinct charm of a vintage beach house greets you as soon as you step through the solid wood front doors. The Savannah brick, the knobby cypress, the pecky pine walls, and finally the aged heart of pine floors will take you back to an era you’ve never been to.

Don’t let its vintage exterior fool you, because the mixture of old and new is apparent in the main living area where guests can also enjoy the view of the sea. Timeless Treasure has all the modern amenities you could ask for, blending perfectly well with its vintage foundation. It’s like having your slice of paradise!

Rooms and Features

Ultimately, Timeless Treasure is massive. Presently holding six bedrooms and six bathrooms with enough space for everyone in the family. Each bedroom is designed with a contrast of both modern and vintage pieces of furniture too! Your eyes will never get bored looking at the amazing art, and the warm ambience will surely make everyone feel at home.

Aside from the massive, fully-decorated rooms, a favorite feature of the Timeless Treasure is the game room. The space was formerly a garage that has

Timeless Treasure Hilton Head

been converted into a game room for the guests’ recreational needs. Inside is a foosball table, a gaming table, a flat-screen TV, and a fridge — which are only a few of the amenities this room has to offer. Guests might never want to leave!

For guests who love taking a dip, Timeless Treasure’s newly built pool offers ultimate relaxation. The pool is uniquely nestled within the dunes near the beach and is conveniently separated from the house with an open yard area.

The wide, beautiful backyard of Timeless Treasure is where guests are most likely to spend their vacation. Patrons can enjoy the breathtaking ocean views on the second-level deck, sit on the tanning ledge of the sunny oceanside pool, soak in the sun on one of the two beach decks, or finally play bocce in the backyard. Plus, let’s not forget the breathtaking private sand path leading directly to the beach.

Why Choose Timeless Treasure?

Visitors at Timeless Treasure are treated with utmost priority to ensure a perfect vacation experience. Guests are provided with gate access, and additional gate passes can be purchased at either gate upon arrival. The maximum number of passes permitted for this property is six — perfect for big groups looking to unwind.

In conclusion, what are you waiting for? Obviously you should book your stay at Timeless Treasure and prepare for the ultimate beach vacation!

Address: 2 East Beach Lagoon, Hilton Head Island, SC 29929
Book Now:

Are you dreaming about your next dream vacation?

Turn your well-imagined vacation into a reality. Relax, rejuvenate, and step into the breathtaking beaches, attractions, and scenery that make Hilton Head Island the best place to unplug and unwind. Join Beachside Hilton Head Island in visiting “Island Time” for your rental needs!

It’s Island Time!

Whether you’re seeking a weekend getaway or an extended stay, Island Time gives you an idyllic space. With the privacy and comfort of your own rental property, you can enjoy endless days of relaxation and fun.

Boasting newly renovated areas, Island Time features a ranch-style beach house bungalow. The house is only a half mile away from the beach. It has four bedrooms and three bathrooms. The outdoor sitting spaces easily accommodate large groups and families.

Tucked in a quiet little corner of Sea Pines, Island Time gives you the luxury of peace to enjoy your private respite. Beyond its spacious rooms and common areas, Island Time’s backyard pool and spa offer majestic views of the Atlantic Dunes Golf Course, which add to the highlight of your vacation experience.

What’s a beach vacation without a beach? Whether you’re looking for a private alcove or the luxurious accommodations of the Sea Pines Beach Club, Sea Pines gives you  tons of scenic beach options that are sure to meet your preferences.

Head Out to Town or Stay In

Are you in the mood for a culinary adventure? There are several dining spots like Quarterdeck in the area guaranteed to satisfy your cravings.

Not in the mood to head out?

Why not take in the scenic view from your very own backyard? Maybe you’ll get swept away by the picturesque aesthetics of Island Time, featuring vaulted ceilings, wood-look tiles, and a screened porch that leads to everyone’s favorite communal area: the dining room.

Well-equipped Amenities

Island Time offers a complete and functional space with many amenities. Amenities range from a private pool, a spa, WiFi, a well-equipped kitchen, and more.

Island Time Hilton Head RentalThe master bedroom is positioned just off the back of the home. Two additional guest rooms are readily available along the left midsection of the home. Both rooms share a hallway bathroom with easy access to the side yard or patio leading to the pool area. One room offers a queen-sized bed, while the other has a bunk bed option alongside a twin and full-sized fold-out bed.

Another bedroom with a sitting room and a queen-sized bed can also be found just at the front of the house. This room also boasts its own private bathroom.

Your Dream Vacation Awaits

Island Time is a great rental to get away from the hustle and bustle and create beautiful memories with friends or family. Whether it’s a weekend getaway or an extended stay, don’t forget to add us to your itinerary!

Address: 28 Woodbine, Hilton Head Island, SC 29928
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Looking for the perfect place to stay for your much-awaited Hilton Head Island vacation? Look no further than Kahuna Cove hosted by Beachside Hilton Head! Whether you’re coming with your family, friends, or your adorable pets, this gorgeous home has you covered. If you’re wondering what exciting things await you at Kahuna Cove, keep scrolling.

A Backyard Like No Other

Kahuna Cove Rental

Say goodbye to boring backyards and enjoy a little slice of paradise at Kahuna Cove. It has a lovely pool and spa where you and your squad can relax and recharge. There’s also a firepit where you can share interesting stories with family and friends, play some games, or simply enjoy the night with soothing music.

The private outdoor cabana and bar complete with stereo, bar stools, TV, fridge, and grill are sure to complete your tummy and soul, making your vacation in Hilton Head Island incomparable.

Convenient Location

Perfectly situated on a well-known street in Sea Pines, Kahuna Cove gives you easy access to the picturesque Harbor Town Marina and the inviting South Beach Marina. Done chilling out in Kahuna Cove’s backyard? You can take its natural path toward the Sea Pines recreational route and either ride or walk to enjoy the beach or marina.

Your Fur Buddies Are Welcome

Planning to take a vacation on Hilton Head Island but hesitant because your fur babies will be left behind anxiously waiting for your return? Worry no more because Kahuna Cave is a pet-friendly home! You can then play with them and continue collecting beautiful memories with them in a warm and cozy place.

Various Spaces To Relax

Kahuna Cove RentalKahuna Cove may be a short-term rental, but the relaxation you’ll experience is one to remember. The three bedrooms are spacious enough with comfy king-size beds and their own bathrooms. Want to have more “me time” and enjoy reading your favorite book? You can do so in the den. You can check out Kahuna Cove’s bookshelves, too.

If you want to stay productive while going on a Sea Pines vacation, Kahuna Cove’s home office space is perfect for you. There are several dining areas as well, such as the dining table that can accommodate eight people, the high-top table in the kitchen, the cabana bar, and the outdoor table overlooking the pool area.

Whether you want to catch up with family or friends in the living room, cook some hearty meals with them in the kitchen, try a fascinating cocktail in the outdoor bar, or plunge into the pool, Kahuna Cove gives you several options to maximize your well-deserved vacation. Decorated by a talented, local interior designer, this cozy coastal home is a treat for every family.

Final Thoughts

From its irresistible backyard and convenient location to its large and multiple spaces for relaxation, Kahuna Cove is a perfect short-term rental for your next Hilton Head Island vacation. Book now for an incredible experience.

Address: 72 Baynard Cove Rd, Hilton Head Island, SC 29928
Book Now:

Are you looking for the perfect short-term rental in Hilton Head? The search is over with Beachwalk Cottage! The huge vacation rental offers the perfect blend of comfort, convenience, and coastal charm. Beachside Hilton Head is the proud host of this great rental.

Located in the heart of Palmetto Dunes Resort, Beachwalk Cottage is just a minute away from Hilton Head’s most popular attractions. The cottage is situated on a quiet cul-de-sac, providing a serene atmosphere that’s perfect for unwinding after a long day of exploring the island.

Explore the Beauty of Beachwalk Cottage

Beachwalk Cottage is designed with white interior paintings that exude inviting energy. The two-story rental comes with different styles of furniture. The ceilings are equipped with wooden fans, and the walls are filled with wooden animal sculptures too.

Let’s not forget the amenities you need to feel at home are right here. Your family can enjoy the comfort of the plush sofa armchairs and brick fireplace in a room full of natural light.

The cottage’s kitchen includes tables that seat four people, with additional seating and a wet bar. Want some breakfast? No worries! A stove, a microwave, a refrigerator and a set of utensils are all provided for you.

Each of the cottage’s bedrooms has its own en-suite bathroom. The master bedroom has a comfortable queen-size bed, a flat-screen TV, and a large window that overlooks the backyard. There are two guest bedrooms, so it’s perfect for inviting a large group of friends.

Each bedroom has a large screened porch where you can enjoy the sun and the fresh air. Outside is a view of the private pool complete with outdoor seating for tanning and relaxing. You can request additional tables and chairs if you want to eat by the pool.

Why You Should Stay at Beachwalk Cottage

Beachwalk Cottage is just a few minutes away from a variety of places you can explore outside of your rental. If you wish to shop during your stay, Sea Pines has The Shelter Cove Towne Centre, which is popular for outdoor shopping and home to many stores like Belk and Kroger.

Go souvenir shopping at Shelter Cove Harbour and Marina. They offer everything from jewelry and clothing to art and home decor.

Palmetto Dunes Resort has a selection of food that’s to die for. Fine dining restaurants like Alexander’s are sure to satisfy any of your cravings. They specialize in fresh seafood and high-quality steaks.

The Dunes House is perfect for diners who wish to enjoy the view of the sea while enjoying their meals. This casual beachfront spot serves classic meals like shrimp and grits with a side of fried green tomatoes.

Meanwhile, outdoor trails like the Pinckney Island National Wildlife Refuge are available for exploring the island’s natural beauty. Palmetto Dunes Lagoon is the perfect setting for Kayaking and paddleboarding.

Cottage Access

Visitors need a gate pass to access Beachwalk Cottage, and only one gate pass is included in the initial pricing. The pass is $22 per head, applicable for seven days.


Beachwalk Cottage is the ideal short-term rental in Palmetto Dunes Resort. The cozy cottage provides easy access to a variety of shops, restaurants, and other recreation. Book now, and enjoy your exploration of Hilton Head’s natural beauty.

Address: 19 Oyster Catcher, Hilton Head Island, SC 29928
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Are you looking for a getaway to one of the most beautiful places in South Carolina? Sea Pines is arguably one of the most stunning destinations in Hilton Head. Whether you want to relax on the beach or explore all of the great activities Sea Pines has to offer, a short-term rental is the perfect way to experience a vacation like no other. That being said, we present to you: Coastal Chic hosted by Beachside Hilton Head Island.

Luxurious Interiors

Coastal Chic short term rental

Coastal Chic’s luxurious interiors are designed to make you feel right at home. From the open and bright living room to the gourmet kitchen with high-end appliances, you’ll find everything you need for a comfortable stay. The dining area features a large round table with seating for eight, perfect for enjoying meals together.

The screened porch off the kitchen area offers a cozy spot for sipping your morning coffee or enjoying an afternoon cocktail. The interiors are beautifully decorated and offer multiple seating areas, including a sunroom with stunning views of the lagoon.

Spacious Accommodations

Coastal Chic- short term vacation rentalCoastal Chic’s spacious accommodations provide ample room for your family and friends. With four bedrooms, each with its own en-suite bathroom, you’ll have plenty of privacy and personal space. The master bedroom features an individually adjustable king-size bed, a sitting area, a large walk-in closet, and a renovated bathroom with double sinks, a tub, and a tile shower. The guest bedrooms offer comfortable queen and twin beds, and one bedroom is perfect for younger guests, with two bunk beds and a private bathroom.

Stunning Outdoor Living

The stunning outdoor living at this rental property is sure to impress. You’ll find a brand-new, fenced-in pool that’s perfect for lounging or taking a refreshing dip. The pool area also features comfortable lounge chairs and an outdoor dining table that seats eight. The raised back deck offers picturesque views of the lagoon and a great spot for grilling or dining al fresco.

Pet-friendly Paradise

While other properties restrict pets, Coastal Chic welcomes your furry family members with open arms. Moreover, this pet-friendly paradise ensures that your four-legged friends can join in on the fun. However,there are breed, size, and age restrictions, so make sure to inquire for details.

Likewise, with a beautifully landscaped backyard and plenty of space to play, your pets will feel right at home. You can enjoy walks around the golf community or visit the nearby dog park. A non-refundable pet fee is required, but it’s a small price to pay for the joy and companionship that your pets bring to your vacation.

Exclusive Amenities

At Coastal Chic, every detail has been thoughtfully considered to ensure that your stay is comfortable, convenient, and enjoyable. With exclusive amenities such as a private pool, screened porch, and gas grill, you can relax in style. All bed linens and bath towels are provided, so you can travel light. You will find starter amenities in the bathroom, kitchen, and laundry room, so you can settle in without having to worry about basic supplies. Enjoy free Wi-Fi and cable TV, and finally, if you need extra sleeping space, there is a sleeper sofa available.

Enjoy Sea Pines the Way It Was Meant To Be

There’s no better way to enjoy Sea Pines than having an accommodation that not only meets, but exceeds your expectations. Free up your schedule, pack your beach bags, and prepare to indulge in luxury. Call Beachside Hilton Head Island today to book your stay!

Address: 2 St. Andrews Place, Hilton Head Island, SC 29928
Book Now with Beachside Hilton Head Island

Planning to go on a much-needed vacation soon? Look no further than Hilton Head Island. The beaches in Hilton Head span over 12 miles of impressive South Carolina coastline. The coastline provides access to the pristine sandy beaches and dynamic blue waves of the Atlantic Ocean. Once you arrive at your destination, you can do all sorts of fun activities, from relaxing on the sand and soaking up the sun to participating in water sports like surfing, skiing, sailing, and boarding.

There’s no question that this top destination offers no shortage of activities everyone in the family can enjoy. The concern now is where to stay when one gets to the beach. The solution: find a short-term rental property from Beachside Hilton Head Island like Driftwood.

What To Know About Driftwood – The Perfect Rental

Driftwood is a beautiful beach home in Sea Pines. It is perfect for big families — with four bedrooms and three baths, it can accommodate up to eight people.

Although this home has been with the family since 1979, the owners are just opening it up for rental now so they can share the beauty of the traditional beach house architecture with vacationers from all over the country and even the world.

The property had major renovations in 2022 to upgrade its features and incorporate modern touches into this classical home. While there are new advances in the house, its essence as a traditional beach house remains.

Driftwood rental property

From the composite deck boards in the upper deck to stainless steel appliances and exposed oak floors, Driftwood exudes a “retro-beach” vibe. It’s truly a unique space that’s ready to accommodate your whole family.

Apart from its impressive architecture and modern decor, the property also features  free access to the South Beach Marina pool that is just a quarter mile away.

However, if families want to enjoy the amenities and have a “staycation,” the property offers board games and an expansive upper deck where teens, children, and adults can play ball with their furry friends.

Driftwood: A Pet-friendly Rental Property for Furry Friends

A family vacation isn’t complete without the family’s best friend in tow. Luckily dogs and cats are welcome at Driftwood. There’s enough space and privacy for four-legged creatures to run around and play all day long.

But take note, to protect the safety and well-being of everyone within the area, it’s important to have pets approved beforehand. You will also need to pay a pet fee to bring your furry friends to the property.

Once everything is sorted out, the whole family can relax, unwind, and enjoy a calming experience at Driftwood.

The Perfect Location

Driftwood is located near South Beach Marina within Sea Pines. South Beach is home to one of the most famous restaurants in the South: The Salty Dog Cafe. Amongst great shopping, views, water sports, beaches and food, South Beach has something for the entire family.

Book a Stay at Driftwood Today

Summer’s just around the corner, which means now is the perfect time to book a trip to Hilton Head Island. That said, everyone is encouraged to check the availability of Driftwood property today and reserve their desired dates.

Enjoy this popular travel destination by booking your rental at Driftwood today!

Address: 2 Brown Pelican, Hilton Head Island, SC 29928

Excited to take a break from daily life’s hustle and bustle and enjoy some much-needed R&R with family and friends? Southern Charm is the right choice for you on your next vacation! From spacious rooms and a gorgeous private pool to cozy dining and sitting areas, you have everything you need for a memorable vacation. Read on to learn more about what makes Southern Charm truly irresistible.

Impressive Design

Southern Charm living room on vacationSouthern Charm will leave you in awe with its simple, minimalist, yet elegant design. Hardwood floors in the foyer, main living room, dining area, and sitting area make the home look more appealing. The combination of vaulted ceilings and tongue and groove ceilings is sure to catch your attention, too. From the front door, den, and sitting areas to the lovely living room and kitchen, every corner of this coastal home is a stunner.

Maximum Comfort

While Southern Charm is available for short-term rental, it gives you a lasting type of comfort. Each room is large enough to satisfy your needs. For instance, the master bedroom includes a soft and comfy king-size bed and a TV. The wide

Southern Charm formal living on vacation

private bathroom also has a nice tub, separate shower, toilet closet, and double sinks.

There are multiple guest rooms as well, with either twin beds or king-size beds. Some of these rooms also offer amazing pool views and even a walk-in closet. Moreover, there are several areas to simply catch up with family and friends or enjoy your alone time by reading a good book. The den includes a wall-mounted TV, wooden bookshelves, and two sofas. The main living room also has two sofas, a wet bar, and a wall-mounted TV.

Perfect Outdoor Entertainment

Southern Charm lets you appreciate and enjoy the outdoors too. From its beautiful landscape and grass area to its inviting pool, you can recharge and reconnect with nature. Furthermore, Southern Charm is just a quarter mile away from Sea Pines’ private beaches. You can choose to walk for a few minutes or bike to the beach and enjoy your well-deserved vacation.

Top-tier Kitchen Facility

Want to spend more quality time with family and friends while enjoying home-cooked meals? Southern Charm has you covered. Its kitchen features double ovens and a gas stove. The pantry is wide enough for your friends and family members. Moreover, it offers easy access to a covered grilling deck outdoors. The nook area that welcomes natural light includes a table and seven chairs. Whether you want to enjoy a cup of coffee or a refreshing smoothie, the kitchen has a coffee maker, blender, and other amenities to address your needs.

Final Thoughts

From its impressive landscape and amenities to its quiet neighborhood and proximity to private beaches in Sea Pines, Southern Charm will make your vacation unforgettable. Book this incredible rental property with Beachside Hilton Head Island today!

Southern Charm Address: 4 West Garrison, Hilton Head Island, SC 29928
Book Now with Beachside Hilton Head Island:

Hilton Head may be best known for its numerous world-class golf courses, but the island’s gorgeous white sand beaches and wildlife also draw in thousands of visitors each year. Read on to learn about Cotton Cottage for your next vacation spot…

For families with rowdy kids and pets in tow or large groups of friends, booking a hotel room isn’t always the best idea. More space is always key when traveling with children, pets, or a big group.

This is what makes short-term rental homes so appealing. There’s a room for everyone, a lot of space to run around, and — more often than not — a more affordable price than a hotel!

Cotton Cottage at Hilton Head offers exactly that — and much, much more on your next vacation. You can book Cotton Cottage right from Beachside Hilton Head Island.

For Friends and Families Alike

Cotton Cottage is a two-story home with a cozy charm. This newly renovated cottage sits along a quiet cul-de-sac on Cotton Lane. The fresh, white interiors and the blue and wood theme gives the cottage a beachy vibe that fits the island perfectly.

It’s spacious with three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a private pool, making the cottage popular among families and friend groups. Between the open plan layout indoors, the large patio, and an outdoor pool area, guests will have plenty of space to hang out.

A Full House of Amenities

Cotton Cottage living room on vacationCotton Cottage is truly a home away from home. Guests won’t be left wanting for anything — whether it’s high-speed WIFI and a smart TV to keep techy teens happy, a washer and dryer for those on an extended stay, or a high-chair and pack and play for families with babies. For those on a “workation,” the cottage has a laptop-friendly workspace to fulfill your needs.

Cotton Cottage kitchen on vacationThe cottage also has a fully equipped kitchen for the chef of the family. They even have two coffee options for the caffeine-inclined: a 12-cup drip coffee maker and a Keurig machine.

Convenient Location for Exploring

One of the best things about Cotton Cottage is its convenient location. Guests can easily get to popular attractions like the beach or the Sea Pines Forest Preserve — both of which are less than a mile away. For parents on vacation with their kids, Lawton Stables is only a mile away.

Other nearby or easily accessible destinations include Harbour Town Lighthouse, Harbour Town Marina, South Beach Marina, and the Sea Pines Beach Club.

Poolside Food and Fun

The white sand beaches at Sea Pines are beautiful but not exactly private. The pool at Cotton Cottage is the perfect alternative for couples or friends who don’t want any interruptions. Since the pool is heated, late-night dips or cool weather aren’t issues.

Best of all, the Cotton Cottage also has an outdoor gas grill and a full set of barbeque utensils — perfect of a Fourth of July cookout by the pool on vacation!

Have Fun and Make Memories at Sea Pines

When it comes to a well-earned vacation with family or friends, nothing quite beats renting out an entire house for yourselves and living like a local. If you’re looking for an amazing home-base that has everything you need — including a relaxing, beachy, local vibe — then Cotton Cottage is the perfect short-term rental for you.

Cotton Cottage Address: 4 Cotton Lane, Hilton Head Island, SC 29928
Rent from Beachside Hilton Head Island:

People from all over the world have been flocking to Hilton Head Island in South Carolina for years in search of the perfect short term vacation rental. It’s well-liked for its pleasant climate, laid-back residents, long stretches of beach, locally sourced cuisine, historical sites, and abundant recreational activities. If you need a getaway, this island has everything you could want.

What’s more, you can choose from a wide variety of lodgings on Hilton Head Island, from private homes and villas to five-star hotels. When you rent with Beachside Hilton Head Island, you know you are getting the best Sea Pines has to offer. One of the most popular among them is Fairway Oasis. Let’s take a look at what this vacation rental has to offer.

About the Short Term Vacation Rental

Short term vacation rental Fairway Oasis

Fairway Oasis is a beautiful spot that provides first-rate convenience and luxurious accommodations in a fantastic location. The 11th green at Heron Point Golf Course can be seen from this stunning home. The home also boasts five bedrooms and four and a half bathrooms. Take a plunge in the private pool after a day of lounging in the sun and watching golfers through the moss-covered oak trees.

Special Features

This rental home has everything you could want in a vacation destination. When you walk in, you’ll see how much care and attention to detail went into the extensive renovations. Upon entering the great room, attention immediately draws to the breathtaking sights of the Heron Point Golf Course.

Connected to the kitchen, the dining area features a table with seating for eight and direct access to the covered patio. There is a three-seat bar counter separating the dining area and the kitchen. With plenty of space for guests to see you cook, the kitchen is a real treat for aspiring chefs.

Short term vacation rental Fairway Oasis

The house has five bedrooms, two on the ground floor and three on the upper floor. The main suite is fit for royalty, with a king-size bed, a flat-screen TV, and access to the elevated rear deck through French doors that look out over the golf course. The luxurious main bathroom features dual sinks, a deep soaking tub, and a tiled shower with several shower heads.

Unique features of this property extend to the rear, where majestic oak trees screen a view of the golf course. Relax in the perfect outdoor area at the table on the covered porch, by the pool, or on the loungers.

Things To Do Nearby

Located just under half a mile from Harbour Town Marina, this luxurious home provides peace and quiet without sacrificing convenience. You can get to the stores, restaurants, water sports, Liberty Oak Tree and Lighthouse by foot or bike. Take advantage of the complimentary trolley to travel the short distance to the Sea Pines Beach Club.

Book Fairway Oasis Today

Staying in a short term vacation rental such as Fairway Oasis is an excellent idea if you’re bringing the whole family to Sea Pines. You’ll find everything you need for a relaxing weekend at Fairway Oasis. Whether you’re spending the day under the sun with friends or family, golfing, or watching a Greg Russell concert at Harbor Town, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Contact us today to book Fairway Oasis for your next family vacation!

Fairway Oasis Address: 24 Stoney Creek Rd, Hilton Head Island, SC 29928
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Looking for a short term vacation rental in Hilton Head? Traveling to the Lowcountry, particularly to Hilton Head Island, is an experience like no other. Golfers and beachgoers flock to this South Carolina island because of its pristine Atlantic coastline and abundance of golf courses. If you’re looking for a great spot to stay on Hilton Head Island, look no further than Sunny Shores. It’s the perfect combination of rustic charm and opulent comfort.

You’ll be struck by Hilton Head Island’s natural beauty once you enter the driveway of Sunny Shores. Let’s look more closely at what this beautiful short-term rental accommodation has to offer.

About the Accommodation

Sunny Shores is conveniently located in the middle of Sea Pines, making it quick and easy to go to the beach, golf courses, tennis courts, bike paths, a nature preserve, and all your favorite shops, restaurants, and other amenities.

It’s easy to unwind in the spacious and serene atmosphere of this four-bedroom, three-bathroom home, which can accommodate up to 10 guests. With its modern design, lofty ceilings, and opulent baths and kitchen, this stunning home is the epitome of contemporary living.

Special Features

Short term vacation rental kitchenSunny Shores has an elegant main living area with a spacious open floor plan. There is a seamless transition between the kitchen, dining area, and living room (complete with a king-size sleeper sofa). Spend quality time with loved ones while cooking a meal together in the sleek, modern kitchen.

The master suite, featuring a TV and king-size bed, is tucked away in a quiet corner at the house’s rear. Guests will love the walk-in shower and luxurious tub in the attached bathroom. Three additional bedrooms provide the same high level of comfort and convenience.

Sunny Shores also has a large back patio off the main living area, excellent for evening barbecues with a view of the Heron Point golf course’s lovely second tee. There are plenty of comfy seats, making it ideal for kicking back at the end of the day. What’s more, a private den downstairs from the kitchen provides another comfortable space to watch TV, exercise, or simply unwind with friends.

Things To Do Nearby

If you’re planning a vacation in Sunny Shores, renting bicycles is an excellent idea to explore the area at your own pace. Here are some nearby attractions:

Visit Today!

Visitors to Hilton Head Island will find that Sunny Shores is the best short term vacation rental. Don’t miss your chance to stay in this one-of-a-kind property in the center of Sea Pines. Sunny Shores has everything you’ll want for a fun weekend getaway, whether you’re taking the family to see Greg Russell at Harbour Town, hanging out with friends at the beach, or playing a round of golf.

Sunny Shores Address: 27 Red Maple Rd, Hilton Head Island, SC 29928
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After months of hustle and bustle and chasing after deadlines, you just can’t help but want to take a breather. It’s tough out there, and a few days off can sound like a gift from the heavens. But where should you go for a vacation hideaway? Is there a place so peaceful that it feels like it was made just for you?

At Beachside Hilton Head Island, there’s something for everyone. And when you just can’t wait any longer to hide away from the world, head over to Sea Pines and find the Hideaway, perfect for you next vacation!

Hideaway in Lawton Woods

Imagine spending a weekend in a luxury home in a private, gated community. You wake up on a quiet morning in a beautiful room, walk outside, and take a dip in the pool. The sun is shining, and all you have to do is relax. You can do all this at Hideaway!

Hideaway isn’t just your average short-term rental property. This single-story home has two luxurious bedrooms and baths with a private pool. It’s located near Sea Pines Forest Preserve, a white sand beach, and Harbour Town Marina. It’s the absolutely perfect place for your next getaway.

The place is called “Hideaway” because of its end-lot location in Lawton Woods, tucked away in Sea Pines. After high-quality renovations, the luxurious home now welcomes you with its chic coastal theme, providing a calming atmosphere where you’ll want to hide forever. Hideaway is perfect for four to six guests craving a peaceful escape.

Everything You Can Enjoy

Hideaway takes your next getaway to the next level. With its numerous amenities and features, you can enjoy a blissful weekend with your friends or family without ever leaving the gorgeous vacation rental.

Spectacular Kitchen

Kitchen at Hideaway on vacationThe Hideaway kitchen has luxurious amenities like a stainless-steel refrigerator, oven, microwave, and dishwasher. It’ll make you feel like you just stepped into a five-star restaurant.

Intimate Dining Room

Share meals in an intimate but stylish dining room with a wooden-top table, seating up to four guests. You don’t have to leave the house just to have a great dinner!

Spacious Living Room

Of course, a vacation isn’t complete without a good movie night. You can hang out in Hideaway’s living room and watch your favorite shows while snuggled up with your partner, friends, or family.

Private Pool

Start your day with a swim in the private pool and then enjoy some sunbathing or barbecuing by the poolside!

Pool at Hideaway on vacation

Laundry Room

Don’t worry about laundry during your stay; Hideaway has its own laundry room for you to use.

All rooms in Hideaway also have starter amenities, so you can just get up and go. You can also use free WiFi, cable TV, and everything the Sea Pines community has to offer.

Book Hideaway On Your Next Vacation!

Once you step into the beautiful Hideaway, you’ll instantly feel like all the worries of the world have just disappeared. Are you ready to take a breather this weekend? Book your stay today and enjoy the peace and beauty of Sea Pines. Vacation awaits!

Hideaway Address: 7 Pender Lane, Hilton Head Island, SC 29928
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Spend Summer at Sunny Shores

Looking to spend summer vacation in Hilton Head? Look no further then Sunny Shores! This 4 bedroom, 3 bathroom house located in the heart of Sea Pines is the perfect summer vacation spot for any group.

Why spend summer at Sunny Shores?

Location, location, location! Sunny Shores is located off a quiet road in the middle of Sea Pines. The path right next to the house leads you right to the front door of the Plantation Golf Club. Get in a round of golf and then enjoy lunch at Fraser’s Tavern in the clubhouse. Finally, cross the street from the club to enjoy Sea Pines Beach Club where you can enjoy one of the best beaches Sea Pines has to offer. After swimming, enjoy dinner at Coast, Oceanfront Dining in the clubhouse.

Less than a mile away is the Lawton Stables where you can horseback ride through the nature preserve. Only a 12 minute bike ride lands you in Harbour Town where you can enjoy outdoor music, shops, dining, and world famous views.

House Highlights

Sunny Shores is located on the Heron Point golf course with beautiful fairway views. With glass windows throughout the inside of the house and wood from floor to ceiling, it is truly one of the most unique listings in Sea Pines. Private decks are abundant with this house. One deck is even accessed through the shower of the guest bedroom. Sunny Shores has so many spots to slip away and read a book or practice yoga outside in privacy. The master bath is a true retreat with a full soaking tub. This is the perfect house for a large family, several families traveling together, a girls getaway or a guy’s golf retreat.

Sunny Shores kitchen dining table

Dining table off Kitchen – Golf Course Views

Gourmet Kitchen at Sunny Shores

Gourmet Kitchen with waterfall counters and induction stove

Grand ceilings in living room

Floor to ceiling covered in wood

Master Bath Retreat

Large soaking tub in master bath

Spend Summer at Sunny Shores - private decks

One of many private decks

Looking for the perfect getaway in Hilton Head Island?

Head to Sea Pines for a stay at Hideaway, the perfect getaway in Hilton Head Island. This is Beachside Hilton Head Island’s newest listing. Tucked away in the heart of Sea Pines is the most charming house. Located in Lawton Woods on a quiet street, this is the perfect home. Hideaway features 2 beds, 2 baths and sleeps 6 comfortably with a sleeper sofa in the living room.

About Hideaway – the Perfect Getaway in Hilton Head Island

The home is fully renovated with a modern, coastal chic flair. Enjoy cooking dinner in the gourmet kitchen featuring navy blue cabinets. Grab a cup of coffee in the quaint sitting room just off the kitchen. Relax at night in the master bedroom with a comfortable king bed. Or take a dip in the plunge pool just off the kitchen sliding door.

Gourmet Updated Kitchen in Hideaway - the perfect getaway in Hilton Head

Gourmet Updated Kitchen

Luxurious Master Bedroom with King Bed in Hideaway - the perfect getaway in Hilton Head

Luxurious Master Bedroom with King Bed

Perfect Plunge Pool in Hideaway - the perfect getaway in Hilton Head

Perfect Plunge Pool

Quaint Sitting Area off Kitchen at Hideaway - the perfect getaway in Hilton Head

Quaint Sitting Area off Kitchen

What is Hideaway near in Sea Pines?

Hideaway is just 1/2 a mile from the Lawton Stables where you can enjoy horseback riding. Hop on your bike for 11 minutes to reach Harbour Town for great shopping, food, water sports and entertainment. Just 0.8 miles away is beach path 45 where you can access the public beach in Sea Pines. This is just a 5 minute bike ride. Finally, just a 7 minute bike ride away are the Shops at Sea Pines Center. The shops host great local restaurants, stores, a cafe and a seasonal farmer’s market.

Who should stay at Hideaway?

Hideaway is the perfect getaway for anyone looking for a relaxing vacation in Hilton Head Island. With 2 bedrooms and sleeping 6, this is the perfect house for a family on vacation. Looking for a girls weekend? Hideaway is sure to please with it’s chic style. Wanting a romantic getaway? I can’t think of a more welcoming home to escape the stressors of daily life. Hoping for a long term winter rental? Hideaway would be the perfect home to spend the winter in.

When should you book Hideaway?

Hideaway is ready for booking today! As a new listing, the calendar is wide open and waiting for amazing renters to visit. This house will book up quickly so don’t hesitate to book.

Book Hideaway Now

With so many guests looking for pet-friendly properties, we are happy to provide this guide to a pet-friendly Hilton Head Island vacation! We would also like to introduce one of our newest, and pet-friendly, properties – Serenity by the Sea. This beautiful, Lowcountry style home in ever-popular Sea Pines Plantation features 3 bedrooms, 3 baths and welcomes up to two dogs. Please remember that your furkids must be leashed at all times while you’re out and about within the community.

So that everyone in your family, including your dog(s) has a great Hilton Head Island vacation, we ask that you familiarize yourself with the local pet regulations regarding animals on the beach:

Animals on the Beach- a few important regulations

With the technical stuff out of the way, here are some fun suggestions for pet-loving establishments in and around HHI.

Dog Park

Meet like-minded pet owners at the Chaplin Community Park, the dog park located at 11 Cast Net Dr. Here, your best friend can make new friends of his or her own. The park features a large shaded area to keep everyone cool, two water fountains and tennis balls. Don’t forget the bug spray and expect to make some new friends of your own!


Pet-Friendly Restaurants

Enjoy a meal with your best friend at one of these welcoming establishments:
Watusi – Wonderful breakfast and lunch and they even have a dog menu!

Bistro 17– Upscale French waterfront dining. Your pup will love his appetizer plate and bowl of water.

Sunrise Café – Local’s favorite for breakfast and lunch

Smokehouse – Great BBQ and you’ll love the front deck

It’s Greek To Me – Who doesn’t love Greek food??

With your best friend at your side, you’re sure to have the best vacation ever on Hilton Head Island!